EXCLUSIVE By Jon Clarke and Wendy Williams

A MYSTERY incident has seen the sudden departure of ‘Mr Marbella’ Maurice Boland from his post at Talk Radio Europe (TRE).

While the radio station would only officially confirm he was “away on sick leave”, its chairman Martin Nathan did not deny that there had been an incident involving a teenage entertainer.

Irish DJ Boland – who has worked since the 1980s in Marbella, interviewing a string of famous people, including British Prime Minister David Cameron – confirmed to the Olive Press that he was “stepping down.”

Station boss Nathan told the Olive Press: “I am not at this moment prepared to make a statement regarding the rumours, but I would ask you to consider the effect this is having on the family concerned.

“I am not concerned about the adult involved, that is a different thing, but I would ask you to respect the privacy of the youngster and the family.”

He continued: “I need to talk to the family to see if they are prepared to talk to you. At the moment they are trying to come to terms with a difficult situation.”

Despite reports, he insisted that the police had not been called to the radio station on Monday, Boland’s last day.

Nor would he confirm if Boland – who is married with three children – was confronted by the family.

He said: “All I can say officially is that he is away on sick leave and will not be returning. A further statement will follow shortly.”

One of the station’s long-term presenters however, confirmed the incidents to the Olive Press, adding: “I have been called to a big meeting tommorrow.

“All I can say is that there was a huge error of judgement on Maurice’s part, but it was not illegal.

“It is all rather tragic. I have worked with him for decades, but sadly, his position there is now clearly untenable.

“I feel most sorry for the charities he worked with like Cudeca, who will be missing out from all his hard work.”

Various internet sites meanwhile ran the rumours in full.

According to a comment left by ‘Ben Hampton’ on former TRE presenter Stephen Ritson’s blog, the family turned up at the studios on Monday.

After revealing the reasons why, he wrote: “The whole thing sickens me.”

Last night Boland confirmed that he had “talked” to the family, but that wasn’t why he had left.

“I’m stepping down for personal reasons, everything else is speculative. I have talked to the family and nothing illegal has happened.”

Boland first moved from Dublin to Marbella in the 1980s. His radio talk show took off in the 1990s and since then he has interviewed hundreds of celebrities, including Cliff Richard, Jeffrey Archer and Nigel Mansell.


  1. Perhaps now we might have a chance of getting some decent presenters, the breakfast programme is deplorable since Roy went sick and as for Hannah Murray she can´t interview to save her life.
    Howard Brereton, Alan T and Peter Cochrain are fantastic.

  2. Yes, I am certain the truth will come out. If he is alleged to have had a relationship with a teenager, who he met through a talent competition he organised then he deserved to have been sacked. Isn´t this year´s competition about to begin?


    For personal and family reasons and with immediate effect,
    Maurice Boland’s connection with Talk Radio Europe has been terminated.


  4. Ha ha the old snake! He always was a condescending git so I, for one won´t be missing him
    As for Hannah´s interview techniques, I always think that when she has asked a question she seems to then drift off into ´what shall I watch on telly tonight´ mode. The interviewee answers and Hannah vaguely says ´owwwwkaaaay right´, as if she is thinking ´what the f..k is this bloke on about´. All good fun.


  5. Well I must say this is a “Big Shock” to me!
    I also believe someone is innocent “Until proven Guilty”
    I shall therefor wait for Maurice to make a statement himself, and then make my own mind up, as to any wrongdoing carried out by him.
    Good luck Maurice !

  6. I listen to TRE for many hours per day/week (mostly while driving due to our delivery/collection service) and have the chance to compare many of the station presenters. I personally find it unbelievable that anyone can criticise Hannahs interview technique. She does her research well, is warm and welcoming to any nervous interviewee (I have personal experience) and her interviews draw information from her guests. Mr Boland, as an interviwer as well as in every other aspect of his life, only wanted to talk about himself. Hannah, don’t let the critics knock your confidence. And, you critics, remember, all of this is personal preference. I love Hannahs shows, and Gilly Revel. That doesn’t mean that you have to, but why criticise so spitefully?

  7. let me get this right…. I have noted in press and on TRE that Boland has continually mentioned this girl, has included her in virtually every event he has been involved with equally been photographed with her at every event… did anyone see the recent pic in Marbella Essential? Isn´t this years talent competition about to begin? You don´t have to search the internet far until you find mention of the association between Boland and the then 13 year old Mandy Smith back in the 80´s. If they want the “gossip” to cease then parents and Boland need to issue a joint statement…

  8. Steve
    SEPTEMBER 23RD, 2010 1:00 PM
    Can anyone confirm that Maurice Boland was arrested in connection to this matter late yesterday?

    Arrested for what??? According to everything I have read there was nothing illegal going on

  9. Well, what a self-righteous bunch we are on the Costa.
    Why are so many people intent on scandalising a story that in the big scheme of things isn´t such a big deal? We are dealing with people´s lives here and I have sympathies for all parties concerned, not just the individuals but also the business organisations and charities that stand to miss out.
    TRE is nothing without Maurice. What on earth possessed the bosses to sack him with such haste? BIG MISTAKE. They´ll end up regretting it more than he does his minor indiscretion.
    If you read this Maurice, however much of a self publicist you are, it only ever worked because you had the support of your listeners and the community. You put yourself in the public eye so you´re going to be the target of negativity and detractors regardless. So stop sitting around feeling sorry for yourself, brush yourself down, issue a statement or something to clear the air and get back behind that microphone where you belong. Do it!

  10. I never liked Maurice Boland much on the radio I used to turn it off a lot of the time when he was on, but I feel sorry for Cudeca he did do a lot of good work for them. I also feel sorry for his family he was always the big “I am ” on the radio how the mighty have fallen

  11. maurice best dj the coast has got, does great unpaid work for charities down here, chin up maurice you will get through this, get max clifford on the job , need good p r now, we all get tempted sometimes, still believe your a good man

  12. sadly somebody who has done such good work should put his family and others around to such stress and sorrow over an indiscrescion and feels so little remorse. It is a pity but no doubt his arrogant nature will feel he has the right to do what he wants when it comes to self gratification. It is not him I am sorry for but for those he has hurt. I feel very sorry for his wife and family who really thought so highly of him.

  13. To think only last week he was condeming pedophiles during interviews about the catholic church. What a hypocrite.

    So sorry for the family. He is always banging on about his lovely wife Wendy and how he adores being a Granddad – well Maurice you blew it. Should have kept it zipped!

  14. Hannah is fantastic as a presenter and interviewer with great natural laugh and style. Some people can’t distinguish between a lighter-hearted ‘fun’ show and a more sedate and equally enjoyable ‘Gilly Revel’ type show.
    No offence to Mr Cochrane, but I’m afraid I tend to fall asleep after 5 minutos of that boooooooooooring intonation (great he’s on at siesta time) but if I hear him say ‘Here’s what ya do, ya do, do, do once more when he’s giving a recipe, I won’t be responsible for my actions.
    Morris? well, is anyone really surprised. I do feel sorry for the family. It’ll turn out to be a nine-day wonder and he’ll be back

  15. Well.
    what can one say, I think the best of the radio was him, the rest are a load of rubbish, and now Mat and Jack are gone, it is back to bay Radio.
    And that female , well she should look for another job, as soon as I hear her voice, the radio goes off, and so many people I know think the same. She may do better as a poll dancer.

  16. Isnt it about time that Maurice Bolan made a statement on the whole matter and put it to rest, the longer it goes on the worse it is for all of the innocent people that may be involved, I know that MB was a practising Jew and wonder how this has been received in the jewish community.

  17. Just to point out that I did not post the email under my name asking for my old job back.Mind you,I was pleased with some of the kind comments it evoked! TRE have enough to contend with without this errant presenter back on the grid!
    Do keep listening though,TRE is the only show in town and perhaps now it will assume its own identity…it was getting pretty close to becoming Radio Boland!
    Keep smiling,
    Barry Mitchell (genuine ex breakfast presenter!)

  18. At least we now will get a balanced non jewish commentary from The presenters-Sorry Maurice but you pushed your religion far too much!!!We are not all jewish.Remember your listeners come from all walks of life and all religions!!

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