EXCLUSIVE By Jon Clarke and Wendy Williams

A MYSTERY incident has seen the sudden departure of ‘Mr Marbella’ Maurice Boland from his post at Talk Radio Europe (TRE).

While the radio station would only officially confirm he was “away on sick leave”, its chairman Martin Nathan did not deny that there had been an incident involving a teenage entertainer.

Irish DJ Boland – who has worked since the 1980s in Marbella, interviewing a string of famous people, including British Prime Minister David Cameron – confirmed to the Olive Press that he was “stepping down.”

Station boss Nathan told the Olive Press: “I am not at this moment prepared to make a statement regarding the rumours, but I would ask you to consider the effect this is having on the family concerned.

“I am not concerned about the adult involved, that is a different thing, but I would ask you to respect the privacy of the youngster and the family.”

He continued: “I need to talk to the family to see if they are prepared to talk to you. At the moment they are trying to come to terms with a difficult situation.”

Despite reports, he insisted that the police had not been called to the radio station on Monday, Boland’s last day.

Nor would he confirm if Boland – who is married with three children – was confronted by the family.

He said: “All I can say officially is that he is away on sick leave and will not be returning. A further statement will follow shortly.”

One of the station’s long-term presenters however, confirmed the incidents to the Olive Press, adding: “I have been called to a big meeting tommorrow.

“All I can say is that there was a huge error of judgement on Maurice’s part, but it was not illegal.

“It is all rather tragic. I have worked with him for decades, but sadly, his position there is now clearly untenable.

“I feel most sorry for the charities he worked with like Cudeca, who will be missing out from all his hard work.”

Various internet sites meanwhile ran the rumours in full.

According to a comment left by ‘Ben Hampton’ on former TRE presenter Stephen Ritson’s blog, the family turned up at the studios on Monday.

After revealing the reasons why, he wrote: “The whole thing sickens me.”

Last night Boland confirmed that he had “talked” to the family, but that wasn’t why he had left.

“I’m stepping down for personal reasons, everything else is speculative. I have talked to the family and nothing illegal has happened.”

Boland first moved from Dublin to Marbella in the 1980s. His radio talk show took off in the 1990s and since then he has interviewed hundreds of celebrities, including Cliff Richard, Jeffrey Archer and Nigel Mansell.


  1. TRE is still like pirate radio was in the 1970’s. Have you even listened for an hour and noticed the gaps between commercials or the missing news headlines ? The bit I like is when someone is put live on air to the studio & says something like…. “I need to speak to the accounts department” :-) Do they run a station without a telephonist ? Come on Mr Nathan have a listen for yourself.

  2. There seems to be a lot of poisonous comments insinuating something illegal has happened. As far as I can read this is not the case. Words like “caught” and “pedophile” sic are extremely provocative and seem to be vitriolic attacks by the vindictive and badly informed of the facts. The girl is a young adult but still an adult all the same. While the relationship seems inappropriate to me and would raise eyebrows just about anywhere no laws have been broken and that’s why we have laws, to define acceptable behaviour. I’ve never heard of him or his radio show but what possible bearing has his ability as a radio host or his heritage got on this story?

  3. A todos los de este foro, las declaraciones de Boland en the independent day no son ciertas, en España la mayoría de edad es a los 18 años!!!!, no a los 16 como el refiere………..POR DIOS UN POCO DE SENSATEZ!!!!

  4. hummmmmmmmmmmmm what to say..shades of his past again??????? and as Isabel says… ” Spain is until 18 no 16. Is the law in Spain” !!!!!!!! but yes Mo did help Cudeca a lot….but in short his ego was too big…. big fish small pond…etc…. and a pain in the back side on Radio….. Bring by bumbling Barry Mitchel…. at least he was fun…. and with Russ Kane… even better….!!!

  5. I’m sure Maurice Boland has his good points but I am absolutely delighted to see him leave TRE. His interviewing technique was appalling and, apart from not allowing the interviewee to speak freely, he always seemed to be on the cadge. Well he is Jewish!! I felt particularly sorry for poor old James Hewitt a couple of weeks ago when he was cajoled into pledging his unstinted support for every cause that came into Maurice’s head at the time. I could envisage James heading an aid convoy to Pakistan loaded with the best of food and champagne from The Polo House! Pressure off now, dear James – Boland has inevitably gone a step too far.

  6. a career ruined,leaving in disgrace,a bitter pill to swallow for all concerned. stop sniping at hannah murray, she’s doing a great job. love her style and infectious laugh.you can tell she loves what she’s doing. welcome back roy. you’ve been sorely missed.I think both howard brereton and steve ritson are classy guys. as long as he behaves himself I would welcome the return of barry mitchell.

  7. Actually Jules,without feeling too sorry for myself Boland,and certain actions of his,directly contibuted to my going off the rails… which led to my ultimate demise.Infact there have been a few departures of presenters with real talent,some household names,who have “dissapeared” without explanation.I was there and I know the reasons, believe me, and right now I am considering revealing a few things the loyal listeners are unaware of.They would be quite shocked at the way the station was run at times. I read Martin Nathans statement today about Boland “developing” radio on the coast.Well,I might have something to say about that and a few other “grey” Boland areas. I bet a few others will too!
    Meantime, Keep smilin,
    Barry Mitchell

  8. I am sure I posted this once!
    Jules (Belmont)thanks for your comment and yes I did go off the rails.However,in mitigation,MB was a major factor and very shortly the truth will out.Furthe a lot of listeners have asked about the broadcasters that have dissapeared over time without explanation…Russ Kane,Rosko,David Hamilton,Tony Blackburn etc. Believe me theres a common denominator as to why and in one case a successful court action taken by the ex presenter as documentary evidence.There are other issues that will come to light shortly which will not reflect kindly on MB or the station/s.
    Keep your eye on The Olive Press

  9. The best favour we can all do the girl and her family, if morality dictates that we should take it upon ourselves to protect her interests, is to totally stop commenting on this matter and allow the story to fade away and give them the chance to get on with their lives!

  10. Barry & Russ were wonderful, ever since their duo ended to station has slowly ebbed away. I listened to REM from day 1 and then TRE, the station went from strength to strength, the pinnancle was Barry & Russ with Howard’s interjections. I gave up listening after the arrival of Matt & Jack, just not my cup of tea – could hear the same drivel on any of the other stations here on the Costa. Now Roy’s back will give it another try.

  11. Roy is excellent! but I think Hanah spoils his show, she should have joined MB on his departure! I just wish they could get the slots from 11 to 3pm correct! I normally switch off during these hours and switch back on for Peter C

  12. It’s highly unfair to level “pedophile” accusations at Maurice given the girl’s age being 16, which is of legal age in Spain. Not to defend his actions, clearly he had a severe lapse of judgment, and should be criticised for an obvious abuse of position.

    And leave Hannah Murray alone – if you don’t like her, listen to another station! I find her interview style one of the most enjoyable on the coast, and her show never bores. Keep it up, Hannah :)

  13. Why don’t people remember those that cast the first stone 3tc. and the mote in their own eye?
    When we first arrived on the Costa we had ONE hour a day of English radio! Now look what we have.
    All these people who have jumped on the bandwagon and are sending their vindictive comments on TRE should really count their blessings.
    Yes, mistakes have been made. But it is commone knowledge that men arrive at ‘the mid-life crisis’. No one is immune.
    Think of Clinton and Monica. It wasn’t that long ago. He didn’t give up his position. Neither should Maurice. The good he does far outweighs his recent actions. I have so enjoyed his wonderful interviews every morning. Apart from Howard, he was the only presenter worth listening to as far as I am concerned.
    While I’m here. Hannah is alright but please would somebody tell her not to keep saying ‘Oh my God’ quite so often!!
    My message to Maurice is, stop feeling that you have committed some ghastly crime. Get back on the wagon. Find a Radio Program that won’t be so parochial in it’s attitude. After all the entertainment business is rife with stories of affairs. He hasn’t done anything different from what is currently accepted behaviour these days.
    His wife will forgive him, his children won’t stop loving him and he can still do a lot of good working with his charities and the ‘Wow factor.’
    I think that the biggest mistake has been made by TRE –
    They will lose a lot of listeners by their narrow minded attitude.

  14. And whats with the “Crackpot hour” in the evening when anyone with a conspiracy theory is free to peddle whatever crazy stuff they feel free to come up with without so much as a question from the presenter? Last week it was little green men living amongst us in Wales and last night Dick Chaney and Rumsfeld flying cruise missiles into the World Trade centre…

    At least ask for some proof… Don’t just sit there…

    Some decent presenters, please….

  15. I for on will not miss that Boland charcter. Legend in his own mind just about sums him up.
    I miss Barry Mitchel and am delighted Roy is back. I’m struggling with the late night Scotsmans show not my taste at all but hey its supposed to be a free country. Hannah seems a nice enough girl so why not leave her alone.
    A block in John Dodd phoning in would be welcome otherwise TRE is a welcome service to us all and maybe now is the time for a bit of an overhaul (including the technology which is lacking) and get back to some kind of normality
    It seems to me TRE needs a leader to give the station a sense of direction, listeners don’t really want constant change.

  16. “Dick Chaney and Rumsfeld flying cruise missiles into the World Trade centre”

    That was the Pentagon, not the WTC. The truth about the WTC is going to be very damaging for the U.S., but it will take decades to be exposed as so many witnesses have been warned and threatened (and many have mysteriously died in recent times as well.) You don’t need to go to any conspiracy websites at all Dave, just go to the organisation run by some of the worlds best engineers, architects, and scientists for all the evidence – link above. When over 1300 of these people tell you there is a cover up, then we need to listen. Don’t listen to governments.

  17. Hi, nice to hear you are still about Barry M, all you say about MB is correct as I heard it. I also agree with some that if you were not the best DJ on REM then who was?

    Although MB and I had a few runs in’s I don’t want to kick hard now he is down- other then the following:

    The one thing I can’t stand now is his loss of memory re his statement; he used to say to potential advertisers “REM can put you in the room with a naked lady, but if anything happens it is down to you” Remember your own sales line MB?

    Also Property miss selling by a very large company in Marbella – did you not do their Boland TV show? allow them to advertise on REM even after questions were being asked and went to the big wedding of the owner? yet “you can stand con-men” Your comments when talking to the convicted sex offender J King.

  18. Oh Pauline!

    I guess you are not a parent. To compare this incident with Clinton and Monica, Monica was a sophisticated thirty something, not a gullible child with ambitions for fame.

    Anyone who is condoning Maurice’s ‘little error’ should ask themselves what they would do if it were their teenage daughter or granddaughter.

    Some things you can forgive but this is not one of those things. I am sure we can get over it and there is plenty of talent out there ready to step into his shoes.

    This man had an excellent career, a beautifuil family and fame and success. Enough for most people, he is a fool.


  20. A long overdue change of direction for TRE.
    I’ve been listening in for the last 10 years and it’s been the Daily Mail on the wireless.
    The only decent presentation has been Charlotte Rodriguez on wine every Tuesday lunchtime.
    It’s time for a complete overhaul.
    I await the changes with anticipation

  21. Nick, you clearly cannot read properly. As I said, one does not need to read any conspiracy theory websites; you just need the link that I gave you, which is an organisation of over 1300 architects, engineers and scientists who have independently analysed all of the evidence to date. Please, wise up and stop being ignorant. I didn’t say that nobody died; I didn’t say there were no planes at the WTC, did I? If you want to live in ignorance, that’s fine, but don’t thrust it upon me.

  22. Will the person who posted under BarryM kindly use their own name if they wish to say something.Had to chuckle though,anyone who would want to pretend they were me must have real problems!
    Many thanks to those who posted very kind comments,rather makes my days.Meantime I can tell you certain elements of the Irish Press are gunning for Boland……no doubt the Olive Press will keep you informed.
    Keep smilin,
    Barry Mitchell

  23. Hi Barry,

    Good to see your still around?

    Is there any chance you could return to TRE? There is a dearth of good presenters on there and, if I had the experience, I would even put myself forward…

    Can anything be done to get TRE to listen to its listeners?

    A lot of us want you back but this is clearly a chance to ask what we (the listeners) want.

    Crackpot corner in the evening aint my cup of tea but I can work around that. However, there are times when I’m looking for a good talk radio station down here and, quite often, TRE doesn’t deliver.


    P.S. Hi to Tricia in Marbella and thanks for your kind words on Saturday.

  24. Well Maurice I always thought you are a total idiot and probably the most irritating person in Marbella! and now you just proved it to everybody! I hope this is the end of you and we never have to listen to your irretating voice ever again! If I was you I would never show your face in public again! If I see you I won’t hold back my opinions! Your sorry….. you are disgusting!

  25. I always knew Maurice Boland was an old pervert! He would always give me the creeps. Yes, it isn´t illegal what he has done as i am guessing it was consensual (How that girl could go for him though ill never know) but it sure is wrong. He is the chief of slim!

  26. And why haven´t they printed the 16 year old´s name???? She is an adult now. If it isnt illegal for dirty old creeps to poke her then it can´t be illegal to print who she is. It can be her 1st lesson that trying to sleep your way to the top has its bad points!

  27. Would appear that we can now move on from this, although I take exception to those who claim that we should look in the mirror if we made comments. I knew that MB was not above board but have never expanded on why. In life people often have many facets, family man, business man and friend. I only knew MB as the business man and he acted againts me in a way that said he was not a correct person, end of.

    Barry M, yr email barrymitchell22@yahoo.co.uk is not contactable, is there another one? Or get the Olive Press to pass on my own.

  28. I agree we should let this rest, however I think TRE needs a big shake up, why does Roy spoil his programme with Hanagh Murray and why is she still on the station. As for the 11 oclock stepthen guy what a snore!! at least MB could get good guests! Peter C and Howard B are fantastic the station need to clone them.

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