Podemos's Balearic leader Albert Jarado also under fire for receiving rental income

The attack happened during an Ariana Grande concert

Farron savages 'utter unfairness' of May denying expats vote in election

Sanchez trounces Diaz in Balearics, winning 71.4% of vote

The study suggests in terms of time Andalucia lost nine years in GDP

Mauricio Rovira highlights unfinished Soller tunnel and Llucmajor to Campos road

The body has called on the Spanish government to act immediately

Almost 5,500 racially or religiously motivated offences were reported to police in the month after the Brexit vote

Partido Popular MPs Avelino Barrionuevo and Joaquín Ramírez are to start the process of having the changes enshrined in law

It will coincide with the first EU referendum anniversary

It comes after two ex-Junta presidents were officially ordered to stand trial in the ERE case

After sitting as an independent for seven months, Antonio Moreno Ocon has now joined the PSOE, giving their coalition with the PA and GIPMTM overall control of the Vélez-Málaga town hall

Opposition parties on the left and centre backed a motion 198 votes to one to remove the fascist dictator out of state-funded mausoleum Valle de los Caidos

Spain’s Socialist Party will go to the polls to vote on the party’s general secretary in an election set for May 21

The majority of deputies voting in Spain's Congress tomorow are in favour of the Socialist PSOE motion to exhume the dictator’s body from the controversial site near Madrid

Journalists and academics to speak at University meeting

He added that Britain decided to leave the bloc despite historic successes and a recent uptick in economic growth

Teresa Rodriguez, General Secretary of Podemos Andalucia, said that the Junta should do more to showcase the region’s 10,000km of trails as a green, responsible and profitable way to attract tourists

The PM made a string of allegations towards the press and European Commission

UK parties should pledge to safeguard five million citizens, say Bremain in Spain