Friday, 20 October, 2017

Tag: Caminito del Rey

You can now buy tickets to the precarious walkway which sits at 300 ft. They cost €10 and must be booked in advance

“It’s as though some of the museums have just been put there to give tourists something to do”

Bosses of the cliff-hugging walkway have pushed forward improvement works in time for this summer’s rush

How long does it take to climb two of Malaga’s tallest mountains and row across its lake district? Just the one back-breaking, breath-taking day, discovers Andrew Pearce

People will be able to reserve spaces until September 30

Visitors will pay no more than €10 to visit the walkway

The walkway, dubbed the 'world's deadliest', has been sold off to construction firm Hermanos Campano for €1.6 million

Since October began, each of the municipalities has 250 daily entries for the Caminito del Rey

Beginning in April 2016, access to the walkway will cost €6

As Andalucia gears up for the 70th Vuelta a Espana, messrs Froome, Valverde and Quintano will cycle along the Costa del Sol

A total of 100,000 people are expected to walk the planks in Malaga by the end of September

A €2.8 million renovation project has turned the deadly walkway into a massive tourist attraction

The walkway will still open to the public this weekend

The 'world's deadliest walkway' is no longer a place of worship for thrill seeking climbers

A team of Olive Press journalists took part in an exclusive press day where the finest of Spain's journalist had a preview to the dizzyingly high, but perfectly safe, path

Exclusive video of Caminito del Rey, dubbed ´the most dangerous hike in the world´before the astonishing €2.8 million renovation project

The Olive Press gains access to 'the world's deadliest walkway' in El Chorro

Spain's deadliest walkway will be open to the public from March 28

The death-defying path could be one of Andalucia’s biggest tourist attractions

With work set to be completed on the Caminito del Rey as early as this year, thrill seekers from across the globe will be booking their tickets for the tiny village of El Chorro

As the infamous Caminito del Rey prepares to reopen as a major Andalucian tourist attraction, the Olive Press set out to investigate the deadly trail

After years of promises, the Junta has confirmed that the first stage of an ambitious restoration project is about to begin

Daredevil walkway in El Chorro is back on the cards

Keen climber Eloise Horsfield has a fabulous day out scaling the heights in El Chorro

A clip on YouTube of the Caminito del Rey has gone viral

EXCLUSIVE: Reporter Anatoly Kurmanaev tests the soon-to-be upgraded Caminito del Rey - dubbed the ‘world’s most dangerous path’


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