Friday, 24 November, 2017

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City breaks have become the most popular form of holiday in the UK, accounting for over half the market. Palma is quickly growing as a top destination for a quick city break away. Last winter...

RUSSIAN hackers are stealing Brits’ air miles to fund a black market in luxury holidays, a report has found. A report by Flashpoint found that flights, hotels and car-hire are sold at discounts of up...

IF you were planning for a tour guide but forgot to book in advance... don’t worry, just follow your feet and Ronda will do the rest. Perched on an inland plateau driven out of the...

A NEW interactive map has revealed the least and most dangerous holiday destinations for 2018. The 'Travel Risk Map' ranked countries based on road safety, security and medical matters. Finland, Norway and Iceland have the lowest...

Do you remember the turbulent 60s? Do you remember when Viet Nam was two separate countries? Can you remember when absolutely no one cared how many miles or kilometres one got per gallon or...

PASSENGERS flying on Ryanair will no longer be allowed two small bags on board unless they are willing to pay for it. The Dublin-based carrier said it made the decision as flights are being stalled...

TRAVELLERS are bracing themselves for severe flight delays at Malaga airport and across Spain over the coming months. It comes after labour unions called for 25 days of industrial action among members working for AENA. Workers’...

Culture has now overtaken weather as the most popular reason to visit

Around 130 passengers were stranded

Government announces 75% discount for air travel with airlines warned not to hike prices

Construction company Seopan has placed designated construction as high priority

The strong results were not exclusive to the usual coastal hotspots as cities and rural enclaves also saw a soar in visitors

Visit once and remain enchanted forever, the favourite 1960s package tour excursion still has mountains of charm writes Chloe Glover. A SAPPHIRE sea twinkles from far below as lilting Andalucian guitars accompany flamenco dancers in...

A family of four travelling to and from Spain would have to fork out an extra €280 just for their suitcases

Greece has also seen a massive 40% surge in holiday bookings

TWO British teenagers decided to ditch the drudgery of their hometown and fly to Spain for a night out - on a schoolnight.  Amarni Saunders and Daniel Thurgood shattered the midweek routine when they went on...

The parent company of British Airways will launch a fifth transatlantic carrier in a bid to compete with Norwegian Air

Lance Rutkin jets to Portugal to discover how to get the most out of the capital over a long weekend

The average traveller falling foul of fraudsters on the web was conned out of €3,795

Mountain-biking, yoga and roaming the hills with a goat at your heels are the best ways to disconnect in the Andalucian campo, as Iona Napier and Rob Horgan discovers

84.7% of firms confirming their sales improved last year

More than 200 million passengers will have flown in and out of the country by the end of 2015

EXCLUSIVE: Cheap and cheerful show from Easyjet pilot
Spain's trains see increased travel

The number of people travelling on trains is up by 6.2% on last year

Londoners could save a fortune if they commuted to work from Spain

Barcelona tops Madrid in consulting poll




GET your mittens out and head into Palma for the annual Christmas market, ice rink and shining holiday festivities. Last night it all kicked off...
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