A SPANISH couple suffered a racially aggravated assault in York, famous for being one of  Britain’s most picturesque, tourist-friendly cities.

yorkA manhunt ensues for a group of men who repeatedly punched and kicked a 24-year-old Spanish man and held his 29-year-old girlfriend down during the attack.

The ten-minute assault took place in the centre of the city and only stopped when a passing taxi driver stepped in.

The male victim suffered a broken jaw, extensive bruising and chipped teeth and was treated at York Hospital.

The group of five men were described as white, in their twenties with short or shaven hair, and the police are eager to trace them.


  1. Why print a story like this, there is no proof they were attacked because they were foriegn or that the men involved were not foriegn themselves! There are millions of eastern europeans and other foreigners living in the UK and stupid stories like this just fuel hatred. There are enough Brits attacked by Spanish I can tell you. Don’t forget the father from Dorset thrown to his death last year by Spanish yobs near Malaga.

    • Tony: “http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/spanish-couple-viciously-attacked-in-york-for-being-foreigners-10163427.html”
      This mentions the attackers spoke with English accents.
      I wondered how we really know they were attacked for being foreigners but as someone who lives in the UK who sees increasing hostility towards people who have a different accent or speak with a different language I would certainly consider it a strong possibility. I wondered last year: ‘how do those who rant about ‘bloody foreigners’ know how to tell tourists from immigrants?’ (not that either category matters to me, they are all people)

  2. My Nephew and his mates were mugged at knife point on the costa blanca, was that because they were English, no probably because they were wearing gold and had too much drink. The truth is the people mugging him were probably foreign themselves as were the people who carried out the above. Over 100 people murdered in London every year and there are mental / thick / thugs/ drug users/ thieves / muggers/ chavs/ everywhere you look in the UK. In some areas you would not even recognise it as the UK, if you go to Southall where it is all Asians you do not feel threatened but other places you feel unwelcome. The UK is a Nation of foreigners and one of the most tolerant of all Countries, a 1000% more tolerant than Spain. I have seen the TV programme where Spanish youths have stabbed British youths having a drink out in the bars, you could put 1000 stories like this in the papers after every weekend and in the UK, 10% of them are probably foreigners. Muggers, Drug addicts, chavs etc do not worry about what Country you come from.

  3. spot on Tony…..why publish this….i have lived and worked in york for many years and never seen such people……to blacken or tarnish the place or the people who live in and around this beautiful place is discusting……not one shred of evidence….facts facts facts needed…very bad journalism

  4. How can it be racist when it is white on white,Huh! These things happen in Cities and it was 3.45am. There are lots of muggings and beatings in Puerto Banus and Fuengirola etc. against tourists but that’s life they aren’t called racist. There are so many foreigners in York, including many Eastern European gangs that it could have been carried out by non British.

    • Race is technically not ‘white’, ‘black’, ‘jewish’, ‘indian’ – race is wider than that and depends on Haplogroups, it has unfortunately been brought down to base ideas on what we can see physically. Many of us share haplogroups but not everone shares all of the same ones. The attackers have been described as having English accents so that rules out non-British. I would say xenophobia if any was the case.

  5. The UK law on “racially aggravated” crimes includes both race and nationality as a mitigating factor, surprisingly. This certainly was not a racist attack, it was an assault pure and simple. It is incorrect to call this is a racist attack when the people involved are from the same race.

  6. My Nephew was mugged at knife point on Costa Blanca, was it because he was English, no he had gold chains and too much to drink. His mates lost all of their money as well. Were the muggers Spanish, probably not. I was attacked by 5 builders once, when I was younger and fitter. After I left the first drunk approachee unconscious on the floor with blood pouring out of his head, the others did not want to know and they carried their mate away, I did ask them who was next but they declined. I also had them arrested as well as they were trying to get away. They were beating up a Turkish man in London at the time when I intervened. It was not racist, just that they were drunk and wanted to beat someone up.

  7. I’ve had many happy visits to York with friends and never felt threatened, and can’t imagine the pain that this couple went through. I often recommend this city to my Spanish friends as a break from London…so hope the police catch the attackers and bring them to justice.. It’s true that people are attacked all over the world in different cities, and we cannot be frightened into submission by mindless racially directed violence….we just have to be careful and aware, no matter where we are in the world. I hope they both recover and do not judge the rest of British people in the same light. My best wishes to them both.

    • Maybe I have just been living in the UK to long and holidaying in Mainland Europe too long that I have come to that rather awful conclusion (typically British) and I am from the UK myself, and it pains me to think like that, it is small-minded of me however there is a type of hostility in the island nation that I have not seen replicated in the mainland. Yet do not brush it off with a lol. There are people such as I am who break this typicality but then I consider myself a member of a wider community larger than nationality, even saying ‘Earthling’ might be too closed for me. It is not the ‘British’ it is this selection of men who attacked them, same as anyone who attacks anyone it is not ‘Spanish’ muggers or ‘British’ gang, it really is individuals.

  8. Somewhat of a weird story to publish by OP, happens everywhere but feel sorry for them. Just back from Marbella after a few weeks there with updates on Spanish property, all is not as is spoken!

    For the second time in Marbella we were hassled by Spanish youths for money right on Ricardo Sorriano in broad daylight and somewhat aggressively too. Know of lots of incidents up at La Canada as well, bag snatches under cafe tables, tyre slashing whilst helping themselves to bags on back seats, spitting at UK car owners by off their head druggy types, wallets taken from back pockets etc

    So let’s have some perspective here OP please, York is relatively safe in comparison.

  9. UK should revise it’s education programs to get rid of racism, set an example by working hard to arrest the people who made it and teach youth how to behave when flocking to Spain just to get drunk and get embarrassed not only themselves but also the image of their country.

    • It is not really racism it is any excuse to have a fight. My Spanish teacher told me of his confusion while living in the UK hearing English people say they were going out to get drunk or they had a good fight last night, he told me when he and his friends went out their comments were lets go and have some fun.
      We have a agricultural show but the area near the beer tents become no go areas to normal people by mid afternoon. Racism .. not really, just any excuse like baldy shorty, lanky, fore eyes, fatty just something yobs can lock onto.

  10. Attacks against foreign language students are very common in south coast towns of England, and there have been murders reported over the years. Not sure why the Spain-haters here are trying to deny this. If it makes them happy then just point out the high numbers of pickpocket offences in Spanish city centres.

  11. The more time I spend living mainly in English speaking countries the clearest I see that Spain is way better in things like people authenticity, universal healthcare, weather , opportunities specially now that we are crawling steadily out of recession , housing affordability, liveliness , culture , gastronomy , easiness to socialize , safeness and No sarcasm as default answer .
    I invite all Spain haters to pack up and move to either Canada , US or UK so that you can avoid living in a such a worthless and painfull country as Spain, we only live once , peace & love.

    • Many members of the British public like a good moan, it gets quite tiring but it is something to have a right to. I love visiting Spain. I’m a bit of a ‘if stateless was a viable option, I would be’. Alicante city is my favourite place at the mo, very few tourists beyond those from Italy and other parts in Spain. I enjoy the food almost too much, the housing is excellent for the price, I miss the liveliness when I leave being a night person. I have always loved languages, just so happens Spanish ended up being the langauge I learnt after English. I agree people should live where they feel happy.

    • I think it is becoming a problem everywhere. After the recession, the politics to the right has been gaining popularity all over Europe: UK, France, Germany, in Spain, I certainly miss Zapatero. Not just racism but xenophobia.

  12. Neo,
    unfortunately you are another Spaniard with denial syndrome and the stupid Espana lider mundial complex.

    Good weather – not everywhere you should spend some time travelling around your country – rain and wind are the norm in northern and north west Spain. Scorching heat in Extramadura and behind the Sierra Nevada mountains. Coldest weather in western Europe around Turuel.

    Gastronomy – don’t make me laugh – meat and chips is the norm across Spain. Housing affordability – only after a monumental crash and then all the housing is sub standard and would’nt get planning permission anywhere in northern Europe or Scandinavia.

    You need to take a real look at Spain and pull your neck in. Your improved standard of living ( I remember what Spain was like in the 1960s’) is soley down to the massive handouts from the northern European countries – why did’nt you mention the almost total corruption in your country.

    Authenticity – yes under Franco it was authentic – how bizarre is that but today you have become Americanised just like the rest of Europe – wake up and smell the coffee

  13. Fantastic post generally Stuart although I do enjoy tapas and Riojas. Spot on though about sub standard build quality especial the masses of urban overbuilt apartment and town house sprawls. Non existent insulation, paper thin terracotta blocks dividing homes, subsidence creating cracks, poor foundations etc

    Agree about Northern European handouts which built many of Spain’s highways, and corruption well, yes Spain is a basket case. I’d like to see if ‘B’ money was readily accepted in UK property transactions. Then, there’s the almost total non regulation of the property industry, lengthy court cases to reach settlements if you are lucky. How many corrupt town halls and mayors was it just on the CDS? Spain has totally ruined it’s coastal strip from the Costa Blanca past the CDS and further round, now that really was corrupt and negligent.

  14. I have been 3 summers in England, with my brother.
    You can breathe racism in every corner.
    This is not the first, second, third… case of violent attack on spanish tourist-inmigrant-foreigners.
    One could think this attack are bad news for non-british in Britain, but think about it: what is going to happend to the huge number of british inmigrants in Spain and other non-white countries?

    • Good thought!!

      According with the Spanish Consulate:
      We are 87.000 spaniards across U.k but according with the Spanish Stadistic Institute there are almost 400,000 brits living and working accross Spain!

      I am spaniard living in Southampton and I have to tell that I never had any problem here because of my nationality,the Hampshire is a lovely place to live but this issue has been reported accross Spain from North to South,I have seen on fb people claiming revange against british people in Spain.

      Its disgusting!!!I hope nothing important is going to happens in either of the two countries.

      So scare rightnow!!!!


  15. Jon that is total rubbish. There is racism but less than some other European countries, Including Spain. You should do some research instead of making sweeping statements.

    If it is bad in the UK why does hundreds of thousand immigrants pile in every year…and they don’t leave! Plus the ones waiting at Calais.

  16. Stuart,
    You look like the typical frustrated British that left UK for whatever reason , you remind me to Chinese people here where i live . Locals complain about Chinese because they are always complaining , rude , lack of interest in learning the language (English) and lack of eagerness to integrate to their culture , Most of them like to live isolated . You know what I said to these locals ?
    So do British in Spain !!! (laughs for a while )
    Again guys , Do not suffer more , please pack up and try your luck out in another country , or do yourself a favor and return to your beloved Country, we honestly do not want you to suffer in Spain.

  17. Fred,
    Let’s hope police and locals give their 100 percent to clarify this sad event , but do you have a better argument here ? I mean a Spanish couple leaves a bar and a gang with short or shaven hair with English accents start viciously beating them up for over 10 minutes breaking his jaw thanks to a taxi driver because who knows how this would end up otherwise. It does not make any sense other hypothesis but hopefully we will find out.

    • @Neo, your evasion of a very straightforward and simple question quickly reveals the flaw in your assertion that this was a racist attack. Now you say “hopefully we will find out” and pass the question back to me. I’ve already given you my answer; it was an assault. Why can’t you just tell us what the racial aspect of this assault was?

  18. Neo, funny you should mention the Chinese. There has been a spate of attacks on Chinese shopkeepers in Malaga province. One was violently killed in Fuengirola. As recent as last week another attack in Malaga City. They smell of racism. Not much about it in the media.

  19. Fred, put on your glasses and read again my previous post of what happened according to local police and if those are not enough evidence for you , well I would encourage you to be less obtuse and consider that there are also racist behaviours in many parts of UK , if you really what to know what is the level of racism in a country , obviously do not poll born and raised citizens but immigrants / expats anonymously .
    Marion , I would take the official police report about that attack in Malaga to see what happened , unfortunately racism is taking over everywhere by uneducated and close minded people , that’s where it comes to us to be actively working in our communities to try to eradicate racism and any other type of violence.

    • @Neo, you just don’t understand the meaning of the word racism. Despite all your posts and all your protestations, you cannot tell us what the racial incident was. The reason why you can’t tell us is because there was no racial element to this assault. The Spanish are not a race.

  20. Less than other European countries, including Spain xD
    It was a racist attack.
    We recognise british people in Spain.
    And you recognise spanish people in Britain.
    Why? We are a different race. Easy to spot.

    5 british young guys beat a spanish couple. Why? They recognised the couple as people from another race. I think its so easy to understand, only an ignorant would say its not racist.

  21. Nevertheless, 75,000 Spaniards have moved to UK in the past couple of years to live and work. Go to Bournemouth and statisticall you would be more likely to be attached or mugged by a Spaniards or an Eastern European at 3am.

    Try looking at FCO figures for mugging and violence suffered by Brits in Malaga.

  22. Maybe the skin heads asked, hablas español , and they replied si, then asked in Spanish are you from Spain or South America, Spain, then the lads with short hair said, OK chaps, let them have it. More likely the 5 drunks were envious of him with his girlfriend, words exchanged, Spanish man beaten up.

  23. There is much confusion over what constitutes racism and what constitutes a racially motivated crime.
    According to the UK Crown Prosecution Service, a racial group consists of “race, colour, nationality, (including citizenship) or ethnic or national origin. Currently including, Gypsies, Travellers, Refugees, Jews and Sikhs.
    A very broad church, and, one supposes, “racism” is to be used as shorthand for most hate crimes against the person. The C.P.S. goes on to define a racist crime as one that is perceived by the victim or bystanders to be judged as such because of verbal or other accompanying abuse, using the above definitions.
    Of course, this is only UK law, other countries no doubt have their own idea of what a “race” or “race crime” is. However this assault took place in York, England. If the alleged abuse accompanied the assault and is proven, then it could lead to a conviction of a racially motivated crime, which is more serious than a simple assault.
    Personally, I still think it was booze-fuelled savagery but if a further dimension of criminality can be brought to bear on these yobs, then good. Lock ’em up for a bit longer, York doesn’t need them on it’s streets.

  24. No, i know the difference between race and nationality.
    The english and us are a different race, im NOT saying “english” is a race, or “spanish”, but actually we are a different race.
    The beatings to spanish people in UK this last year gives me the reason.

    • “The english and us are a different race, im NOT saying “english” is a race, or “spanish”, but actually we are a different race.”

      Jon, that makes zero sense. Read it back to yourself. I’m truly amazed that you think the Spanish are a race of people. The Hispanics are a race of people, but they do not include the Spanish. You’ve misunderstood this concept, plain and simple.

  25. No Jon, you cannot negate two things (races) and then say one of them is true. The Spanish and English are from the same race of people, therefore when you say “Spanish and English are a different race” you have got it wrong. You need to learn the differences between race, nationality and ethnicity.

    If the Spanish and English are a different race, as you say they are, then please tell us the names of the separate races they belong to. Thanks.

  26. Fred,
    sorry to burst your balloon but the ‘English’ and the ‘Spanish are different. Most ‘English’ are’nt Engli (north Germany) but are little Saxons and Swabians from south Germany or Zeelanders/Freisians/Jutlanders/Norse or Rus Vikings but they are effectively white Aryans.

    There is no such people/race as the Spanish. Most are Semitic Arabs and Hebrews/Catalans (strong affinity with Latins) Euskadi, which is a distinct race, indeed the earliest people in Europe, approx. 40,000 years/Iberian Celts, mostly Gaelic/Morenos and of course the Aryan invaders – Goths/Visigoths/Vandals and little Swabians. Too many of the Spanish refuse to let go of the delusion that they are Latins.

    Just goes to show what brainwashing at school can achieve.

    I find it hilarious the way that the Aryans from the island call themselves English/Engli when they are not or Brits which they most definately are’nt – the Britonic were Celts living across western Europe thousands of years before the Aryans came stumbling off the Steppes.

    • Stuart, you haven’t burst my balloon, of course they are “different”. Aren’t we all? But are they different races, that’s the issue? All Spanish and British ancestry came from all parts of the world, and with every possible type of physical feature. Spanish and British are the Caucasoid race. That is the only point I wish to make to Jon, who seems to think the Spanish are a race, and are not a race, er, at the same time lol.

  27. I am spaniard, from San sebastian, i have lived in the uk for about four years…not a single problem,in fact i had a lot of fun. i just love the uk, i am thinking on moving back there. You may find mindless bastards everywhere, also in spain, in fact we had ultranationalist terrorism for about 40 years (ETA) more than 800 deads, thousands injured….this incident is anecdotic. Looking froward to visit york.

  28. Im not a science man.
    Im not an anthropologist, im not an expert of genetics.
    But im not blind.
    I see a british, and I know hes not spanish, and he knows im not british.
    Why? Different race.

    Fred, are you english? Or british?

  29. Back to the crux of the matter. If, during the assault, the attackers uttered verbal insults concerning “foreigners” then under English law, ipso facto, this was a racially aggravated assault.
    Everything else is an argument about genetics. Now catch the scum and give them Hell.

  30. Jon, you said above – “Spanish and English are a different race” and I am telling you that isn’t the case. They are the same race, namely the Caucasoid race. You still haven’t named the races that the Spanish and British belong to, according to your “different races” (your quote) argument. Why can’t you just name them here, thus once and for all proving your argument? Come on, name them.

  31. Caucasoid…
    Did you know that word is used by the americans? And that we spaniards arent included in that?
    They call us Hispanics, Spics. Not caucasoids.

    If you really think we are both caucasoids, how is that we can tell you are not spanish, and you can tell we are not british?

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