Wednesday, 19 July, 2017

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MALAGA province has lost 516 police officers as part of a nationwide cut that has resulted in 22,000 fewer agents on the streets. Both the Policia Nacional and Guardia Civil have seen their numbers cut...

The crash killed three people and severely injured four others on the AP-7

Her 32-year-old husband Shaun said they are all devastated by the ordeal

One child had nappy sores from sitting in excrement for too long

SPAIN is to see an increase in alcohol and drug checkpoints on its roads this weekend. Checkpoints will be especially increased on conventional roads and roads with a high incident rate. The move comes as San...

A European-wide search tracked the girl down to Obrežje in Slovenia

The suspect is chased on foot by police as he runs towards a warehouse

The pair offered sex with their own daughters

His appeal comes after he was randomly asked to act as an interpreter in crime cases TWICE in two days

The man faces charges of burglary, fraud, property damage, attempted GBH of offices and more.

FC Bayern have complained about 'excessive force used by the Spanish authorities.

A Spanish policewoman is filing for harassment after being reprimanded for taking a toilet break while on her period.

Some 90 houses had been raided and more than 400 hard discs and other computer materials were seized

He spent three years behind bars in Spain but was never charged

The driver swerved into the station to avoid a collision with another car

Guardia Civil naval officers seize four and 3,691 kilos of hash after high-speed chase

The Guardia Civil have launched an investigation

The original case had several suspects, but lacked the evidence to bring forward charges

Boyfriend Corner is currently in jail in Spain awaiting trial

SPAIN'S federalization process has added layers and layers of bureaucracy to everyday living

The man said that he had a problem which required treatment and he wanted to go to prison until he was cured

Detectives from the environment section Seprona said it was one of the worst attacks they had seen

Six others were also transferred to the Hospital Comarcal de Velez-Malaga, where two were treated for hypothermia and four for abrasive wounds



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