DISGRACED radio DJ Maurice Boland is returning to the airwaves for the first time since his close relationship with a 16-year-old girl was exposed.

The Olive Press can reveal that the Irish entertainer, AKA ‘Mr Marbella’ is to start a regular slot on Heart FM, based in Coin, from next month.

He will take over the afternoon show from current station boss Lee Jay on May 1 on an initial three month contract.

This will follow a two hour in-depth interview in which he admits his mistake over his relationship with the teenage singer.

Last night Boland told the paper: “I am pleased to be back.”

And he added: “I have no problem discussing the issue. I will welcome any questions that people want to put to me. If someone wants to phone up and attack me I am going to ask why.”

The broadcaster, 62, had set out to help the teenager forge a musical career but their relationship had evolved and he had made a “terrible mistake.”

He helped the Sotogrande International School pupil to come runner up in local talent competition the WOW Factor and was guiding her musical career.

He has been out of the limelight for the past nine months since having his contract terminated at Talk Radio Europe (TRE), as exclusively revealed at the time by the Olive Press.

We revealed how the outraged parents had turned up at the radio station demanding to see him before he was then sacked.

The parents have since relocated with their daughter back to the UK due to the affair.

“We have no idea what the response will be from the public and everything will depend on that,” said producer Sid Olivera, who grilled him for the two-hour special, expected to be aired later this month.

“He was pretty honest but was very guarded with his answers, I am sure he will talk his way out of it on air.

“If he goes on air and is flippant it just won’t work, he’ll rub people up the wrong way. He’s going to have to admit it happened and say: ‘I’m sorry’, can we now move on?

“Either way, there is no doubt he’s sorely missed on the coast.”

Married for 40 years, with three children, Boland had worked since the 1980s in Marbella, interviewing famous people including British Prime Minister David Cameron, Cliff Richard and Jeffrey Archer.

Heart FM Station boss Lee Jay added: “So far the reaction has been very favourable, people can’t wait to get Maurice back.

“He will be putting out the same kind of show as before, which was obviously a very successful format and is the sort of thing that people want”.


  1. so for mr boland life returns to normal , career intact , marriage intact and still making headlines , however the star struck young lady has been returned to the u.k with her family, dreams shattered, life shattered , reputation shattered . looks like heart radio doesnt have much heart or moral.
    no-one says maurice boland should be in sackcloth and ashes forever but a quiet life out of the limelight would have shown a level of remorse and regret , this shows the man has no shame and neither do the people who have contracted him.

  2. Fred your so right YAWN, who cares? Old news. I spoke on the phone with the Olive Press today and I’m amazed that they couldn’t even report what i said. I never admitted to any affair, ever! The Independent Newspaper (in Ireland) fabricated that lie of a headline. What is the saying, ‘print and be damned no matter who you hurt’? The Olive press saw fit to copy this headline as they saw fit to take quotes from a known unreliable source. Your paper claims I helped the singer come second in the WOW factor, I again explained to your paper. I hardly knew who she was. This again is total fabrication. The world is in crises at the moment, dictators are murdering there own people. Why use your valuable column inches on such old and frankly boring news. Yes, I am coming back on air and hope you will help me with the same enthusiasm when i ask for your help with my charity work! Maurice Boland.

  3. Is Heart that desparate to have to employ this ” has been ” surely we can do without people like Boland around, there must be some new exciting presenters around to fill this vacancy, I would not want to be associated with this station .

  4. Maurice (if this really is you) if you have been libelled, then sue. As you will know, an organisation that quotes from one incorrect source is the same as quoting from the original. Btw, you were lucky that the father of this girl didn’t obliterate you. I would have.

  5. I Can’t believe this, this is a once high profile person on the cds, who has largely used a “Charitable” front to further his own interests, I do not know this station, but they must be desperate ,,,, Do they think that because time has passed then what happened is acceptable , I will certainly not be listening in and urge every decent parent to do the same, One must ask is there some dubious financial interests involved in this station just like there was with the launch of this persons failed station REM, I wonder if all those people who purchased properties, paid deposits and lost 1000s to the Majestic group realise they were also the ones who financed his radio venture in the first place,

  6. simple…. don’t tune in…..!
    heartfm says…
    “After a nine month absents from his broadcasting career Maurice Boland is back. When asked if he was looking forward to getting back behind the mike “Yes of course but believe it or not I am very, very nervous! I’ve had a lot of confience knocked out of me and I’m hoping that i will be able to slot back in where I left off. I have the recurring nightmare that people will say ‘he use to be good but he’s lost it’ ! we’ll just have to wait and see”.

    Used to be GOOD..????? when?????????
    and Joan…you have said it all…. !!!

  7. Disgraceful bringing this two timing ratbag back into society, he should roll up and get out of decent peoples lives, how must the parents of the girl involved feel? If I was the father of the girl I would make sure that he never worked again, Sid Olivera should be ashamed of himself.

  8. Put your pitchforks down, blow out the torchflames and give the bloke a break. The best radio head is back on air and that is good news amid all the rubbish that has replaced him. Good luck to you Boland and welcome back though you aren’t as good as you used to be…

  9. Live and let live – he’s apologised, his family have moved on and the story is old old news… If a man serves his time for a crime is he not free? Well then. We’ll listen in to see what happens. Break a leg Boland!

  10. I am so happy to hear Mr Boland is going to back on air again, I can say I am one of many who have missed him!
    Everyone makes mistakes, no one is perfect, I think Mr boland should be able to move on and begin his radio career again and leave this matter behind.

  11. We at Radio Leinster in Ireland are taking the show in his native country as well. response here in Ireland is fantastic and we are looking forward to having him on with us. its great news. what happened happened….we reckon its time to move on.

  12. I see the lynch squad are out again!You remind me of the crowd gathered by the guillotine…… off with his head….I hear you shout!!
    So even if something did happen, undoubtably it was a big mistake and an error of judgement…but remember it takes 2 to tango!! and if a 16 year old is attracted to an older man, that is her decision!
    Don’t you think, if the father thought his daughter had been taken advantage of, against her will! he would have done something about it!!
    We all know how the newspapers like to beef up a story!
    Give the man a break… don’t you think his family have gone through enough….. now let all concerned get on with their lives!





  14. To quote the late great blues singer Sonny Boy Williamson

    Good morning little schoolgirl
    Good morning little schoolgirl
    Can I go home
    Can I go home with you
    Tell your mother and your father
    That Sonny Boy once was a little schoolboy too.

  15. I have heard many rumours over the last 12 months re mr B
    and wow factor, was he paid (a fee or “expenses”)to host this event or was it, as he claims, all done for charity, I can not seem to be able to get hold of any accounts for this event over the last few years can somebody tell me where i could see some just to make up my mind how much was raised , paid out to organisers etc and the net amount donated to charity. He seems to use his charitable work as a valid reason to return to public life.

  16. Hi!

    Maurice Boland never was and never will be a journalist. He is an unbearable self promoting auto didact, who hasn´t been missed by those who run TRE. They have unearthed another Irishman whose early evening show is a breath of fresh air. He doesn´t bore us to death with long winded discussions about Israel and the Irish catholic church. Everyone has moved on, everyone that is except you know who.

  17. Thank you olive press, and thank you the rest of you, the sanctimonious hypocrites,holier than thou.
    NO SUCH THING AS BAD PUBLICITY! I did not know maurice was going to be back on air, I do now and he can exspect a large listening audience thanks to you guys. By the way heart live broadcast on the net so if you cannot get the radio signal,you can listen on the network.
    Please all you mobo slaggers get on the phone when he is on but don,t just shout and scream point your point of view i am sure maurice will welcome the calls. Frankly the alternative is alan tee on the other channel like able enough chap but not maurice . WELCOME BACK MAURICE HIP HIP HOORAY

  18. well Alison stead man , you don,t like maurice boland , so on the 1st of may at 2pm-4pm you i presume will be listening to hannah murray and good for you the format of which is well for you ladies and some gentlemen shall we say who like makeup and ladies cloths , potions lotions ooh not forgetting her scintillating book club.
    while THE REST OF US MALES WILL BE HANGING ON EVERY EREVERENT WORD AND RISKIE JOKE MOBO WILL BE DOING .Ooh yes and phone ins I bet you all you holier than thou lot will be bunging up heart radio! No you will not because you have all said you are not going to listen ,are you!!!! so you will not be able to comment on how bad he was and over the hill ,etc, etc, etc, WE SHALL SEE!!

  19. What are Heart thinking about? This man is pathetic. listen to what the vast majority feel about this man, and read his own comments above. He has no remorse and is now denying it.
    I will not be listening to him and his self obsessed BS. I agree Alison, no more boring talk about Israel, Irish church, child abuse and of course me, me me, my beautiful wife, grandchildren and how good I am etc.
    I along with many of my friends had stopped listening to TRE, but have enjoyed listening again since his departure
    Everyone HAS moved on, he is yesterdays man….

  20. Well said Alison and Tammy. I retired down here from Albany New York. I love the place. I have been a radio producer/editor for 40 years, working for national and local stations. I can say without prejudice, that Maurice Boland was the most amateurish presenter I have ever heard, full of ill thought out opinions and possessing a narcissism that belied any talent he thought he had. Talk Radio Europe is a good station. I like the programming in general. Sure there are things that irritate me, but it seems to be lively, warm and spirited. I agree the Irish presenter Richie, is an exceptional talent. I hope he is valued. I would have had no hesitation in scheduling him. I also like Steve and Howard, who is a highly competent news reader.

  21. Hi
    Im amazed to read some of the comments on this story. I can only say that everyone one of you who seemingly show so much concern for this young girl don’t seem to realise how upsetting your comments are to HER. You are accusing Mr Boland of something that you have NO confirmation of based solely on speculation and if you believe what some of your dirty minds (read no further that Fred Locks little twisted rhyme or Greshams comments) are accusing him of you are also accusing this young girl participated and all based on nothing but hot air from a down market newspaper. You should hang your heads in shame all of you. LouieLou (poss made up name to hide your identity) you wrote and I quote: ‘However the star struck young lady has been returned to the U.K with her family, dreams shattered, life shattered , reputation shattered’ I assume you know the family and the girl? No, I think not. Just idle gossip me think, and why? Well it doesn’t take a genius to work that out!. Fred Lock what a weird perverted mind you must have. You lot make me sick have you nothing better to do. As far as you Tammy (haven’t met many Tammys lately funny that) you say ‘ listen to what the vast majority feel about this man’ . There is no one else who could demand this much reaction and column inches. Think about it TAMMY, love him or hate him you’ll be listening among the thousands of others.

  22. Good I am pleased Maurice is coming back and hope he will also return to raising funds for charity. He is a great guy who has made mistakes but then most of us do. Maurice I enjoy your programmes and have done since the old days so will enjoy your new slot – Heart FM you have got yourselves a cart load of new listeners including me. Best of Luck Maurice Boland – Helen

  23. I have known and worked with Maurice for many years, he has always been a great help never once asking for a penny for all his hard work comparing at my galas. I have never once in the 7 years he worked with me seen him flirting with any woman, he came did his job and always was keen to go home to his wife and family who he adores. I cannot believe that you small minded people can just make accusations without knowing Maurice as a person, your comments are based on rumours nothing more. Maurice has for many years dedicated his time to helping others and many charitable causes, he has always been a true professional who loves his work and cannot wait to go home afterwards to his wife.
    Keep up the good work Maurice and look forward to listening to you soon on the radio….. you have lots of fans out there who love you so forget about these small minded people who have nothing better to do than judge someone they know nothing about!!! i say to them all “Get a life”. I will make sure that all my contacts listen to you on radio as i know 100% you have many admirers out there.

  24. Re Tre: Howard is a shining light above all the mediocrity. Alan’s film review is well researched and intelligent, Gilly is a true pro, Hannah works hard for her many guests as does the irish one. Now they have fired Peter Cockrane and Roy we are left with the ego maniac and terrible presenting skills of Gilmore who has stolen Boland’s spot for himself. How many more times will he interrupt an interview to say he worked at Guiness and comes from Glasgow? WHAT A BORE – BRING BACK BOLAND I say…

  25. well do i post a comment or not ? that is the question?The slings and arrows of petty minded people sally forth , Is it important what the man did or did not do ? life goes on and so do we.
    Jesus I HAVE CRUSIFIED THGIS MAN in the past , I was banned , nay , ostracized , expelled , but he always took my call . Wait think about this he had and has time for everybody , not just those who agree, and I think you will find that he will take all comes. OK I am going to boast but certain radio stations ,wait just one has a blanket ban on my calls THE TEAM has formed up to not take calls from me even phoned me up and said if I do not shut up they would take legal action for me harassing a phone in station . think about it .
    whatever you say about mobo he never blocked me we fought tooth and nail but he always took my call , he even referred to me as ahh my friend Mr. Toad on the line.
    So in his hour of need shall we say I am here, TRE you can block me , flock me, even get on top of me,threaten me , with action legal, but real true live radio is out there with maurice warts and all!

  26. Have read all comments….you should ALL “hang your heads in shame” (in the words of a few of you). Move on everyone, and why the need to comment on anyone at Talk Radio now, do you not have anything else in your lives ? Or do you have another agenda ???????????????????????? Last time it was Hannah Murray, now a couple of you want to have a go at Steve Gilmore, they are only doing their jobs.
    The same ” Maurice fans” were predicting on this forum the station would close then, it hasnt,so good luck to them,oh and good luck to Maurice aswell.
    Lets move on now as the people involved appear to have.

  27. HI KIM ,

  28. I know maurice boland rather well and I must say I for one am glad he will be back on radio.
    All these foolish rumors are just made up by people who have nothing interesting going on in their life, clearly!
    Dont let negativity get to you, Maurice.
    Feed off the good, and get back to the radio where you belong.
    Do what makes YOU happy.

  29. LouieLou

    You claim you know the family and the hurt this has caused them, so why in the name of god have you added to it by writing into this newspaper. I understand Maurice apologised to the families , charities etc because they suffered thanks to newspapers like this and gossipmongers like you who spread unconfirmed rubbish. I so look forward to one day when you learn the truth that you and the other hypocrites can hang your head in shame.

  30. Welcome back, Maurice. Best of luck in the future.

    Maurice was guilty of appalingly poor judgement, but in the grand scheme of things, I dont think that it is something that he should carry around forever. Everyone deserves another chance, and after all the work Maurice has done for expats and charities on the coast over the years, surely he deserves one too.

    Good luck, I say!

  31. As a listener of TRE, I feel that sadly the station seems to have lost all direction since Maurice Boland left.
    The scheduling of programmes is all over the place, and if you compare the presenters with those of a couple of years ago, there is a distinct lack of quality.
    I would imagine that morale is fairly low now that they have given the key slot to an ex Guiness representative who trys hard but clearly is out of his depth.
    I don’t have an opinion about Maurice Boland’s personal life,, but I do know he made TRE a much more interesting radio station than it is at present.
    Of course people are entitled to their opinions, but it seems that most of them have been formed purely from newspaper reports. If you believe everything you read maybe the cynics should at least give him credit for all his charity work!!

  32. I have no opinion on Maurice Bolands private affairs. None of my business. However, I didn’t rate him as a presenter. I agree wth Paul Donnelly. I really enjoy Steve Gilmore. I think he’s fitted in well. And yes, Richie Allen is terrific, even though they move him around a lot. I suspect finding adequate people to cover isn’t easy. Matt is right. Re Boland, move on.

  33. My dear Kim,
    I am not a hypocrite ,and I find your remarks insulting to say the least . You belive MR BOLAND apologised for the hurt caused by mis reporting of his situation , I belive differently .
    I belive that every person has the right of free speech , mr boland included , and that had he been in anyway libeled by the olive press his course of action was to claim damages , however whilst the family have behaved with utmost dignity throughout this incident , I feel MR BOLAND has acted with scant regard for his family , his position, and the other party involved who is to young to speak for herself.
    whether he works again on radio is of no concern to me , I have the off button .
    I have the right to my opinion you do not have to agree with my opinion but you do not have the right to insult or abuse my opinion .

  34. And it still goes on….I can´t believe this
    Kim what colour is the sky in your little deluded world…..HE HAS ADMITTED IT ALL.Wake up. He may be trying to rewrite history now and using a little band of people like you to do so, but he is guilty.
    and again to some others, who qualified you poor sad souls to criticise others doing a job, you would be the first to cry if someone wrote in a newspaper about how you perform in your job.
    On scheduling, they do need to take holdays you muppet.
    Get yourselves a life of your own, you sad bunch, and again MOVE ON. There is so much more going on out there.
    Final note, the only people I see acting with any dignity here are Talk Radio, have you ever read any quotes from them on the subject or heard them bad mouth Maurice?
    Goodbye, I´m going to practice what I preach.

  35. One thing I will never understand is why people assume things happened so easily. we do not know the full story, this story was released 9 months ago or so and yet people are still talking about it? why? you seriously have nothing better to do with your life? The girl hasnt even said anything yet has she? or have I just not seen that? i dont think anyone will really know what went on behind closed doors so to speak its between the two people.

    i believe maurice should get straight back to radio where he belongs!

  36. mat would you be the bob hampton who posted all over the web? That which put the whole matter public when it could have stayed private just a couple of questions.
    You see bob hampton who ever he was blew the whole thing public ,when it did not benefit the girl and her parents , frankly i only see one person who benefited but that is just an opinion, what is yours mat?If you are the mat court of TRE then you lost your job because of racist jokes on the breakfast show ,oh that is a question did you ? because i remember on air this question being put to Jennifer a phone in listener do you think the breakfast show is telling racist jokes? pause answer yes” So if all your answers are yes you could have an axe to grind again a question?

  37. First part of the interview was interesting ,informative,and as always enjoyable .Next sunday the 2nd and final part 2pm -3pm . where i presume we shall be touching on wounds that are not completely healed.I think along the way he has made many friends and a few enermies it happens with his sort of life style. THANK YOU Olive press for doing this article and by that I have found a radio station that is different than the run of the mill, and will have maurice going out on the airwaves in the afternoons what more could you ask for.!!

  38. Back on the Air, yes he did make mistakes, but at the end of the day he is a 60 year old man taking advantage of a child. If that was your daughter how would you feel, i know the parents and had talked to them about this, it has ruined their life on the coast and everyone connected to this situation. If he is allowed to be employed in the same context then i feel that the radio station is codoning this behaviour, what message does that send to the listeners.. ( its ok to have disregard for you family and other peoples, do what you want, corrupt children and , its ok we will still give you a job ).. you decide

  39. Well said Shirley. The man has shown no remorse and is even trying to build an audience through it “call me and challenge me”.
    He has no regard for anyone but himself, and he is now joking and bragging about this whole affair.Disgusting
    Says everything you need to know about this new radio station. Desperate times, desperate measures.

  40. Shirley Smith. I’m appalled by your letter. You claim to know the family and how hurt they are etc, So why the hell add to their pain by sending letters into this page all it achieves is prolonging the story and gives excuses to the likes of the ‘Hews’ of this world to keep writing in! You say he took advantage of a child. Well im sorry to inform you but this is a young women old enough by law to be married and have children and I believe you used the word ‘child’ to sensualise your letter and that is sick. Stop adding fuel to the fire leave the families alone, your words are insulting especial the innuendos you’ve directed towards the young woman of which I’m sure you know nothing about. I hope others will stop writing and perpetuating this story. Get a life all of you!

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