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Ryanair demands bigger kickbacks to prevent cancellation of Granada-London route

Truckers cause chaos and death

Food shortages a reality as thousands rush to the pumps in panic for petrolA TRUCK strike over soaring fuel bills has led to the death of a Spanish picket. Julio Cervilla Soto, 47, was run over on a picket line at a market in Atarfe, Granada on Tuesday. The Granada man was knocked to the ground after trying to stop a...

The Developer Vanishes

Developers disappear after court rules that they unlawfully pocketed 50,000 euro deposit from English man, whose home will never be built

Sunny Delight for Malaga

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It’s official: Malaga resort of Torrox has Europe’s best climateTHE sign that greets you as you enter the resort could be dismissed as a piece of shameless self-promotion. But Torrox can indeed claim to have the best climate in Europe – and have the paperwork to back it up. A study of 21 Mediterranean municipalities, all of whom make a similar...

Shepherd fights to save his flock

‘This is war!’ declares Granada farmer as Junta orders 55 goats to be put downA SHEPHERD is fighting to save his flock after the regional government ordered the animals be put down. Francisco Justo Vallejo is facing the loss of his 50 goats and five kids after the Junta de Andalucía declared the animals "illegal." According to the Department of...

‘Stonehenge of Sevilla’ to become a burial site

Copper Age burial site is ‘just a pile of stones’ and not worth saving, claims local mayor

Priceless war photos may come home

The remarkable story of how some of the world’s most famous war photographs have only recently emerged after a tortuous journey from Spain, via France, to Mexico and finally the US. With the Olive Press’s help they could now be coming back to Spain THEY wanted their photographs to record the truth about a vicious war which tore a country...

Here is your Rute home!

THEY have left a trail of angry people choking on their exhaust fumes. Now, the Olive Press has finally traced the Petrol Thieves back to their mountain lair in Rute. Since moving to the Cordoba town 18 months ago, it is estimated that they have ripped off hundreds of British and Spanish residents with their well-worn petrol scam, as reported...

Where were the nurses?

Did healthy 40-year-old die in Cadiz hospital due to a lack of care?Briton told that his partner ‘might not have died’ had he stayed night with herExclusive by JON CLARKE and LAURA BALFOUR MYSTERY surrounds the sudden death of a young British woman at a hospital in Cadiz. Deborah Maxey from the West Midlands had been on a house hunting...

New curse of Facebook

facebook party
The new curse of Facebook sees 400 revellers trash a luxury 6.5million euro villa, steal 7000 euros of jewelry and throw the TV in the poolBy Jon Clarke and Giles Brown in Marbella THE new curse of Facebook has struck on the Costas. When Amanda Hudson agreed to let her daughter hold a 16th birthday bash at their 6.5m euro holiday...

Rescue drama for unlucky 13

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A DRAMATIC rescue operation had to be launched during Ronda's gruelling 101 kilometre race when a cyclist fell into a chasm. The cyclist fell six metres into the steep gorge on a tight bend beside the River Pena in Ronda la Vieja. According to the organisers, the man - who was the unlucky number 13th competitor - suffered only a badly...

Rio’n’Roo’s Ibiza revels

rooney ferdinand
IT should be a quiet few days. Wayne Rooney is to celebrate his stag weekend in Ibiza. The England striker is bringing a dozen of the UK's finest footballers for the bash early next month. Organised by England captain Rio Ferdinand, a lot of the group will be staying in Spurs defender Jonathan Woodgates's five-bedroom villa in the hills above Ibiza...

A CATCH 22 (or less)

As blue fin tuna catches fall dramatically calls come to boycott the tradeBy Jenny Kean IT looks like the grim predictions for Andalucia's most ancient industry are coming true. One month into the season and catches of blue-fin tuna by the four almadrabas on the Cádiz coast were falling drastically short of last year's figures. It's not just that fewer...

“Reprehensible and intolerable”

“Reprehensible and intolerable”
The regional government has launched an investigation after a bulldozer was used during a bullfight at a local fiesta.

BUNKERED: Lack of licences and economy blamed by developers for halt at Los Merinos scheme

main pic
Olive Press praised for bringing controversial scheme to "international audience"SPAIN’S most controversial golf scheme has gone into the rough. The Los Merinos project near Ronda has stopped all work at the site for "at least a year". Developers admit that a combination of the world economic situation, the property crisis and a lack of the correct licences are behind the halt. The...

The history of Los Merinos, as told in a dozen plus stories since November 2006

IT has been a long and drawn out saga, which goes back to the re-zoning of the area of Los Merinos in 1992. While the plans by Ronda town hall were later ratified by the Junta, restrictions on what exactly could be built on the land have always been tough. The issue of water has been one of the main...

Inspector ‘No Clues’ and the bungling investigation that shames Portugal

maddie mccann
On May 3 it will be a year since Maddie McCann, 3, was apparently abducted from her holiday resort in the Algarve. JON CLARKE was the first UK journalist on the scene that day. Here, he analyses the catalogue of errors that hampered the investigation right from the startI HAD spent a number of days trying to piece together...

The New Battle of Trafalgar

A new frontline is being drawn up along the Costa de la Luz, between developers and nature lovers who want to save one of its last unspoilt expanses. Feelings are running high on both sides of the divide and, as JON CLARKE reports, the area which was the scene of Nelson’s famous battle could be gearing up for a...

Controversy as projected windmill project comes a step nearer

PROPOSALS for Spain’s first offshore wind farm have blown one step nearer. A trio of industry giants - Acciona, Iberdrola and Capital Energy - have now unveiled their plans to harness the wind off the Costa de la Luz. One of the projects - by Acciona - would involve putting 278 turbines in the sea 14 km off Trafalgar, generating...

The Petrol Thieves

Well spoken English couple could be conning expats out of thousands of euros by asking to borrow money to fill their carBRITISH expatriates are being targeted by a pair of conmen, who ‘borrow’ money for petrol. The well-dressed couple knock on doors with British-plated cars outside, or approach people in the street, explaining that they have recently moved into the...

Spain is foodie heaven…official

ferran adria
THEY might have a reputation abroad for providing cold soup and platos combinados, but the Spanish have just been voted the world’s best cooks. Incredibly perhaps, Spain has more restaurants in the world Top Ten than even France. With the trio of El Bulli at number one, and Mugaritz and Arzak in San Sebastian coming in fourth and eighth respectively,...

La Cala cougar develops a taste for pata negra

THE La Cala cougar is clearly not scared of travelling for a meal. The celebrated wild cat that was first spotted in La Cala a year ago has apparently turned up in Campillos. As reported by the Olive Press, he has been SLOWLY moving inland, and now the "panther-like" feline has been accused of killing over a dozen Iberican pigs...

Thorny Issue for the Roses of Grazalema

A mass civil war grave in the national park is expected to contain the remains of over a dozen women killed by fascist troopsMORE than 70 years after they were tortured and shot dead by Franco troops, the remains of at least 17 young women are to be dug up from their unmarked communal grave in Grazalema in the...

Free for nine days, Roca returns to jail

Bail of three million euros as former town planning chief is charged with embezzlementJUAN ANTONIO ROCA, the alleged mastermind behind the ring of corruption at Marbella town hall, has been ordered back to prison. Nine days after his lawyers paid one million euros to secure his release, the former head of town planning at the resort town has been...

We’re not buried yet

We’re not buried yet
Villagers to seize town hall for ‘funeral’ protest as promoters both in Spain and the UK begin drive to sell plots on golf course scheme which still doesn’t have water, let alone full planning permissionBRAVE villagers opposed to Ronda’s controversial Los Merinos golf course scheme are holding a symbolic funeral. Despite Junta officials admitting they are impotent to stop the...

The rock goes green

By Laura Balfour AN Olive Press campaign to bin plastic bags has been backed by a new environmental group in Gibraltar. No to Plastic Bags (No2PB) hopes to make the enclave the first plastic-bag free town in the Iberian Peninsula. Inspired by campaigns such as ours – and towns like Modbury in Devon – they hope to reach out to over...





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