French author to assist Pablo Iglesias's political party

Diaz has called for tighter controls to prevent ISIS members infiltrating the ‘avalanche’ of refugees arriving in Europe from Syria

He was also a staunch opponent of Scottish independence before the referendum in September last year

Mayor Francisco de la Torre insisted the city will not become a party destination after images of naked men and women waving their underwear emerged from the week-long festival

It has emerged that the key separatist party CDC (Convergència Democràtica de Catalunya) allegedly demanded a 3% backhander for awarding contracts to companies

It came as the two leaders met to discuss issues including immigration

Leader vows to let more migrants in after shocking images of dead Syrian boy

Rajoy confirmed that the election will take place in December

PP court case to hit big screen

Russian President owned Malaga house, it is claimed

Ana Gonzalez resigned from her post in the PP over disputes with the party

Inmaculada Sequi suffered from contusions in her abdomen, a cut cheekbone and a hurt wrist after she lost consciousness

Pedro J. Ramirez hopes to use the site to hold the government accountable for its questionable actions

Juan Franco's visit is intended to mark the start of improving relations between La Linea and Gibraltar

It is Spain's third incursion into British waters this month according to Gibraltar authorities

MI5 concerns from Spanish Civil War echo issues with Brits fighting with jihadists in Syria and Iraq

The PP Party has accused new mayor Arrabal of hiring her husband without the proper procedures

Rincon de la Victoria theme park and indoor swimming pool plans are on standby due to financial doubts

'Corrupt Mayor Clicker' pokes fun at corruption in the Spanish political system

Carolina Marin put up a brave face as the fascist lyrics rang out