Saturday, 16 December, 2017

Tag: Environment

Gamesa will use the extra revenue for international expansion

Algarrobico Hotel edges towards legality

The city is investigating what's causing the low sperm mobility

The artificial reef is environmentally sound

Eight years of legal wrangling and the planned development might still come to pass

Environmental groups lobby Spanish government to cut down by 30%

Hundreds of people have slammed the ‘highly irresponsible’ release of 30,000 balloons from the Rock on National Day

Spain's largest oil company to begin hunt just 40 miles off Lanzarote and Fuerteventura

Environmental groups call for increased action and tougher sentences

The environmental group claim that Marbella and Benidorm will be underwater by 2100

TSJA reverses its controversial decision on the Algarrobico Hotel and hands ownership of the land back to the Junta

Hard-hitting atlas puts Spain eighth for environmental trouble spots around the world with the Almoraima and Valdevaqueros projects in Andalucia two of key concern

The Rock joined in this global event, dimming lights in aid of the environment

Drug responsible for wiping out India's vulture population is approved for use in Spain

Government’s new bill to streamline environmental policy may lead to new fracking danger

Andalucia's black vulture population has reached highest level in history

As the Madrid government prepares to sell off one of Andalucia's most beautiful public estates to a developer intent on 'Elite Tourism', the Olive Press reports on Castellar de la Frontera's fight to keep their land

Olive flies set to be tested in Spain by UK company

Reports indicate the large bird is roaming and flying between La Duquesa and Martagina

Critics slam government plan to convert valuable hunting estate - one of Spain's largest - inside the Alcornocales Natural Park, near Cadiz

271 trees were chopped down illegally in Mijas

15 beaches have lost their blue flags, with the most commonly cited problems being the lack of lifeguards, and issues of cleanliness

Spain’s coastline is under serious threat from development, warn environmentalists

Tarifa beach development and others on Andalucian coast are scrapped in new coastal protection shake up

Unless Spain solves local issues by next February, Doñana could lose its UNESCO status

Green group warn government over 'alarming' situation




OVER 17,700 residents in the ORA areas of Palma have until January 31 to renew parking permits. Residents who have had accidents or incidents over...
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