Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Madrid’s new mayor wants to turn renowned golf course into ‘urban farm’

Manuel Carmena, of Podemos-backed Ahora Madrid, has made the Club de Campo a symbolic target for the country’s political reform

Left to take a selfie in the lift  

The mayor was trapped inside a lift in a city hall on Friday morning along with Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias and several other leftist party members

Supreme Court drags ex-Junta heads Chaves and Griñan into ERE case

They are both under suspicion of being involved in the multi-million euro scam which has rocked Andalucia’s political scene

What a Twit Zapata has been…

The Madrid councillor slammed for anti-semitic tweets years ago should know better, writes our man in the capital, Mario Alegria

New Podemos mayor in Cadiz ensures shelter for evicted family

He and four other councillors, who had stood against repossessions in the city, joined protesters at the home of the family


After the most hotly contested local elections in recent memory, pact-negotiations have ceased and mayors across the country have been unveiled

Mario Blancke’s reaction on becoming Mayor of Alcaucin

The new Belgian Mayor of Alcaucin, Mario Jean Baptiste Blancke gives the low down on feeling Spanish and his route into local politics

Mayor of Marbella to remove all signs of Franco and corruption

All street names that refer to Spain's past dictator will be removed from the town

PSOE mayor inaugurated in Benalmadena after agreeing four-party pact

A four-party pact has placed Victor Navas in the hot seat

Belgian expat becomes mayor of Alcaucin

Mario Blancke has been living in the province for 25 years

Toe-tal nightmare! New mayor of Spanish town Jerez has a footwear disaster as she gives inaugural speech

The PSOE's Sanchez was invested as mayor after agreeing a pact with Ganemos Jerez and Izquierda Unida

King Felipe strips ‘duchess’ title from Princess Cristina

Infanta Cristina has been stripped of the title of 'duchess'

PP ousted from Marbella as four-party pact finally reaches agreement

Socialist Jose Bernal will be invested as mayor for the next four years

Three days remain for political pact-making in Spain’s municipal governments

Local politicians are making promises left, right and centre to secure the pact they need to govern as the clock ticks down

Spain’s Podemos to meet with International Monetary Fund chiefs

Podemos are to present their plan to reduce Spain's national debt

Marbella’s four-party pact edges closer to ousting PP

The four left-wing parties have been negotiating since results were announced

Spain among UEFA nations to betray FIFA vote pact

Spain, France and Russia all among nations to vote for scandal-ridden Sepp Blatter in FIFA presidential election

Governor of Gibraltar Sir James Dutton quits over Spanish aggression row

Sir James ended his term in office less than two years after taking the job

SNAP: Marbella meeting held to organise left-wing pact and kick PP out

The four left-wing parties are meeting in San Pedro today

Mayor of ‘communist utopia’ Marinaleda Juan Gordillo wins NINTH election in a row

The IU candidate has been top of the tree in Marinaleda since 1979

Podemos vows to defeat PP after election triumph

Two new political groups inspired by the indignados protests made huge impacts in Madrid and Barcelona

ELECTIONS: AUAN president becomes councillor in Albox

In Albox, 98% of foreign residents who voted were AUAN members

British expat becomes first ever foreign councillor in Manilva

British expat Dean Tyler Shelton is ‘over the moon’ after he was voted in as a councillor in the May 24 local elections

ELECTIONS: PP lose absolute majorities across Andalucia

The PP lost its majority in all eight of the province capitals

ELECTIONS: Podemos and Ciudadanos make biggest gains in exit polls

Anti-corruption party Podemos could be on course to gain Barcelona

Voters head to the polls in Spain

VOTING is underway in municipal elections  across Andalucia today. There are also regional and municipal elections across much of Spain that could challenge the grip...


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