Wednesday, 13 December, 2017

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IRRITABLE bowel syndrome (IBS) is a chronic, relapsing and often life-long condition which affects over four million people in the UK. Whilst not technically a disease, it is responsible for many missed work days...

From physical injury to a gradual deterioration of the retina, there are numerous causes of eyesight loss. People aged 55 and above are the most likely to experience weakness in their vision, although today’s...

Do you remember the turbulent 60s? Do you remember when Viet Nam was two separate countries? Can you remember when absolutely no one cared how many miles or kilometres one got per gallon or...

Spain has the UK beaten when it comes to quality of health care, says Lesley

The winner will join slimmers from more than 30 countries at the grand final in Telford, in November

The event examined how we treat mental health

Yoga offered includes Rocket Ashtanga, Yin Yang Yoga, Aerial Yoga and Hot Strala Yoga

Between 50 and 100 new cases of HIV are diagnosed in the province each year

A Spanish woman has become the oldest in Europe after the death of 117-year-old Italian Emma Morana

“If there is something good that came from all of this, it is that I suddenly stopped smoking, without needing pills or anything like that. It’s over!” said Banderas, 56

It has been said that consuming fish, seafood, poultry, cereals, vegetables and fruits, low-fat dairy and skimmed milk can improve sperm quality

More than 14,000 people took part in the survey

Family despair as young son could spend two months in hospital, as travel insurance refuse to fly him home after horrific accident

In a bizarre set of instructions, the CUP party insists that natural sea sponges are both better for the environment and the human body

Why do so many of us create a life that is not really desirable?

The Spanish imagine they’re the healthiest of them all thanks to their Mediterranean diet. But with over half the populace officially fat and unfit, does the looking glass lie? Iona Napier investigates

Wine makes you fine

Smokers stubbing out habit between 2009 and 2014, new study shows

Sciatica sufferers have a very good chance of overcoming the pain quickly if properly diagnosed, writes consultant orthopaedic surgeon Andrew Clarke of Nuffield Health Exeter Hospital

The organisation creates custom metal discs with emergency medical information

Spaniards judge their lifestyle to be very healthy despite generally sleeping little, skipping breakfast and feasting on red meat…

UK expats will no longer be able to pop home for NHS operations or routine checkups

Health tourism is a burgeoning sector which currently generates €500 million per year in Spain

Malaga’s health service brings up the rear for Andalucia, says recent study

The language barrier, trouble adjusting and the weather force hundreds to return home


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