Sunday, 21 January, 2018

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New water plans include installing a pipeline from the Iznajar reservoir in Cordoba to the Antequera area, which was supposed to have been built two years ago.

SPAIN, Italy and France are bracing for their worst grape harvest in decades. Farmers in the three countries, which together produce over half the world's wines, have been hit by extreme weather, including heavy hail...

Officials warned that an official drought decree is likely to be called in the Axarquia area

Murcia has seen a three-year period of little or no rainfall, with the recent storms hardly touching the region.

Spain and UK backing the change in today's vote

Natasha Were ventures into the wilds of the Andalucian campo to find out, first-hand, whether ‘eco-living’ is a sustainable dream

Long term weather forecasters have predicted Andalucia will get hotter and see less rainfall over the next 100 years

Villanueva del Rosario and Villanueva del Trabuco have introduced measures to safeguard dwindling water supplies.

After the worst drought in 157 years, Spain is at last set for some much needed autumnal weather

Alicante dried than region between the Sahara Desert and the savannah of Sudan

Olive harvest could fall by 40% from last year

Crops in the south and east of the country are ruined

Shoppers to be hit in the pocket after wholesale prices rise by 30%

Rain shortage has meant crucial underground aquifers are not getting filled

This year's bumper crop could could prove vital after low rainfall and frost damages predictions for the coming year

Freak weather conditions have caused turmoil to Spain’s crops and celebrated herb tarragon, discovers Wendy Williams

Dry weather has played havoc with cereal production in Malaga province




THE Duke of Cambridge’s children are set to be fluent in Spanish after just one week in school, thanks to a Spanish nanny. Princess Charlotte...
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