SPANISH sports icon Arantxa Sanchez Vicario has told a judge that she is ‘in ruins’ during a court hearing in which she is suing her father and brother.

The former French Open champion made the comments in the latest development in a court battle that has split her family in two.

“I am in ruins and I want to explain to my family why I have debts,” she told the judge.

“The tax office and Luxembourg are claiming amounts that I can’t pay.”

In November 2012, Vicario began legal proceedings against her father Emilio, her brother Javier and two other ‘trusted’ people who managed her income, the lawyer Bonaventura Castellanos and the promoter Francisco de Paula.

The four were accused of appropriating her €45 million fortune, through fraudulent administration, professional disloyalty and falsity.

The tennis star’s problems first came to light at the end of her professional career in 2003, when she was ordered to pay €5.2 million for tax fraud.

“My father explained that I had to be calm, that what I had earned would be enough for me, my children and two more generations to live,” she confessed before the judge.

The 43-year-old added in the hearing that until 2008 – when she married Josep Santacana – she lived off just €1,500 a month for expenses.

She only discovered the truth about how much she had earned through the tax office, and the revelation forced her to undergo ‘psychological and psychiatric’ treatments.

According to the complaint, Vicario did not even know about the existence of money in off-shore accounts in Andorra, which her father argues that he opened for the benefit of his daughter.

But the sports icon insists that her father made transfers and ‘unexplained’ cash withdrawals that were carried out only ‘for the benefit of the father’.



  1. So when she was holding up that oversized cheque for €50,000 she didn’t realise it was her money? And to get a bill of that size you must realise you are earning a lot. Tennis tournaments have prize money lists everywhere. More likely this is how to stay out of jail for the tax fraud. Smoke and mirrors.

    • You have to remember how young she was when she started, her Dad was managing her money since she was a young girl. Of course you would trust your Dad and family to look out for your best interest. So sad this isn’t the case and you see more and more of it not just in celebrities.

  2. I remember speaking with her a couple times about the health of her father when it was a concern for her during her tournaments. She is a most decent and gracious person and does not deserve any of this trouble caused by those unworthy of her trust. I feel deeply for her.

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