Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Spurs riot in Spain sparked by attack on female supporter

The British fan, Chloe Hayes, 22, who had travelled to Seville with her father Paul, was clubbed over the head with a riot baton for arguing with a policeman about her seat

England are not very good at football

Eleven Englishmen (plus many substitutes) did last week engage in an act of semi-competitive sport with a similar number of Spanish athletes

Don your cap to a boy called Neep

by Michael Byass IT may have come a little too late to prevent another two-horse Premiership race but this weekend third beat second and fourth...

Angling in Andalucía

NOW the rain has finally fallen in meaningful quantity after nine months of drought, many an angler’s thoughts turn to the transformation of dry barrancos near the coast into healthy flowing rivers. And the fish they might contain.

Anyone for cricket?

by Michael Byass THERE are certain times of the year when the make-up of global sporting action dictates that, for some people, football is...

Raging Bull could defend title

British boxer who attacked Guardia given bail

Clowns kicking a pig skin (football)

by Michael Byass THIS last week has been lit up by an amusing suggestion by Sky Television's Andy Gray. Or perhaps it was meant seriously...


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