Wednesday, 13 December, 2017

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The Red Cross in Madrid have now launched an appeal to locate him

Opposition parties on the left and centre backed a motion 198 votes to one to remove the fascist dictator out of state-funded mausoleum Valle de los Caidos

The majority of deputies voting in Spain's Congress tomorow are in favour of the Socialist PSOE motion to exhume the dictator’s body from the controversial site near Madrid

A number of activities this year will pay homage to the actress to mark the 150th anniversary of her birth

Three people have been seriously injured

Thousands of activists are expected to attend a nationwide rally in Madrid

Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid has launched a major exhibition to celebrate one of the world's most iconic paintings, Guernica.

Prime minister Mariano Rajoy and ex prime ministers Felipe González and José María Aznar are among the 10 caricatures pasted onto the side of the left-wing political party’s eye-catching ‘Tramabus.’

Versace: American Crime Story, will follow the story of Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace, who was shot and killed outside his Miami Beach home in the summer of 1997

Its 8-month report was just 34 pages long

The young boy, named Beltran, ran right past one security guard with an impressive speed

A Peruvian man reportedly ejaculated onto a police officer's hand before attempting to flee the scene.

The park is expected to bring 4,000 jobs to Castilla-La-Mancha

The project is expected to take two years to complete

Exports are expected to fall by between €500 million and €1 billion

She has been appointed by Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy

International media has gone crazy for hospital worker Fran Suarez

The main opposition party’s motion will be debated in parliament

Average rents are forecast to rise by 10% in Madrid and 5% in Barcelona this year

A man in his 50s made the confession after handing himself in to police in Madrid, who launched an investigation after they went missing from the prestigious Spanish gala at the Hotel Marriott Auditorium

€30,000 worth of items including cufflinks, a ring and earrings from Joyeria Suarez were taken from a room in Madrid's Hotel Marriot Auditorium where the prestigious gala was held

Gay travellers are responsible for 15% of international tourism spending




Some 9,000 Palma residents moved out of the diverse city in 2016. According to the councillor for equality and civic rights, 35 percent of those...
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