THE couple whose illegal home featured in the Olive Press have had their fine almost doubled by the town hall.

Jackie and Peter Chilvers, who’s story made the Lawyers in the Dock front page (issue 55) have had their fine increased from 23,000 to 43,000 euros.

The couple, whose dream retirement home in Tolox only had a licence as a tool shed or ‘almacen’, approached the Olive Press to condemn their lawyers who they say assured them their home had a proper licence.

The increased amount was received just a week after their story appeared in the paper.

A late payment charge amounting to 15,000 euros was heaped on to their fine as well as a surcharge and costs.

They should have started paying their fine two months ago but are trying to fight the unfair punishment in the courts.

“We have been told this is the absolute maximum we can be charged by the town hall, so at least it will not increase any more,” said Jackie.

“But that’s not the point, we shouldn’t even be having to pay it in the first place.”

Regarding the huge number of comments below about lawyer Jose Luis Maseda, click on the following link to read the Olive Press’ exclusive investigation about him:


  1. To the Elephant Man Keith Ball: Could anybody tarnish your name? Is everybody that makes a complaint against you actually me, or have you just forgotten how many people you have “stiffed” over the years? It must be hard to keep track I guess.

  2. I am the son of Graham Moss, who has had over 100 thousand euros stolen from Jose. I have a sim card with texts from him, and the original piece of paper that jose signed stating that he owed my father the money.
    You can contact me on 669 785 275.

  3. Today both my Wife and I joined the Association being run by Juan Carlos Carrasco. I strongly reccommend all others who are owed money by Jose to join, so that we have enough names in the association for the police to have a strong case against Jose to quickly bring him to court and to have all ours monies returned with costs as soon as possible.
    I have had to borrow more money to join the Association, but I feel this is money well spent and is the only way to get my full investment back from Jose.
    The police know where he is and are just waiting for a few more people to join the Association, as the make the case so strong that Jose will not walk this planet again. So all of you PLEASE JOIN ASAP, so that we will all have our money returned .

  4. Keith Ball owes me some considerable money over bad debts and his name seems to continually pop up during conversations I have had with others about Jose Maseda. It would seem that this Maseda person used Keith Ball as his sort of Engish front man to lure unsuspecting people to part with their hard earned cash and then I presume they divi up the cash between themselves. Why is it taking the police so much time in capturing the crooks?

  5. My husband and I have also joined the association – we also had to borrow the money to do so but hopefully it will be worth it in the end. We don’t care wheather Jose goes to jail or not – his sitting in prison will not improve our lives in the least. We want our money back and costs – that’s it – give me my money and I will be happy. As pensioners the money would lift us from existing to living. Not to have to balance the cost between heat and food – even think of a holiday.

    Please if you have a claim against Jose – join the association – if not for yourself – to help us stop being a charity case which is really hard.

    Good luck to all of you.

    Carol Moss

  6. i would like to make a comment.we became friends with kieth ball and his wife jillian.when we came here 5 years ago .looking for a bussiness.he got a loan of €10,000 e from us saying hes apartment was just about to be reprosessed. he introduced us to jose luis maseda . he led us into .soposable a money making barcelona.that jose luis told us he made .€ 90,000. us been stupit and trusing kieth and jose.we where robbed of €230 ,000 cash.which we will never recover from. we ve rang kieth many times trying to get our money back .but we just get more lies from him. i belive him and his wife jillian and jose are con merchants. and i hope they get what they deserve.because they left us facing a life of hardship.

  7. Hi June

    I hope you have forwarded copies of any proof you have to the Associations lawyer (Juan Carlos Carrasco Garcia.His telephone number is 952 469 038 or 952 197 061. His e-mail address is

    Kieth Ball I believe is still trading in the open – only proof will stop that and perhaps other people being tricked in the future which is my greatest fear. I do not expect ever to get back our money (would be wonderful but only a dream) but the thought that others will go through what we have ……….. can not be put into words.

  8. Hi June

    I hope you have forwarded copies of any proof you have to the Associations lawyer (Juan Carlos Carrasco Garcia.His telephone number is 952 469 038 or 952 197 061. His e-mail address is

    Kieth Ball I believe is still trading in the open – only proof will stop that and perhaps other people being tricked in the future which is my greatest fear. I do not expect ever to get back our money (would be wonderful but only a dream) but the thought that others will go through what we have ……….. can not be put into words.

  9. I have still got dozens of text messages from that crook Keith Ball on my phone, telling me that he was going to pay me money that was outstanding but like June Murphy, was total bullshit. We are now heading towards Malaga Court with a case against this thief, with the Police looking for him right now. The main problem is that the legal system is so very slow and naturally an “upstanding” citizen like Keith Ball milks this to the full. Don’t worry June, he will be found and punished.

  10. hi corol and richard. i will indeed get in touch with the l awler.please keep me up to date.wiyh any news about the con mercents keith and looks like we ve no chance of getting our money back .i feel sick reading how many other people have been conned. i just googled in jose name and am shocted i thought we where where the only ones,this could be the tip of the ice berg,i don t ever wish anyone bad.but god forgive me .i feel hate and i want revenge .for keith his wife jillian who became my best friend .while they where luring us in .and setting us up ,and as for jose.i pray they get the justice they deserve.

  11. June, should you have details of where this fine upstanding citizen Keith Ball is working, or for who he is working for right now, he can be picked up far quicker and my lawyer can get things rolling to a happy conclusion. Whilst Keith Ball thinks he can get away with this low life crooked performance, I can assure you he won’t. One way or another, this crook is going down!

  12. Perhaps I will put up some WANTED posters around The Costa del Sol offering a substantial reward for the capture of Keith “The Thief” Ball and see what that brings in. I don’t really want to do the job of the Police but with the details they have on this crook, his whereabouts, photos of his vehicle with registration plate and his various addresses he has had in Playamar, it seems reasonably shocking that he is not been captured. Maybe I will get lucky and bump into him in the street!

  13. That’s assuming he has not returned to the UK! Knowing you were a person of interest to the police – would you hang around where you could be found easily?

    If you have a picture of Keith Ball – then why not publish it on this thread – we will all look for him then. (With the permission of the paper of course)

  14. Here is Jose’s home telephone number.Do ring and voice your many concerns to his wife Dolores or Lola as she is called and to his sister in law Chony. I am sure they would be delighted to hear from you all. A late night call is particularly effective.
    0034 952 435345

  15. I certainly would publish a picture of Keith “the thief” Ball if I had one but I think the Police and my Lawyer are the only ones with these. What I cannot quite understand is why nobody has told me where this man is working/living at the moment, as I am reasonably sure that he is still around and it would appear that he feels he is either invisable or bullet proof. If this is what he thinks, he must be living in Nania!

  16. Sadly not a penny. Guess we throw good money after bad. Had to borrow that and pay it back from our pension. Could have been worse = we were lucky to have our children who have been wonderful. Hope everyone else has been able to survive. My prayers are with you all.

  17. I didn’t join the association as didn’t want to waste any more money and didn’t really trust it, i did speak to Geoff Gales who wanted 1000 euros to help get my money back but am sure he is conning me too, Has anyone else got there money back through this Geoff Gales??

  18. Well who might Nigel be, I thought it had gone quiet!

    I feel sorry for all the genuine people who are using this blog to try and recover lost monies etc from JLGM, like myself as I too was a victim of his crimes!

    If anyone is looking for me for whatever reason, please E-mail me on (the same address I have had for years now),we can meet at any Police Station of your choice and I will gladly face upto any accusations you are claiming!?

  19. I wouldn’t trust Geoff Gales. I was asked to contribute money to this so called Lawyer who wanted all those involved to pay up to €1,000 or more into a fund to help collectively to bring our friend Jose to justice…Just another con so anyone else interested should give him a miss. I did warn people before but no one listened..My advice is walk away no one is every going to get their money back, including is hard to accept but that is the reality of this mess.

  20. I too did not trust this so called association. i was asked to pay considerably more than the 1,000 euros which some of you were asked for. I did say at the time that i was broke but this appeared to fall on deaf ears. The associations primary concern was how i was going to pay their “joining fee” and this made me suspicious. I can’t believe that there are scum bags out there who are so low that they will rob people who are already on their knees after being conned out of their life savings. But be sure of one thing……..what goes around comes around. jose has conned so many that the law of averages says there is sure to be at least one person out there looking for justice in whatever form it make come. His address is no secret… can find it on the internet and then see the front gates on google earth! It’s very difficult to disappear in this day and age with big brother watching! I would be very nervous if I were him. We can all sleep soundly in our beds at night, that’s one thing that our stolen money can’t buy him. One thing is for sure, the bad guys will rot in hell.

  21. What a poor hard done by man Keith “the thief” Ball is and to think he has lost money to that other thieving ****** Jose Maseda: almost a match made in heaven! Nigel don’t bother e-mailing this crook as you will only get some bullshit name and address and would not have the guts to meet anybody. If you know where this con man is or what he is doing, probably helped by his peroxide moll, please tell everybody!

  22. Keith Ball the “paper bag man” sounds off again and to think he has been ripped off by his master and associate in crime, Jose Maseda. What he really means is that he failed to collect his ill gotten commission from this slippery Spaniard and he is p*ssed off. Perhaps we could all meet him at the Police station but would tactfully suggest it ought to be rather a large station!

  23. Can Keith “Elephant Man” Ball be the same guy that ripped people off when he worked at Butlins Holiday Camps and did a stretch in HMP? Or am I mixing him up with another fraudulant chancer who you wouldn’t take a cheque from?

  24. Please be very sure that you can prove any allogation made on this blog. Yes we can all prove Jose stole from us but if you make allegations about anyone else, in court, YOU have to prove that what you have written is true/

    It would be a pity if one of us was stung by the courts when they appear unable to move against Jose.

  25. Thank you for your comments Carol. If you can ALL prove that Jose stole from you, why is this man not banged up or waiting a trial date? Why are the Solicitors/Lawyers holding back against this man if they have such a load of evidence provided by people such as you? As per usual in Spain, no matter what people think, there is one law for us and one for the Spanish and yet again, it shows it’s head in this case! I think that if any of us did what Jose and Keith Ball have done, against many upstanding Spanish people, then guess where we would be right about now? Answers on a postcard please!

  26. At long last Keith the Thief Ball has been done in the courts proving without any possible doubt, he is a lying, thieving con man. He is looking at a long stretch in prison and a large amount of money to pay back. Wasn’t he the man that “wanted to meet anybody that had a complaint in a Police Station?”. I guess it would have saved time if he did that, saving the cops from arresting this very crooked man. So that is what happened to this poor excuse of a man and what about his master Jose Maseda, who seems to be walking on water.

  27. Since the class action is now under way perhaps the paper can not comment because the case is before the court! Guess Jose lives in style while we now only have our pensions (plus extra for having cancer) and not our planned retirement in the sun.

  28. It is always a great shame that the Spanish legal system moves at such a very slow rate, especially when everybody is suffering because of a couple of crooks like Jose & Keith. This is a major factor as to why they seem to continually live with almost impunity instead of being arrested and questioned by the Police. I am looking forward to visiting Keith Ball when he gets banged up for 6 years!

  29. Is there anyone else apart from the Chilvers who has been ripped off in purchasing land in Tolox? I used Manzanares solicitors and P3 develpers. Building licences given by the town hall are illegal and fines are imposed for those who did build. I lost 125,000 euros on the land purchase. Luckily I didn’t build at the time. Anyone taking legal action? Can we club together? I’ve lost everything.

  30. I can tell you all that Jose Maseda was arrested on Thursday 5th May 2011 and is locked up in Benalmadena Police station awaiting trial.
    I joined the association in 2009 and thank god I did, things seem to be moving now for the better.

  31. dear search in hand –
    bail is a right in spain and is normal for spanish or residents with family and work in the area ,to get bail on their own merits . he is hardly a danger to society or accused of a violent act which would result in remand to prison.

  32. So by now he has had time to hide our money. While we now live in an Almshouse, have no savings and must rely on our pensions and charity.

    Not how we planned to spend our last years.

    All we asked was that he handle the sale of our apartment – so we could downsize and live off the difference. He stole the lot. May God look on his deeds and judge him. I don’t think the Spanish Court will care about us. Do you?

    Our money was ample to cover bail – the rest is out of the country – we will never see it.

  33. Sorry but “Danger to Society” depends on the interpretation.

    My interpretation also includes to steal every penny someone has to live on and leave them no money for food, clothing or rent can lead to starvation, depression, and death.

    Now I would say that can be interpreted as members of society in danger directly through his actions just as surely as if he yielded a knife and took their lives.

  34. Exactly Karen, I agree.

    What I was actually saying is – if he’s was found in a rented apartment, posing as though he has no assets, who posted his bail?

    And Louislou – I am sure he didn’t get bail on ‘his merits’; he’s definitely a danger to society through his work, I sincerely hope he is not still working!

    He should be locked up immediately where he belongs.

  35. ok heres my clarification of my previous comment .
    1. to misuse a power of attorney is a great breach of trust and honour and should be punished at the highest level through the courts . In the case of people who find themselves with mortgages they didnt want or need and people who have lost their savings and future this to is a crime .
    however the term investor is used far to loosly here , as any intelligent person is aware an investment can lose money as well as gain it , banks shares and property can all cost you dearly in the investment game when things go wrong. No sane person invests everything they own in one deal and investors spread the risk to avoid bankruptcy. so if you loose in an investment that in my opinion is not a crime.

  36. For your information Louie Lou, we employed Jose to sell our apartment for us. Yes he sold it and did the required paper work. He should then have given us the proceeds from the sale after taxes and fees. HE DID NOT – HE KEPT THE MONEY! Are you saying that this is what we should expect from any Spanish solicitor? Is this normal? In the rest of the world all ,moneys are held in a client account not spent by the solicitor. SO ARE YOU SAYING ITS OK TO STEAL AS LONG AS IT IS NOT FROM SPANISH NATIONALS? I believe this to be thieft – he STOLE our money. We did not ask him to invest it – he is a thief.

    If you want to defend that I would question YOUR honour.

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