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Unlucky 13 families fight demolition of homes as planning chaos plagues Spain

Unlucky 13 families fight demolition of homes as planning chaos plagues Spain

A FURTHER 13 British and Belgian expat families face seeing their homes demolished in Andalucia.

In the latest episode of the planning chaos currently plaguing Spain, the State Prosecutor is demanding the demolition of 13 houses in the Piedra Amarilla area.

British and Belgian expats, who bought properties in the hamlet of Partaloa are now left fighting to save their homes.

The Prosecution is not accusing the residents of any wrongdoing, but a criminal case has been brought against the promoter and the company Lakes Vega SL, for planning crimes.

They are facing a penalty of 18 months in prison and a ban from the building trade, but legal sources indicate it is unlikely any actual prison time would be served.

The prosecutor is now obliged to demand the demolition of the houses, but is also insisting that the promoter should compensate the buyers.

The usual chain of events, however, is that the houses are demolished and then the victims begin an uncertain struggle to obtain compensation.

Maura Hillen, president of the homeowners’ association AUAN, said: “It doesn’t make sense that the only people who are really punished for these types of crimes are the victims.”

Imogen Calderwood

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  1. Although it will be a shock to a few the majority of people in the Almanzora Valley are now fully aware that the property they bought in good faith from all the developers in the area are illegally built . Even though they were advised by the legal profession all was well . The sad thing is as the article above says everyone as usual bar the victims will get off scott free .

  2. The only way out is a modification of the law. The Junta of Andalucía is still reluctant to any change of the law. We can force them if we want. We are representing a large quote of the votes for the municipal elections of May 2015. You all need to go on the “Padrón” and specify that you want to vote. This is unfortunately the only language they understand. We can beat them in the polls if they don’t recognize what we legally bought and paid: OUR HOUSES.
    Mario Blancke-Málaga.

  3. @Mario Blancke…..Unfortunately the Junta haven’t got the foggiest notion of how to climb out of the mire in which they find themselves due to their own staggering incompetence….. And any move towards ‘a change in the law’ as a solution would be akin to teaching Basil how to run a hotel.

  4. Why is it that when the Spanish are involved in something theres normally a great big **** up. I think we should speak to our friendly allies of gibraltar and stretch our borders until they meet. Pretty much guarantee productivity would go up topped off with good britsh comman sense and rule… how embarrasing to do this to the victims of a crime and still want people to invest. The sooner we can leave spain the better……… backwards nation. #catfight2014

  5. “And any move towards ‘a change in the law’ as a solution would be akin to teaching Basil how to run a hotel.”

    Actually, the Junta is very much like Fawlty Towers, but with Manuel in charge lol.

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