Wednesday, 13 December, 2017

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Paul and Leslie Dunt from East London are now living in a finca in Cerralba, Malaga, after one month of living between a shed and a car with their 17 rescue dogs

Thanks to the Olive Press’s campaign and the charity of good samaritans, Paul and Leslie Dunt and their 17 dogs again have a place to call their own

Now 400 times more water is being taken from an important Almeria aquifer than enters, an alarming situation that is being blamed on a surge in super-intensive olive production in the zone

One sobering image features a lamb incarcerated behind bars, with the phrases ‘go vegan, be fair’

Launched in 2006, the Olive Press is Andalucia’s only campaigning newspaper. Here we look back at some highlights from the first ten years...

Spoof Cuidadanos rap released as Rajoy and Iglesias launch campaigns for second general election

The average traveller falling foul of fraudsters on the web was conned out of €3,795

A Brexit could lead to problems with mortgage rates, insurance brackets and currency conversions. Better to stick with the devil you know, writes property expert Tancrede de Pola

The trailblazer in this bizarre stunt was no less than Ciudadanos’ leader Albert Rivera

Conned expats finally breath a sigh of relief after a ten-year struggle

Some lawyers giving estate agents ‘backhanders’ of up to 20% for working on conveyancing deals

The pictures have triggered an animal rights campaign

The expat allegedly headbutted the British grandmother, knocking her unconscious, before kicking and stamping on her

IT could have been love or political ambition that led the wife of the mayor of Mijas to make her singer-songwriter debut in a video that has gone viral across the world. Michelle Van...

A march in support of the up to 5,000 victims is being held tomorrow in Malaga

Casa Puga will be forced to shut in March due to a change in rental laws

The Malaga march is being held on February 1

Watchdog calling for legal loophole to be closed

But meteorologists still say carbon dioxide levels are 'unprecedented'

Scottish performance artist supports Olive Press campaign with tour performance

Our campaign against drink-spiking has three aims: more statistics, better policing and clearer advice

The Olive Press drink-spiking campaign made headlines in The Guardian

And find out the calories in what you're drinking

For many of the victims of the 2012 Mijas fires, life hasn’t got much better since thanks to continued homelessness and refused compensation


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