online-bingo-holiday-spainONLINE gambling has not only changed the way we use the Internet and play casino games, it has also altered the way we spend our leisure time, including holidays and vacations.

Once, it might have been taboo to take a laptop to a posh hotel or to an exotic locale, as it meant we were placing business before pleasure (or at least mixing the two).

Now, however, the whole concept of entertainment and leisure activities has shifted, and it is no longer against the unwritten rules to play online games, such as Bingo, while on vacation. On the contrary – a few rounds of Deal or No Deal Bingo can enhance a holiday and make it even more pleasurable.

Visitors to Andalucía, Spain, know that there are fabulous ways to stay occupied from dawn to dusk in this stunning Spanish region.

However, in between a visit to Cordoba or a hop over to Sevilla, it is perfectly acceptable to fire up your tablet or smartphone and play Deal or No Deal Bingo at William Hill.

The combination of culture, history, and great food can be upgraded by the excitement and fun of online Bingo (and winning money never hurt anyone’s ability to have a good time) during a quiet moment.

Based on the popular TV show, Deal or No Deal Bingo features the familiar prize board and the celebrated red boxes that hold even more rewards for the enthusiastic player (and tourist). It all comes down to the big decision: whether to claim the prize inside the red box or to accept the banker’s offer.

While most people go on holiday for some combination of sun and fun, good food and shopping, or historical sites and museums, packing your favourite game along can provide added fun.