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Girl, 7, mysteriously drops dead on Spain’s Costa del Sol one year after her cousin Julen died down Malaga...

THE cousin of Julen Rosello, the tot who died in a Malaga well, has herself died after suffering ‘breathing difficulties’. The seven-year-old girl passed away...

Julen’s parents seek three and a half years in prison for Malaga landowner after their son plunged to death...

Serrano, who is cousin to Julen’s father Jose Rosello, is alleged to have committed ‘extremely serious’ negligence, according to court documents

Malaga judge rejects report from uncle’s lawyers claiming little Julen who died in well was killed by rescue worker’s...

The evidence is consistent with Julen’s father Jose’s version of events after he fell into the hole, which recount that his son was still alive and not killed instantly

Thousands more illegal wells like one little Julen died in scattered across Malaga, experts warn

Environmental group Ecologistas en Acción, estimate that 60% of Malaga wells are dug illegally

PICTURED: Man and pet dog who plunge to death in Malaga well just 30km from where little Julen’s body...

It comes after Julen Roselló Jiménez, 2, was pulled out of a 107m-deep well in Totalan on Saturday morning

ANOTHER person found dead in Malaga well just 48 hours after little Julen’s body recovered

The site of the latest tragedy to hit Andalucia lies just 30km north of Totalan, where Julen died 48 hours earlier

Little Julen suffered ‘severe head trauma’, Malaga autopsy shows

Julen was found dead at 1.25am today following the biggest rescue mission in Spanish history

‘INFINITE SADNESS’: Prime minister Pedro Sanchez, royal family and leaders of Spain offer condolences to little Julen’s family after...

The PSOE leader said the whole of Spain felt the 'infinite sadness' of the boy's parents after the two-year-old was found lifeless

BREAKING: Body of little Julen found in Malaga well

THE lifeless body of Julen Rossello has been found down the Malaga well. The two-year-old was found dead at 1.25am this morning after miners finally...

Micro camera to be used to confirm location of little Julen as rescuers in Malaga dig away at last...

The Guardia Civil will step in to carry the boy out of the well

HEROES: These are the eight specialist miners working round-the-clock to rescue little Julen in Malaga

The men are in the final stage of the mission, crawling on their hands and knees to dig the final metre in dangerous conditions

Rescuers resume digging to reach little Julen after completing fourth controlled explosion in Malaga

The rescue mission is in its final stage after 12 days of round-the-clock work to reach Julen

Dad of Julen ‘suffers panic attack’ as team of psychologists assist family during final stretch of 12-day search in...

The miners have had to perform a fourth controlled explosion after coming into contact with more quartzite

JULEN UPDATE: Two hours before miners in Malaga can resume digging

Miners have encountered more quartzite this evening, which is said to be 'one of the hardest minerals in the world'

Julen rescue mission delayed AGAIN as Malaga miners hit more hard rock

Experts will now have to carry out at least one more controlled explosion to disintegrate the rock

#MiManoAJulen: The story of Malaga’s little Julen is breaking hearts around the world

Thousands are tweeting in solidarity with the toddler, his family, and the miners who are currently centimetres away from where they believe he is trapped

Helicopters and field hospital on standby as miners get closer to little Julen trapped in Malaga well

It comes as miners are now just around 60 centimetres away from where they believe the two-year-old Malaga toddler is trapped

Malaga miners are CENTIMETRES away from little Julen after blasting through hard rock

It comes after a hard rock, or quartzite, delayed the team by blocking their path yesterday

Digging miners face more setbacks in Malaga with just METRES left to reach little Julen

With just metres left to dig the miners are facing yet more delays in the rescue mission that has the world waiting with baited breath

END IN SIGHT: Final stages of Malaga rescue mission for little Julen as miners prepare to dig last metres...

On the 11th day of the rescue operation, specialist miners are preparing to be sent down the tunnel to manually dig the final four metres where they hope to reach the little tot

More frustrating setbacks in rescue of little Julen, 2, as desperate mission reaches NINTH day in Malaga

Engineers had expected to reach the toddler today but are now unable to predict a time frame, having discovered that tubes needed to safely clad the well do not fit

Police confirm little Julen IS inside the Malaga well after DNA found on fourth day of search

GUARDIA Civil have found the DNA of little Julen who fell down a well in Malaga on Sunday.  The find has led Malaga councillor Maria...

Drilling expert claims it’s ‘almost impossible’ for little Julen to have fallen down Malaga well as builder claims he...

The Guardia Civil said they have not yet found any concrete evidence that Julen is down the well

Man who fell down well in Spain’s Malaga rescued after his dog barks for help for six-and-a-half hours

A YOUNG dog who was rescued at just 15 days old has returned the favour after saving her master’s life one year on. Joaquín Gallardo...





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