Tuesday, 16 January, 2018

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The town hall is currently considering an 'immediate and partial' closure of the Puente Nuevo to traffic to prevent further subsistence

Say no to henna

Fishermen are furious, claiming the eight-legged sea creatures account for 60% of their income

Expats slam decision to ban dogs from Costa beaches

The Olive Press asked what people think of Andalucia’s new pooch-prohibition along the Costa de Sol

FIFA have asked Real Madrid to supply documents relating to the signing of 51 players under the age of 18

Following Malaga's decision to outlaw animal circuses, an expat wants the law rolled out along the Costa del Sol

Judge insists the ruling is not a comment on the 'sharing economy'

Catalan supporters will attempt to carry out a vote on independence despite Spain's highest court banning the action

But Barcelona's controversial signing will be allowed to train with his team-mates

‘Medieval, draconian, sexist’. Spain’s proposed abortion reforms won’t be delivered smoothly, writes Imogen Calderwood

The Catalan giants traditionally unveil star signings in front of a packed out stadium

Austria, Norway and Denmark may now follow suit

The ban would include all areas of historical, cultural or artistic importance in Spanish city centres

First it was dominoes, now Mayor Cano bans boozing on the beach

Zoido annulled ban on traffic in historic centre

New fines for those who venture too far from the beach in their swimming costumes

Having kicked the smoking habit our blogger is now addicted to mints and wine gums!

Eel fishing has been outlawed for the next decade to help the species survive

A parliamentary vote makes Catalonia the first mainland autonomous region in Spain to ban the practice

Protests over plan to ban smoking in all public places next year


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