Monday, 22 January, 2018

Tag: greenpeace

The practice of 'bottom trawling' is causing irreparable damage in the north east Atlantic Ocean

After six years of legal wrangling Almeria's El Algarrobico Hotel might be set for demolition. Exclusive by Jon Clarke in Carboneras

Three members of the organisation held a protest over modifications to Spain's coastal law

After staging three protests, campaigners are now planning to take residents out to sea to explain the effects of drilling

Citizens Against Oil Exploration on the Costa del Sol will stage another protest tomorrow in response to proposed drilling 9 km offshore

PSOE mayors join Greenpeace to publicise the risks of allowing oil giant Repsol to drill 9km off Mijas coast

The environmental group has threatened to take legal action

The dump will cost an estimated €700 million

The hotel will not be destroyed until the licence to build it is declared null and void

Demolition inching ever closer after Junta and Supreme Court side with the environment

Environmentalists refuse to leave illegal Algarrobico hotel until demolition crew arrive

Greenpeace vows to fight oil giant Repsol’s ‘contaminating’ plans to drill for gas off the Costa del Sol

To help launch our new site, President of Greenpeace Spain, Juan Lopez de Uralde tells the Olive Press about his favourite natural escapes

By Andrew Pearce and Jon Clarke: In the wake of the BP oil disaster in America, Gibraltar is blasted for failing to tackle dangerous oil tankers by Spanish officials

With the General Election less than two days away, the Olive Press puts its cards on the table and reveals who its backs for the UK's top job

Juan Lopez de Uralde was arrested protesting on the last day of the 'failed' climate summit

He orders demolition of 17 buildings he may have passed

Hard-hitting campaign warns of future with decisive summit now underway

Mijas Coast under Greenpeace spotlight

As the hordes descend for their August break, Greenpeace announces that half of Spain´s last few areas of protected coastline are in grave danger




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