Monday, 22 January, 2018

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FARMERS in southern Spain fear they may lose their position as the top exporters in Europe after successive hot and dry seasons. It comes after AEMET revealed last year was the hottest and one of...

GUARDIA Civil are investigating the death of a brother and sister who were rotting alone in their home for four weeks. The siblings, who lived in San Javier, Murcia, were found today after a neighbour...

AN earthquake rocked southern Spain earlier this afternoon.  According to, a 3.3 magnitude quake hit the region of Murcia at 1.21pm. The epicentre is reported to have been some 8km deep underground. Residents around Mula, close...

A GANG of robbers who used dog poo to distract bank staff in a series of heists has been busted in southern Spain.  Police arrested the group of five men after a robbery at a...

The hoard - now donated to Cadiz’s city museum - included Roman coins, Visigoth pottery and even vases dating from the Phoenician era.

MADRID has been blasted for moving at least 494 migrants to a prison in Malaga. The migrants, who were rescued or washed up on the shores of Murcia and Almeria, were moved to the newly...

A BRIT has been arrested on suspicion of biting a chunk of flesh out of a friend's face during an argument at a campsite in southern Spain. The alleged attack occured on Saturday night at...

THREE men have been arrested after a British expat was beaten, tied up and raped during a shocking attempted robbery in southern Spain. The 52-year-old woman, from Hampshire, was dragged from a swimming pool area...

The weather in Murcia is expected to return to normal from today

Switzerland is not an EU member and does not recognise the European Arrest Warrant

The country's 'hot markets' including Ibiza and Marbella are still thriving

The airline will now fly twice-weekly to Murcia, making one of Europe’s most popular golf courses more accessible

High winds and torrential rain are predicted to lash the country

"If they don't have lettuces it's because they don't want to buy them"

3,500 stolen artefacts were located

Leaving a string of broken hearts and empty bank accounts across Europe, Acklom sent naked pictures of himself to targeted women

The 69-year-old Gavin and Stacey actor has not spoken to his first wife Anita, who now lives in Murcia, for more than 40 years

ELENA Escuverra was anything but happy when she joined the dating website in early 2011. She hated her job and was single and alone at 39, looking for love in an image-obsessed Marbella. So when...

Some 50 people were also arrested in France, Belgium, Ukraine and Poland, including several alleged gang leaders

A lifetime of deception is finally catching up with notorious conman Mark Acklom, with the Olive Press joining the hunt for Britain’s most wanted

An Olive Press investigation has found traces of most wanted fraudster Mark Acklom in Murcia

The group were also planning to snatch a random girl on Halloween and torture her

Officers at the scene were unable to free the man

They were hoping to be trained before launching an attack in Europe




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