A ROW has broken out over funds raised by a charity concert billed to be helping victims of the Malaga fires.

Fire Aid – organised by DJ Maurice Boland in September – raised over €18,000 for the Red Cross, which was used by the charity for medical supplies.

But fire victims and volunteers are angry after claiming to have been ‘duped’ into believing the donations would be used to help those directly affected by the disaster in August.

They are also dismayed that Boland is allegedly in line for a Red Cross award, to be handed out later this month.

Boland denies any wrongdoing and insists all publicity was amended accordingly when it became apparent that it would not be possible to give funds directly to the victims.

“I feel those who bought tickets have been duped into believing that we would be helped but we haven’t been,” said Sue Doran, who lost her Atalaya home in the blaze.

The concert, supported by SOS Andalucia and with live performances from many local stars including Stephen Lloyd-Morgan, was attended by over 1,000 people a week after the fire.

It was initially billed as a concert to raise money directly for those who had lost property or possessions.

However, just days before the concert, it emerged that this might not, after all, be the case.

“I was furious,” continued Doran, 51, a former local government employee from Lincoln.

“I have since spoken to Maurice to complain but after telling me it was going for medical supplies, I told him ‘I don’t need a plaster, I need a place to sleep at night’.”

She continued: “SOS Andalucia in contrast were brilliant. They gave us clothes and other direct help. I don’t know what we would have done without them.

“The whole situation has left a sour taste in the mouth.”

Doran’s neighbour Susan Holloway, who also lost her home in the same area, added: “We never expected that we would receive much in monetary value, but we got a big boost from believing what the poster claimed ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’.

“Well, we have been left to walk alone and feel that when we were at our lowest ebb, we were given false hope, deceived and abandoned.

“We understand that cash could not be handed out but surely vouchers to use in local supermarkets, clothes stores etc could have been offered.”

One of the volunteers at the concert at Marbella’s Hotel Puente Romano on September 10, told the Olive Press that a large group of them were also unhappy with the situation.

The volunteer, who gave his name as Jake Goode, revealed that an email has been sent to Maurice Boland, boss of iTalk radio station, by group leaders expressing their concerns.

He said: “I am very upset as I did this because he told us the money raised would help the people affected by the fire.

“But two months later and he has never even declared where the money was spent. No one affected by the fires has been helped.”

He added: “Boland has made this more about him than those who needed the help, he is a disgrace.”

There is no suggestion that Boland has benefitted financially in any way from the concert.

He also denies any wrongdoing, stating: “What people need to understand is that we organised this concert in just seven days.

“When the Red Cross came onboard on day three, it became apparent that the way the charity is structured would not allow the money to be distributed in the way we had initially hoped.

“We immediately changed all publicity for the concert to make it clear that all money raised would be going into the areas most affected by the fires rather than directly to the victims, and it was very much the central point of my speech at the concert.”


  1. To Myra. I too, read something similar in the press, not long after the fires(unfortunately I do not remember in which publication)and heaved a small sigh of relief, that we would be helped by Mijas town hall. We have engaged the services of a lawyer, who has been told categorically, that although they would like to help, their hands are tied by the Junta de Andalucia. It transpires that, the Junta has to give permission to the town hall, who in turn, can then give us the legal right to rebuild. However, the Junta will not give their consent and will not take our exceptional circumstances into consideration. In short, we are not allowed to rebuild although our home is more than 10 years old. I appreciate your comments and would welcome personal contact from you perhaps via facebook. If you would like to ask to be my friend, I will accept and we can communicate by personal message. Thank you

  2. Michelle. I am not certain I know who you are, and I apologise for addressing you personally through this medium, but let me tell you who I am. I live in La Macorra Atalaya. I personally know 10 families who have lost their homes and all their possessions as a result of the fires. Some have insurance, some don’t. It makes no difference, the Ayuntamiento says it cannot give permission to repair or rebuild. The house below me was burnt out, the house above me was burnt out. Two of my closest friends lost their houses. I want to help them in any way I can. Immediate needs have been met by the fantastic volunteers of SOS Andalucia but now the reality of being homeless is being frustrated to a cruel degree by what seems an indescribable lack of action by the authorities. If anyone wants to be helpful now, I think the BEST help that can be given is to keep this situation in the public eye. PLEASE will one of the newspapers do a piece on it. PLEASE interview the Mijas Ayuntamiento, the Junta de Andalucia, other affected Ayuntamientos. Please get some information into the public domain about the prospects for these people to be able to rebuild their homes. The problem of illegal building in rustic areas has existed for years but is on the brink of being solved. Why should the victims of the fires be put at such a disadvantage through no fault of their own? How can the authorities leave these people in such a desperate situation?

  3. Thank you Tommie both for your understanding of our situation, and your sympathy. We accepted some time ago, that our plight and misery had been used (even if it was unwittingly) to raise money for the Red Cross ( a very worthy cause) and that we would never see any benefit of any description. Having accepted this fact, I only wish that once the powers that be realised that they were “unable” to help us,they would have invited us to the concert, so that at least they could have provided us with some much needed relaxation and diversion! Even if, the following day we would be back to the stark reality of our situation.

  4. Myra perhaps you could get back on the radio on nicole’s program or mbs and give out the information you have regards the situation with property that need to get rebuilt and what and who they need to contact. You obviously have more information and you could advise those persons who so desperatly need your help without getting hung drawn or quartered on here.Just a thought,what do you think mb? ,perhaps those who feel neglected and alone would be actively and practically helped . hey you could have a help line after the program manned giving out the information on what they need to do, this would also keep the issue in the public domain.As I say it is just a thought you and mb have the power to make it a reality.You know the old saying actions speak louder than words.

  5. Michelle, thank you for your support, and I whole heartedly agree with your comments about publicity, joining relevant organizations etc,.My lawyer has said it is the only option we have, to exert pressure on the powers that be. We have been told that our location will more than likely be rezoned and that building would then be permitted. All we are asking is that this legislation is carried out as a matter of urgency. We are not asking for something that is never going to happen, we just have an issue with the time frame. We would be most grateful if you can help in any way or know of others who may be able to. We are yesterdays news and this ongoing injustice needs airing. Please feel free to ask to be my friend on facebook, if you would like to make personal contact.

  6. “Tomie” aka Mr Toad, aka Andrew isn’t it, you’ve changed your tune haven’t you? By all accounts and as Martin said you were trying to hang Maurice Boland within the last 2 weeks with alleged libellous accusations that ended with your facebook page being shut down and now you’re giving him suggestions on how to run his radio station and campaigning for those who lost their homes. Ladies and Gentleman be warned you have a wolf in sheep’s clothing with our Mr Toad here. Don’t believe me, ask around.

  7. Hello Pat & Sue, I think we probably have friends in common. I am going to speak with my boss tomorrow to see if our legal department can help, even if initially only with advice and guidance. Sadly those worst affected by disasters are often forgotten and if nothing else this thread might spark the initiative in some to reignite and keep the momentum going for those who will need help for some time to come. I will try and make contact with you both on Facebook.

  8. Just to warn anyone reading this ridicules thread that Tommie or Tommy, has changed the spelling of his name 3 times since 3:59pm today, then it was Tommie but by 5.17pm it had changed to Tomie then by 6.11pm it changed back to Tommie. This guy has been shown to be a liar by the Olive press after accusing them of changing his name. He was also kicked off Facebook for making libellous remarks about Maurice Boland . He was barred from another radio station Facebook for ridicules drunken remarks. DO NOT ENCOURAGE HIM

  9. brian , martin i am rising to the bait just this once, i am not going to discuss your amphibious wild and farmyard analogies about who or what i am. the relevant facts are what I have said and with regard the radio program suggestion perhaps you are right myra is fearful of getting hung, drawn and quartered on here and with you two about she has every right to be so . the radio program could possibly be destroyed ,ruined with the likes of you two waiting to pounce and intimidate people, I actually find your attitude immoral and distasteful and am surprised the olive press have not removed your remarks but no let them stand . as my comments do on their own merits I have stated options and made constructive suggestions of help and sympathy for those that were made homeless by the fire.And for that I am attacked and pillarated do your worse gentlemen I have nothing to fear . though can we not cloud the issue with these petty attacks lets be constructive not destructive.

  10. Brian what axe have YOU got to grind, coming in at this late stage. Stating that a radio program could destroy these peoples prospects. Talk about scaremongering. I have had enough of people with ulterior motives. Sue if you wish to contact me you may. I am sure a lot of people or their friends on this thread know exactly who I am. Anyone interested please read the complete thread. I hope people with talking about legal teams are intending to help for free. I was a volunteer.

  11. Mr Toad aka Tom(m)ie; as both Jamie and Martin have confirmed, we all know who you are, so if you wish your comments to be respected you need to come clean as to your identity and motives here. From what I am told you have been a thorn in the side of Maurice Boland for years. You continually make alleged libellous allegations against him and continually change your name. I was told that on your Facebook page that was closed down recently you even called yourself Andrew Backbottom or something like that. I know your full name, as do many others, so let’s see you declare it before we consider seriously any more of your comments shall we?

  12. As you can see brian martin and now jamie are back on here not with any constructive comment or criticism.Just here to hound me off the page, why what have i done that is so bad .Spoke out about the situation and mistakes that were made over this fundraiser had sympathy for those that suffered in the fire, and praised the good work that the volunteers did .These three gentlemen seem to be coming from the same corner their only cause in this matter is to detract anyone’s point of view that is in anyway not totally supportive of mb . Fine gentlemen do your worst I stand by my remarks and apologise on YOUR BEHALF for dragging this whole thread down into the gutter and decimating it into a barroom brawl.please gentlemen I ask again stop destracting the issue and stay on point, I am sure that is what mb would wish you to do,you are just mudding the playing field .

  13. “Tommie”, stop the nonsense and just declare your name?
    Myra, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but for some reason you appear to have to come across as totally defensive all of the time. If going on the radio with a view to help those who still need it, then fair enough. But what on earth do you see the benefit of going on to discuss and defend the issues discussed here. It makes no sense if your motives are genuine.
    Many have used the opportunity to air their views, so hopefully something productive will come out of all of this.
    As for me I think I would now rather spend my time seeing what I can personally do to help those who still need it.
    Best of luck to you all.

  14. Myra of all people posting on here you have no hidden agenda , i feel that this pack of pit bulls snapping at my ankles will not stop till they have me silenced. My suggestions and criticisms have been spoken in full honesty regards the plight of the homeless and feel it would be best for their cause to cease and allow these carrion crows to have the last word. Please help the likes of sue and pat and many more besides to not only rebuilt their homes but their lives.
    Last comment I will try to make this .Perhaps a group could be formed which could deal with these families that are homeless appoint a legal firm to deal with all the cases and dare i say it money raised to assist in the legal fees of these people so that they can rebuild and move on.
    Move in gentlemen and pick over my bones do as you will with me I say no more

  15. My very last word on the subject. What Maurice Boland has done here is the same as if he were to raise funds for the starving children of Africa, but instead of giving them food and fresh water he spends the money on clothes and toys. And if anyone dare complain his answer is, ‘well children always need clothes and toys.’
    The ONE thing I still DO NOT understand is WHY did he go to this meeting with the Red Cross about a month after the concert and he alone decide where the money was to be spent WITHOUT consulting ANYONE? He had already had debate about this on SOS Facebook BEFORE the meeting. Why did he NEVER ask for suggestions as to how the money could be best spent? He had the opportunity! That’s my say done.

  16. Myra, neither myself or my friends have any idea who you are, so, as I am being totally transparent about my identity, I am a little surprised you have not contacted me. If you have the information regarding the right to rebuild please find some way to get it to me. You could even post it here. Thank you

  17. ok I know said not to return the mighty hounds will start baying “she,s back she,s back who is she we know etc. etc.
    Sue Holloway I have been thinking about you getting in touch with Myra maybe your best bet is to contact nicole at italk fm she interviewed her so I am sure she wold at least pass on your email address or phone number to myra.
    Seriously though my heart and good wishes rally do god out to you people who lost your homes and now have the junta turning round and saying tough luck we will not licence you to rebuild yet the existing properties will get legalized. I shall continue to follow your plight and promote it in any way I possibly can .

  18. I rarely listen to italkfm as I find it rather monotonous to be honest. I was however channel hoping in the car today and came across Maurice having to cover 4 hours of broadcasting as one of his presenters (Pippa) had left him in the lurch; apparently all week; and for 5 hours tomorrow as another presenter (Nicole) also away; but Thursday will be interesting; no presenters at all for those 5 hours; it seems they are all otherwise predisposed; easy listening then I guess. But Nicole King let the cat out of the bag this afternoon; Maurice is off to Malaga to receive his award from the Red Cross on Thursday; describing it as a “lifetime achievement award”. So sorry all you volunteers and artists that actually earned Maurice this award, but it looks like he is to covet it all for himself after all.

  19. Well Mr Brian Stevenson, So you have selective hearing now??? You were channel hopping and all of a sudden you came on italk and guess what you heard Maurice saying he’s covering for Pippa etc etc and off again channel hopping and you just happened to hop back onto Italk again when Nicole was on and what a coincidence she just happened to be talking about Maurice going to collect his award. Amazing Mr Stephenson these two shows covered 5 hrs of yesterday broadcast but you just happened to tune in on both these announcements, I’m sure Mr Stevenson you didn’t listen to the full 5 hours, how is it you described Italk? Oh yes, ‘monotonous’. Well here’s something you might have missed Mr Stevenson, Maurice Boland also help raised funds to buy and ambulance for Red Cross San Pedro or was your selective hearing tuned out for that. Oh Mr Stephenson, Jake the Fake and Tommie, Tommy, Gordon The Drunk. You lot talk about transparency…

  20. WELL BRAINS !!!You seem to have the same problem as i have , brian -brain ahh what,s in a name eh!! If you do not check the box “name (required) you get different spellings as I have tomie , tommy , now tommie ,i have given up on it so that is why at the moment i am tommie ,as yo are brains now not brian actually it suits you ,who is pulling your strings though brains? hahaha I LOVE IT .
    Sorry for the lack of coherency in my previous post but new cordless keyboard it has a habit of missing letters why i do not know , i type looking at the letters not at the screen so i do not always notice the mistakes , still changed the batts for new and it seems to be working as you can see. OK BRAINS FAB THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO ; SORRY , SORRY its just brains perfect. SO THURSDAY mb gets his life time achievement award he has achieved a lot according to his own publicity. I hope the olive press will be covering the event. It should be interesting to know what he says . Delete ReplyReply ForwardMovePrint Actions NextPrevious

  21. Stephen, thank you for your detailed analysis of my last post. Sorry, you can forget your conspiracy theories. If you must know I listened to italkfm occasionally when you could still actually get it my end of the coast, which you can no longer for some reason. I was in Marbella yesterday lunchtime and tuned in, roughly, although I didn’t put a stopwatch to it, at 1.45pm for about 25 minutes or so. At that time Maurice stating why he’d been on-air for the previous 4 hours. Nicole came on just after 2pm and explained why she would not be on-air today and tomorrow, also making reference to Maurice not being there Thursday as he was going to pick up his “lifetime achievement award”. I would have listened longer but lost reception past Calahonda.

    I actually come back here to commend the Olive Press for their front page article (continued page four) for highlighting the on-going plight of the likes of Pat and Sue. I sincerely hope that article will regenerate interest and the help everyone who lost their homes still need and will do for some time to come. Myself and some friends are going to offer practical help for these people and see little point in wasting my time on future discussion here. But well done Olive Press. I’ve said my bit and have nothing to add other than;

    Page 4 “Boland under Fire for Charity Award” speaks for itself.

  22. ahh the SS ENTER THE ARENA SO TO SPEAK .but me thinks the SS are mb, control here thunderbirds what you think brains FAB over to page four though this must be the printed edition at the moment as i can get nothing on my search for boland underwear on fire for charity award.tomie , tommie and tommy jones here over and out .

  23. Let’s try and get some prospective here. What’s most important? Those people who lost their homes and still need help. What’s least important? Who everyone actually is and someone getting an award? It’s not like we are talking Nobel or Oscar, but for this one anyone with a remote degree of humility would graciously decline.

    This whole thread saddens me greatly.

    It’s just egos vying for position. And that’s nearly everyone.

    The amount of energy spent here could have been better used; to actually help those who DO still need HELP. Let’s focus on that please and move forward helping them in any way we can.

    And before you ask, I was one of the ensemble singers who gave my time to perform that night.

  24. Well said PJ. I’m sure many of the people posting here would love to help the people who lost everything in the fire. Immediate needs were supported by SOS volunteers and very kind fundraising by the Costa Women network. Now the main problem is that those whose homes were badly damaged or completely destroyed cannot get permission to repair or rebuild. ONE SMALL THING THAT EVERYONE HERE CAN DO TO HELP. Please post a message of support on their facebook page VICTIMAS DEL INCENDIO. You cannot imagine how encouraging it is to know that they do not walk alone.

    Whatever has been said about who or what I am I want you to know that my statements made on here have been the truth and from the heart. As pg has said this issue has been clouded over by those who wish to detract from the main cause. Yes the money raised should have gone to the people effected by the fire and in prospective it should have gone in to a fund to help pay the legal costs to enable those who are not being allowed to rebuild their homes (Just my opinion).Not the social work and aid stations of the red cross.
    It is done now and however much we haggle and blame maurice boland for this complain about the irony of him getting a life time achievement award today from the red cross it will not get that 18,000€ transferred to a fund for the worst effected.So moving on pat have you an account or fund where we can donate money that will go to the worst effected as I AM SURE THERE ARE THOSE WHO WOULD WISH TO HELP IN THIS WAY.

  26. thank you web manager I did in the end get on the facebook page by both methods ie victimas del incendio, and the link. I have joined the group and you have my support pat for what that is worth I have to say I see none of the other people who have posted on here have, so Isay to the rest of you words are fine but these people need action and just by joining the group you will be taking action , So please join the group if for nothing else to show them they are not alone and that there are people out there who do care about their plight. Dare I say how about a plug from Italk fm (Maurice boland)about this facebook group the more that join the stronger their lobbying power becomes with the junta AND Andalucia .

  27. As Myra is the only helper from the concert posting here maybe she can help you with that one. For total transparency there should really be certified accounts for an event like this in my opinion. I do not believe there has been any other query about this though, only where the funds were spent. I think everyone is now trying to move on to see what ways we can help in the future.

  28. Finally, someone has asked the big question. Where are the accounts ? Time for all you Boland defenders to wake up and smell the coffee. Its all about him. Where are the accounts for any so called charity event he has ever held? Actually anyone in the know knows that most of the defensive posts are Bolands own under a different name. Like his several different Facebook accounts that always write how great he is after every posting. The saddest individual on the coast. He lives in Boland world, where he genuinely believes he is a celebrity.
    Talking about Facebook, when I posted about him on his radio stations site and on another Facebook site,guess what happened…. my Facebook site was hacked into on two different occasions by a user in Estepona. What a coincidence.That is what we are dealing with here.
    There is more to come out about this self obsessed little man. So many are now talking and asking questions……and Myra you will be cringing that you were taken in. I single you out Myra because you are the only one that is definately a real person defending him. The rest are most likely Boland himself.
    If any of the rest of you are real, you will be running like rats off a sinking ship to distance yourselves very soon.
    I fully expect to be attacked by Boland under his various names on this site, but how much more B.S. are we going to have to suffer from him.
    Pack your bags once and for all and go Boland you are not wanted here.

  29. Javier, you appear to have very strong opinions. Fair enough. I neither agree nor disagree but would make a few comments. This should be a search for the truth, not a witch-hunt. Everyone seems to believe €18000 was a massive amount from an event like this and I have not seen anyone else question it. However, I asked an experienced and qualified friend today and they said a ticketed concert like this would have been subject to tax on a per ticket sold basis. I don’t know the percentage, but from what I understand the tax liability should have been withheld and a set of audited accounts summited to claim back the tax as it was a charity event. So it is fair to ask for audited certified accounts to show this has happened! However, the publicity leads us to believe the entire amount was deposited with the Red Cross within days of the concert. If all is in order they should at least have a letter of tax dispensation alongside accounts.
    I also hear, and the reason I have come back this evening to comment; I hear on the jungle drums that Maurice Boland today on his radio show stated that during his negotiations with the Red Cross as to where the money be spent that they suggested the whole €18000 be spent on Baby Food. Adding today that he now wished it HAD been spent on BABY FOOD. Is this guy for real or is it a joke? Pray it’s a joke, it much be. And apparently he’s now off on some new campaign to feed the starving of Spain; with the expected Baby Food? Not funny I realise, but seriously, what has really been going on here?
    On a positive note I have spoken with many friends and colleagues and they want to help with Fire victims who lost their homes. Not everyone has excess funds to help, but many have offered labour or skilled trades. I need to get in touch with you Sue and Pat through your new Facebook Group to discuss this.

  30. It is very sad to say, and despite what Maurice Boland’s charity efforts might have been in the past, this recent fiasco has none nothing but totally blacken the name of charity endeavours the length of the Costa and in the current economic climate it is difficult enough as it is. Someone needs to strongly instil into Maurice Boland that he needs to focus on the popularity of his radio station and not personal publicity through charity events.

  31. I personally believe that if some believe anything illegal has occurred here then they should report it to the Police or get their Lawyer to write to Maurice Boland formally. Otherwise I do think it is now time to cease this incessant string of accusations. Please let everyone who wants to continue to help to do so. Thank you.

  32. well gentlemen (javier& brains) looks like michelle has been talking to mb you need to get lawyered up according to michelle.that is the threat yes I say threat that mb uses to intimidate anyone who questions him .This is not the first charity event that is shall we say fuzzy round the edges ,that mb has disorganised, look at the wow factor the first one raised a good amount but after exspenses it was dwindeled away to a small amount. Many people at the time were asking mb how much it raised and for accounts to be published but blather blather all covered up . The following year well it got started and then it had to cancel , unforseen circomstances directly relating to mb .Javier you watch now the alias in defence of mb will start attacking , personal attacks but you know that already you have ridden that horse before, and brian I believe we are on the same side in this matter and strength is in our unity as the forces of the other side will try to discredit and devide us distracting from the main point which I might add you have expressed clearly and factually. Ihave joined the group victamas del incendio and so have the olive press suport is needed yet as far as I can see nobody else from here has(apart from pat and sue) and neither has mb or any of their staff or the radio station They have moved on to baby food it seems.

  33. ‘Tommie’ you appear to have a long term vendetta against Maurice Boland and that is a matter entirely up to you. My concern here was to get to the truth of this one and only particular matter. I have no other agenda. I believe Wendy and Michelle have given the most constructive information. We now have a clear picture. The money however DID NOT go to the people the publicity promised. Whatever excuses are given now, the public, especially those who attended the concert, believed those who lost their homes were to benefit. They DID NOT.
    Nothing can now be done to change the outcome of this situation. Many have learnt though, especially as this has come out in public that charity causes have to be totally transparent to be trusted. Maurice Boland has probably learnt this the hard way, but unless he takes heed he’ll never get support for any charity cause in the future.
    ‘Tommie’ if you and others wish to persist with your own agenda that is up to you. I for one have been trying to bring people together to help those who lost their homes.
    This is now my final word here as I believe I can help in a more constructive manner.
    Thank you to Olive Press for giving this opportunity to air our views and best of luck to everyone and to those others who do want to continue to help the people who lost their homes.

  34. Come on now leave the guy alone and stop this whole character assassination. When you put yourself out there in the public eye you have to accept people will take a pot-shot at you from time to time, but this is seriously starting to go too far. No one is perfect, but overall he’s done an amazing job supporting charities over the years. Put this in prospective Maurice, this is still only a handful of disdainers. Chin up, keep smiling; Keep Calm & Carry On.

  35. The people who lost their homes in the fire cannot get permission to repair or rebuild their homes – more than 3 months later they remain homeless. If anyone can help in their campaign for justice, or just want to show support please join them at:-

  36. Tommie, I am not Maurice Boland. As Brian said you obviously ‘have a long term vendetta against Maurice Boland’ and perhaps it is time you took that elsewhere. The consensus here now it to move forward and as Pat has requested go to “http://www.facebook.com/groups/558542454159144” and support those who still need help.

  37. If you had read the above postings sam johns you would see that I am actively supporting pat and sue and the others on their victimas del incendio site the only other names I have seen there that have reference to this page is the olive press and myself I have not seen yours there or anyone else from here. so I HAVE MOVED ON . I HAVE ALSO SUGGESTED THAT THEY SET UP A FUND and when they do i shall be contributing.
    As regards a vendetta it is nothing of the sort this article and the comments here for and against are totally directed at this person with regards the fire aid concert . As to whether you are or not the person you claim to be is totally a case of conjecture.I have my opinion on the matter and that is an end of it .

  38. sam johns you say we all should go to victimas del incendio I AGREE I HAVE ,YOU HAVE NOT. IN FACT THIS IS YOUR FIRST POSTING ON THIS DISCUSSION HERE .(WELL (THIS IS TOTALLY SPECULATIVE) AS SAM JOHNS.)I DON,T KNOW WHY I AM WASTING MY TIME ON YOU. Please it is blatantly obvious who you are !!! I know , I Know , sam johns. VICTIMAS DEL INCENDIO know that I am actively supporting them and whatever mud you wish to sling at me it will not change that fact and that includes you brains .AS and when victimas del incendio get a fund set up I repeat I shall be donating, action not words gentlemen. IF a certain party (who shall remain nameless) had done things another way shall we say this fund would be starting off with 18000€ not zero and would be helping the victims of the fires.. .

  39. ‘Tommie’, you might be supporting the victims of the fire, but this is not what this article was originally about. Although a late comer to this thread I have read it all and it appears you are nothing but a trouble maker and indeed do have a long term vendetta against Maurice Boland under your “Mr Toad” tag. As it also seems you have more aliases on this thread and on Facebook than is remotely normal I strongly suggest you address your own issues before accusing others of not being transparent.
    While this article was not initially on the topic of finding ways to help the victims of the fires, the consensus of nearly everyone else, other than you, seems to be looking at ways to now move forward and help, rather than rehash this same old nonsense as you appear intent on continuing to do. I will not enter into further dialogue with you on this matter although I am pretty certain you will want the last word.

  40. sam johns I am going to answer your statement point by point and then that will be the finish of it your statements are inflammatory and personal .
    1/”you might be supporting the victims of the fire but that’s not what this article is about”. I thought that was exactly what this article is about the fact that the money has not gone to those who suffered worst from the fires . 2/ “you Have a vendetta”:- dictionary definition vendetta , a blood feud taken up by two families over generations , where killing of opposite parties may well take place. I really hope you are not accusing me of carrying a vendetta because if you are it is a very, very serious accusation and not to be taken lightly on my part and i would have to take the matter very seriously from a legal and criminal point of view .Still surely it is ignorance of the english language that is at fault here not you .3/” alaises” I have one name here it is tomie jones ,it has been spelt tomie, tommy and tommie and as and when it has it has been made perfectly clear that they are one of the same by myself and the olive press.”4/ addressing your issues” . I have from the very beginning been transparent, with my statements on this matter have kept on subject and not become personal and not tried to distract from the subject matter as you have .5 / “move forward and help others you have not”. IT is I not you who has joined the victimas del incendio not you or others on this site, you have not offered to help in any way , I repeat as and when they have a fund set up I shall contribute to it .6/ yes I am having the last word or words because all along(in what ever name) you have interjected, decried and ridiculed those who have had an opinion contrary to yours . I SAY AGAIN MISTAKES WERE MADE AND THE MONEY WENT NOT WHERE IT WAS ORIGINALLY MENT TO GO 18.000€ THAT COULD BE HELPING THOSE WHO ARE HOMELESS BECAUSE OF THE FIRES .FACT . now you may carry on with your defamation of my character but it will not alter the facts stated above .

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