POLICE and trading standards officers investigating “suspected breaches of consumer law” have raided four UK offices of Spanish timeshare king Garry Leigh’s Incentive Leisure Group.

Leigh, the brother-in-law of Costa Killer Tony King, has long claimed that his business is above board and legal.

Buyers were promised some or all their money back after five years, but it was revealed last year how the so called “cashback” scheme collapsed through fraud.

His company offered to buy unwanted timeshares and then persuaded people to spend thousands of euros on membership of Leigh’s Designer Way Vacation Club.

Buyers were promised some or all their money back after five years, but it was revealed last year how the so called “cashback” scheme collapsed through fraud.

The Office of Fair Trading, which co-ordinated last week’s raids, said the investigation was at an “early stage” and there was “no assumption” offences have been committed.

The investigation continues.


  1. Charles
    Despite not being involved in this blogg anymore my nosy nature makes me look at the site occasionly!!!
    I have just e mailed someone (who doesn’t subscribe to this blogg )who independantly went down the Resolved Claims route, to see how they got on, and will report back accordingly when I get a response.
    Meanwhile if you decide to go it on your own and if you want to find my e address at the start of this Olive Blogg site which I gave ages ago I will forward my letter and attachments showing what we sucessfully did.
    Everybodys case is a bit different but it might give you some clues.

    Good Luck

  2. Hi Sheila,
    It was mid July… but they claimed not to have received it and then they said they’d asked for statements and they hadn’t and so keep ringing… to chase them up.
    The Lloyds CCA Team address is as follows, I don’t recommend you use the Edinburgh address on the card statement, this will just delay things…

    Lloyds TSB Bank PLc
    Card services – CCA Team
    Piteavie Business Park
    Fife KY99 4BS

  3. This is to thank Fourth Justice in responding to my recent e-mail. Thankyou for al the hard work you have done in the past. Its an inspiration to all of us. I look forward to hearing from you regarding “Resolved Claims” as it may be the faster route and less hassle for me to take.
    Again thankyou for your continuing interest in all our problems.
    Kind regards

  4. today i received the phonecall from David Williams of timeshare-disposal Co, claiming that they represented the courts in Malaga offering to get 72.5% of my payment to ILG back, the catch was I had to transfer 680eu to a solicitor in Malaga who then arranged for me to visit a notory close to home to verify my signiture, they would then release by cheque the money, and I would then send my certificate for the cashback. I requested an email confirming the name of the bank holding the money in escro but as usual nothing, so beware of Timeshare-Disposal based in Malaga!!!

  5. To Sheila especially….

    Well I’m blowed. Just received a letter from Lloyds TSB saying that they will credit my account with the full amount so long as I sign their letter to the effect that I agree and Lloyds TSB is not admitting liability by agreeing to refund the sum to me. So I am a happy chap and have already signed their agreement… Trying to stop my smile affecting my ears right now. So many thanks to this site and specially to Fourth Justice and the guys at the beginning – too many to mention without whose help, suggestions and encouragement, I would never had got my money back… maybe we should all get together for a party sometime?

  6. Great news Fifth Column – We are continuing correspondence with our credit card company and not accepting their stance that we wait for reclaim to “pay out” in 2013
    If they do not cough up this time, we will be sending them the High court rulings and findings from the OFT court case against ILG which we found on the internet
    A lot of hassle though considering we have rights within the Credit Act law!!

  7. Well done to fifth, I’m still smiling from my full refund with my credit card company even though balance was by cheque.
    Again don’t get bogged down with reclaim. The CC company was jointly and severally liable for the whole amount.
    Good luck to all.

  8. Congratulations to everyone who has so far been successful with their claims. I have also received news that I am getting a full refund from my cc company. This is all due to the great information supplied on this blog and especially to Forth Justice for all his encouragement.
    This should also let Charles see that you don’t need to go through “Resolved Claims”, just persevere with your claim and if you feel the cc company are dragging their heels,contact the financial ombudsman who will let you know your options. I didn’t need to use the info they gave me although it’s good to have as a back up. I am now a member of the Cheshire Cat Club. Good luck to all who are still waiting to hear.

  9. Hi all you Smileys and others !!!
    Am really pleased that perseverance paid off and for those of you who kept going you deserve the reward.
    Until I was originaly approached by one of the well known scammers I was totally unaware of the ILG scam so I thank those particular scammers for alerting my suspicions in the first place!!!!. For interest my input to this blogg goes back a lot further than when I was reborne as Forth Justice.
    Probably like the rest of you I still get phone calls from more of the scumbags trying to get even more money.Its easy to put the phone down after being suitably rude to them but its more rewarding playing cat and mouse and playing along with them ,show interest,ask them to send you e mails with all of the information and details of how you can pay with bank transfer.Then the good bit is to send this info to Alberto Garcia at Mindtimeshare for it to be fed into the right places for action to be taken.
    This helps others who are blindly unaware about what has been going on eventually helps to stop them being further ripped off.With the info Mindtimeshare can work out who is active and monitor name changes and enable them to issue timely warnings.We all owe a lot to Mindtimeshare for the support and E Mail contact which was very helpful at times.

    The sad bit is that it is the Credit Card companies that are being hit and picking up the mess but hopefully in the future the late Garry Leighs hangers on will get their due reward !!

  10. Only came across this blogg fairly recently. We have also been conned by ILG. After reading all the comments made we have also decided to pursue our credit card company for all the money back. Thanks to all who have contributed to this blogg for their advice, especially to Forth Justice.
    Funnily enough I had a phone call this morning from a Frank Bruce of the European Fair Trade Advisory group. He said that they were planning legal action against ILG for the return of all the money they had conned out of everyone. The only thing is that we would have to travel to Malaga to sign up for the legal action but they would pay for the hotel.(where have you all heard this before). It is on a no win no fee basis but any money gained would be subject to a 40% fee for their services. I told him that I would think about it and to call me back next week.
    When I googled them they are apparently a strategic partner of ITRA and at the meeting would try to get us to sign up to another dodgy holiday club called Club Class Concierge. This info came from Mindtimeshare.
    Guess what I will be telling him next week.

  11. My wife received a phone call from a Graham Thomson of T.E.S. Claims who claims to be able to get payments from credit card companies.
    He wants a fee of £399 (refundable if he is unsuccessful)to carry out the work on our behalf!
    Anyone heard of him or them?
    Sounds like yet another scam to me.

  12. We have been having calls for the last 2 weeks from the well known (by now) Sandra Wells from Viva, she has dropped the ‘connect’ bit. Very persistant, but we really knew it must be untrue as she kept on asking for money upfront. However you could really believe what she said, she is extremely well trained. Our offer is now £7800 and we only need to pay 1295 euros to secure it. Googled “sandra wells viva scam” and found the mindtimeshare site with a lot of other information. Forth Justice has mentioned the good work done by Alberto García and his project set up in February of this year.

  13. I have been approached by a company named Ramirez and Ramirez who claim to be taking ILG to court thet have sent me court details and are very convincing has anyone heard of them or had dealings with them they are asking for 1,485 euros for the court fees, their web site is also very professional. I would appreciate any advise.

  14. We too were approached by Ramirez and Ramirez, if you research timeshare scams on internet they are listed as ones to avoid. As ILG and DWVC are in liquidation there is no way that they can really be taken to court, we refused to give these people and info or money, real solicitors do not phone people they wait to be contactd. Check out Timeshare talk and mindthe timeshare web sites both tell you tell avoid these people. If someone wants money up front the chances are they are scammers. Be careful.

  15. To Margaret M (Sept 6th),
    If you are still looking at this site-
    I hope you don’t mind but could you say what the clinching factor would have been in your CC refund claim as my CC company is proving difficult to deal with?

  16. We have been trying to get reimbursed from our Capital One credit card company for six months — They accept that we have grounds for a claim against them and have reimbursed the amount we paid by credit card, but are refusing to pay out any more of our loss until we have applied to reclaim in 2014. They seem fixated on the reclaim situation which they say is still a valid company and are ignoring the fact that we still own our time share — nothing will budge them on this.

  17. Michael

    There is enough information and guidance given by loads of previous entries on this blogg (assuming that if you are in the same boat as the rest of us) for you to claim by yourself. If not it is widely spoken that Resolved Claims are pretty genuine at a price !!!check them out.
    If you are being approached by others by cold calling and probably who are asking for payment up front pass the information to Alberto Garcia at Mindtimeshare in Spain.It helps them add the info to the scam listings to help others as well as them finding who is active and reappearing under different names.

  18. I have been approached by Resolved Claims both by phone and letter. The letter seems genuine and they are not asking for money upfront, just 25% of all money recovered. Has anyone acutally dealt with this sompnay and are they ok?

  19. Hi Susan, Resolved Claims are in the process of claiming back cash for me. They have 1 offer so far and are trying to get me more. They are friendly and seem 100% genuine. If I get 75% of something back, it’s better than 100% of nothing.

  20. We have had a quiet time for the last few weeks(aftery wife was called a’silly cow’ because she didn’t want to give them money, he did have his ear bitten off!!) but ITRA have now contacted us. Of course they can help us as long as we go to Spain at our own cost, they will pay for hotel and transport etc!! Lawrence promised to send us email, so we gave him an address we only use for dubious mailings(so we don’t get overloaded by spam) but no mail arrived. Told him so a few moments ago and said we would not be using his services. Keep up the good work.

  21. Hi Susan, there is no need to use a third party to help you claim from the C.C. co. They have to refund your total amount. Please look at my posting of Sept 18th (no 15) and also that of Forth Justice. I too had thought about using Resolved Claims until I started reading the help & advice given here. It took me four months to get a full refund. Don’t give up!!!

  22. Hi all
    I have once again decided to emerge from hibernation and do an update.For the new comers we managed to get back money from the Credit card Company ourselves without resorting to paying someone to do it.As pointed out by some recent contributers its confirmed it can be done so full marks to Olive Press for supporting all that has been done by cotinueing the blogg.
    Now the warning we are currently being approached by new kids on the block who have changed tactics and are now offering to get some of the money back which is still registered on the Reclaim Certificate.My initial research indicates yet another fermenting scam so anybody considering getting involved please research all combinations of them and the word scam and it might put you off despite their very plausible story,The contacters are Consultancy Investment Services Group operating from 207 Regent Street London.They ask for £275 up front refundable and claim to charge nothing else not even a percentage.
    Until proven I am pretty sure what the scam is but am keeping quiet at the moment until proved.
    Again they are saying reclaim Bank have been ordered to pay back all the money allegedly invested by ILG to the ILG bankrupcy fund so that it can be given back to those scammed.So has anybody any knowledge of the alleged court case it must be documented somewhere.Tyhe other interesting bit is the sums of money being talked about according to all previos research were never deposited in Casghback Bank .So how can a court get all this invisible money returned
    Any way above is food for thought and something for us amateur sleuths to get our teeth into.
    I am going to foreward this to RDO and diplomatically not disclose the adverse comments they made about RDO to us on this site,

  23. As Forth Justice says this is a new twist/scam as another company has emerged namely Carrillo Herrera based in Tenerife who say they are acting as liquidators and want to give your money back from Reclaim via the Spanish central bank with no fee but here’s the crunch they need you to pay the tax upfront so that the money can be released to you, fat chance. There is no end to this story other than those of us who have been lucky enough to have our money back via our credit card companies. Will watch this with interest Forth Justice, I have also reported this company to mindtimeshare RDO.

  24. We may be getting somewhere with our credit card company. They have agreed that we are entitled to a refund but up to now have wanted to wait until 2014 to see what we get back from reclaim and they would give us the remaining amount. it is difficult to convince them that revlaim is part of the scam. However since informing them that we intend to take legal action -it seems we may have moved on a little. It has taken a year to reach this stage and it is not over yet.
    The calls form bogus companies have increased lately along with their silly promises

  25. Thank you for this very useful website. I have tried everything possible since late 2007 to sort this out and can identify with most of the scenarios in this thread but did not think of approaching our credit card company.

  26. Bill
    If you keep clicking on the’older comments’and keep doing it way back you will find it in blogg 39 .Incidently you might find the advice you want among the historical stuff wheny you look !!!
    Good Luck

  27. Thanks wellwisher. email now on its way. It may also be useful to others that:
    I am at the moment awaiting monies from Reclaim but I am not holding my breath. When I first returned the Certificate I received a reply in which they alleged that I had posted my original registration a day early which contravened their conditions. However, I had kept the tracking code from my “sign for letter” and proved to them via the Royal Mail tracking website that I had posted it on the correct day.
    I have now received notification that my claim is all correct but as I say I am not holding my breath. Following the advice of Alberto Garcia of Mindtimeshare I now intend to approach my credit card company for restitution of the money I paid to ILG via their card. By the way my Reclaim Certificate seemed to have reached the appropriate persons via the address of :-
    Avenida General Lopez Dominguez No 2A,
    Dificio Puerto Azul No 3C,
    29603 Marbella,
    I sent my correspondence via “Airsure” to that address from where it appears to have been forwarded to the Canary Islands. Hope this is of some assistance.

  28. Like Bill I have received acknowledgement of a legitimate claim for cashback.I sent it last year to Calle la Cala,Mijas Costa as it was with Cashback Sales &Admin.Sa.
    I have asked Pro Travel Solutions whether they know any more about outcomes.They say Cashback has been frozen by the Spanish gov.Pro Travel gave an e mail address which I already have and have used several times to Cashback but with no replies.

  29. Hi Everybody
    Please do your homework on Pro Solutions!!!!!before you believe in anything they say.
    Regardless of what they may say I don’t think any of you will be able to trace information confirming the Spanish Courts have frozen the Reclaim funds more so taking into account Reclaim is in Gibralter.

  30. Dear all, got 75% of monies paid out thanks to Resolved Claims Ltd. (£5K+) Granted their fee is 25% but better that than nothing. If you are prepared to go down the route that Forth Justice has done, then good luck, but being somewhat naive, I went via this firm and result!I had kept all emails, statements, invoices etc relating to the case which helped but I do recommend them. Hope you have good luck as well. Anyone want 2 timeshares in Florida?


  31. Finally after about a year and a half our credit card have refunded us most of the money we lost to ILG. The card company paid us the amount that we had paid by credit card atraight away, but have been dragging their feet since then, stating that we could still get our money back through reclaim and not accepting this as part of the scam. Finally we threatened them with legal action and within two weeks they have made us an offer which we have accepted so that we can put this behind us and move on.The card company have deducted a small % to cover themselves if we do get money back from reclaim in 2013! We are still better off than if we had gone the legal route. And if we had not used a credit card for a deposit we would have lost all our money -so we are not complaning. Nice to have closure -just shows the consumer law is on our side so do not give up

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