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Ronda Town Hall supports revival of doomed Los Merinos golf project

The Los Merinos project, struck down by Spanish courts in March, shows signs of revival

Press power prevails: Common sense at last over Los Merinos saga

For 20 years the Los Merinos saga has rumbled on

AT LAST: Los Merinos project bunkered after decade of legal warfare

In a victory for common sense, Ronda’s ill-conceived Los Merinos double golf course macro-project has been finally scrapped

Supreme Court scraps Andalucia’s most controversial golf macroproject Los Merinos near Ronda

Ronda’s Los Merinos golf macroproject has been scrapped by the Supreme Court after almost a decade of legal warfare

Ronda’s Los Merinos golf developers probed

Son of disgraced Catalan leader Jordi Pujol ‘made millions’ from controversial Ronda golf project

Los Merinos golf course green for go on UNESCO-protected area in Ronda

Eight years of legal wrangling and the planned development might still come to pass

Los Merinos golf was legal… BUT morally, environmentally and ethically wrong!

Ronda mayor Antonio Marin Lara not guilty of corruption

Protests over Los Merinos Golf project

Monthly demonstrations to demand the opening of closed public footpaths are planned

Los Merinos would ‘gravely endanger’ local ecosystem

As Ronda mayor appears in court for corruption, new report slams the golf project which he controversially passed

BUNKERED: Lack of licences and economy blamed by developers for halt at Los Merinos scheme

Olive Press praised for bringing controversial scheme to "international audience"SPAIN’S most controversial golf scheme has gone into the rough. The Los Merinos project near Ronda...

The history of Los Merinos, as told in a dozen plus stories since November 2006

IT has been a long and drawn out saga, which goes back to the re-zoning of the area of Los Merinos in 1992. While the...

Los Merinos given the birdie!

According to report, up to five per cent of the world’s population of the extremely endangered Bonelli’s Eagle lives in controversial Ronda golf development MORE...

Junta appeals court decision to back Los Merinos developers

THE regional government has appealed the decision to allow developers to continue works at controversial Los Merinos golf course, near Ronda. The Andalucian authorities have...

Son of Los Merinos criticised

THE mayor of a small Malaga town has come under attack for allowing the construction of nearly 200 homes alongside a celebrated nature reserve. Bernadino...

Los Merinos golf is “a horror story,” says famous MEP

Euro MP Michael Cashman has joined the battle to save a huge area of Unesco-protected woodland threatened by a controversial golf macro-project

Developers lose six million libel battle

Bosses lose law suit against green, campaigning magazine

Fincas to farms in Ronda

Following the decision to stop work at the controversial Los Merinos site the value of legal property is now heading in the right direction

Judge nails Andalucia golf project

Ronda may have to return €14 million to developers over controversial Los Merinos scheme

How a shady Swiss fraudster and 50 secret societies managed to turn a UNESCO protected area near Ronda into...

A new book proves the Los Merinos project was set up illegally with Swiss financier Werner Rey at the helm

‘Like being accused of Hiroshima bomb’

Ronda mayor compares Los Merinos accusations to H-bomb, while calling environment boss ‘incompetent’ and ecologists ‘terrorists’

‘Like being accused of dropping the Hiroshima bomb’

Ronda mayor compares Los Merinos golf accusations to Second World War bomb

Romantic writer dies after stressful battle with developers

'Gentleman scholar' Alastair Boyd became the victim of a "mafia-style" campaign by golf developers after opposing the controversial Los Merinos scheme

David ‘Dave’ Cameron’s common touch on holiday

As new demonstration demands definitive end to Los Merinos golf, celebrities and the future Prime Minister of England enjoy walking and nature holidays in the Serrania de Ronda

Ronda town hall facing €2.8m legal battle with supermarket as corruption case rumbles on

By Jon Clarke and Anthony Piovesan A leading supermarket group is demanding €2.8 million from Ronda town hall.  The move comes after Eroski pulled out of...

The Olive Press celebrates its 15 year anniversary

FROM its very first issue in 2006 the Olive Press was campaigning for its community. Whether fighting for the environment or digging into crooks, we...

LONG READ: Nature lovers are waging war against barbed wire fences and locked gates to keep public trails open...

IMAGINE the scenario: You are walking on one of Andalucía’s beautiful public trails, it’s a walk you have enjoyed many times, but today is different




Man who disappeared with 22-month-old grandson in Spain’s Huelva province dies after being found unconscious in his vehicle 

A HUELVA man who went missing on Wednesday with his 22-month old grandson was found unconscious in his car today, and later died in...


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