Tuesday, 12 December, 2017

Tag: Supreme Court

Algarrobico Hotel edges towards legality

The €2.4 billion fraud scandal saw Andalucia's largest ever trial - so a big new court had to be built for the hearing

Legislation has been passed to the protect the ex-monarch

Our online poll reveals how readers really feel about the monstrous hotel

The Andalucian Supreme Court has ruled the hotel, built on a beach in a nature reserve, is legal after all

The biggest political corruption scandal Europe has seen is now five years old, Tom Powell tells the story so far

The developers Marbella Vista Golf never completed construction of her home in the development

Carlos Divar insists he has been ‘victimised’ as he steps down in the week Spain’s judiciary celebrates its bicentenary

Medel presents a petition to the Spanish Ministry of Justice demanding the 'superjudge' be restored to the bench

Chief Justice Carlos Divar is accused of charging €36,000 to expense account for 20 trips to Puerto Banus

Campaign group fighting to help expats reclaim illegally charged capital gains tax loses Supreme Court appeal

Controversial Spanish judge will still face charges relating to Franco-era investigations

Spanish 'superjudge' banned from practising for 11 years by Supreme Court

Selfless human rights crusader, or show-off with a warped sense of his own powers? Eloise Horsfield takes a look at the controversial career of Spanish ‘superjudge’ Baltasar Garzon

Princess Cristina has been called to give evidence over allegations against husband Inaki Urdangarin

'Superjudge' Garzon is on trial for investigating deaths during Franco's regime

Judge Baltasar Garzon has three separate cases against him

CEO of Spanish bank Santander has been given a jail sentence

The Supreme Court in Spain has ruled that bicycles can be ridden on pavements and in pedestrian zones

Spain's coast in danger of more development after court decision

Pay-out for Spanish actress whose dreams of a night of romance with Jeremy Irons came crashing down

Industrial park project in Alhendín under Supreme Court investigation




PALMA street artists and performers will soon need a license to work in the capitol. Those who wish to to perform music or magic, or...
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