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The Grand Casino Tour of Spain

Spain happens to be an excellent tourist destination and there are plenty of avenues for our tourist to spend time in this sunny Mediterranean country.

ON THE RISE: Let’s talk about erectile dysfunction, says leading Marbella clinic

Private clinic Men Solutions offer a free consultation for anyone in doubt about the penis and specialises in curing those with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and a lack of libido.

Narcos star Pedro Pascal reveals he once worked as go-go dancer in Spain

NARCOS star Pedro Pascal has revealed that he once worked as a club dancer in Spain. The 42-year-old Chilean spilled the beans while promoting his...

BETTER TOGETHER: Passionate rally takes place outside Malaga Town Hall ahead of Catalonian Referendum

OVER six hundred Malagueñans gathered in a last minute show of fervent Spanish unity ahead of the Catalonian referendum on Sunday. The gathering was organised...

Expert claims Francisco Correa rigged contracts in latest development of Gürtel case

Correa, a businessman accused of bribing PP officials, supposedly reached out to 37 companies, all of which have affiliations with the PP, giving them a competitive edge through hand-me-down documents,

The latest on Spain’s upcoming airport strikes… and it’s good news

TALKS aimed at ending planned airport strikes across Spain are set to continue next week. It comes after negotiations to bring an end to the...

Catalan leaders to be charged with ‘disobeying’ Madrid over independence referendum

A Catalan government spokesman has since insisted that the referendum will go ahead

Spain blasts North Korea for latest nuclear weapons test

SPAIN has blasted North Korea's latest nuclear test and warned that such actions by Pyongyang could affect its relationship with Madrid. The Spanish Foreign Ministry said...

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble return to Spain for string of concerts

The prolific musicians, all brothers, and sons of jazz trumpeter Phil Cohran will perform at Marbella's La Catarina on September 7

‘Obsessed’ British teacher arrested in Spain for allegedly sharing ‘sexual’ pictures of his students with paedophiles online

A BRITISH teacher has been arrested in Spain for allegedly sharing pictures of his students with paedophiles online.  Spanish cops said the suspect, from Manchester,...

KILL THE DRUG: Olive Press launches campaign to ban deadly painkiller Nolotil in Spain

The drug seems to mostly affect people of fair skin, from the likes of the UK and Scandinavia, by poisoning their bone marrow and destroying their white blood cells

Madrid threatens to ‘cut off’ Catalonia amid independence referendum tensions

Right-wing prime minister Mariano Rajoy has repeatedly said the referendum is illegal and cannot be held

Everything you need to know about King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia’s state visit to the UK

The visit is seen as fundamental in smoothing relations with Spain, a key negotiating partner in the Brexit negotiations

Malaga loses more than 500 police as more than 20,000 cut across the country

MALAGA province has lost 516 police officers as part of a nationwide cut that has resulted in 22,000 fewer agents on the streets. Both the...

UK ambassador to Spain says Britain wants to protect Brits in Spain AND Spanish in UK

Both groups remain uncertain about their future residential rights

Marbella among most expensive areas to rent AND buy property in Spain, new report finds

Marbella was also named one of the top three hardest areas to buy in Spain

Spanish cops arrest trio for having threesome next to children’s playground in broad daylight

The group had moved to some nearby grass to sleep by the time police arrived

Madrid cops arrest ‘highly radicalised’ Moroccan with suicide bomb manual days before Gay Pride event

The man had an extremely dangerous profile, similar to that of those who carried out recent attacks in Britain and France

Spain trumps UK in new global airport rankings as Britain has THREE in the bottom six

London Gatwick has been ranked as the second-worst in the world after Kuwait

Catalonia to hold independence referendum on October 1

The Spanish government in Madrid has said it will block any attempt to divorce the region from the rest of the country

Spain blasts UK for not identifying potential victim in London terror attack quick enough

The foreign minister said the British government needs to do 'everything humanly possible'

Mariano Rajoy joins tributes for Malaga fashion designer who died from cancer at just 46

The Spanish prime minister expressed his condolences for the world-renowned creative's death on Sunday


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