Monday, 27 March, 2017

Tag: easter

OP blogger Marianne Hill takes an Easter trip to Sevilla with her family

Easter celebrations are well underway in Andalucia

Reporter Rob Horgan played disciple at a last supper with a twist

Some airfares already slashed by half

Jon Clarke on the terrors of trying to teach your own children how to ski in Sierra Nevada

The city recorded its best Easter trading figures for years

The shocking scenes were captured on film by spectators

Olive Press columnist Giles Brown on Easter and sunburn

The Spanish actor played a leading role in this weekend's Semana Santa processions

Business association launches competition for sixth time

EXCLUSIVE: The sighting of a "long and thin" object with flashing lights came just days before a similar incident in the UK, and led to an apparent 5am military jet chase

Children at BSM show off their Easter bonnets

Heated protests as Easter parades are cancelled in La Linea due to lack of police

Regular eaters should stop feeling guilty, say researchers

Wendy Andersen looks at your Semana Santa options

Families will be able to hunt for eggs in teams

Hoteliers are the big winners as Holy Week celebrations prove worth waiting for

I am wearing seven layers of clothing; I feel fat and uncomfortable; my hands are freezing

Bartie admires the wealth of the Semana Santa procession

Holy Week is experienced by Hannah - an American in Spain

Opening my bedroom window, I come face to face with the figure of the Virgin held aloft by the penitent supporters

Weather forecasters are predicting heavy rain across the region from Thursday onwards

Atheist march banned as it sullies the good name of Semana Santa

An estimated 8.5 million passengers will pass through Spanish airports this week while 14 million cars will be on the roads

Baena is a town famous for its olive oil, but during Semana Santa its quiet streets take on an altogether different aspect as thousands of drummers pick up their sticks. By Helen Hartstein

Hotels on the costa have cut jobs by almost one-fifth in the past year


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