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A MIJAS resident is calling for action to be taken after her sister was seriously injured after tripping on an uneven pavement.

Brenda Meredith, 71, had to rush her 69-year-old sister Paula Taylor to the doctors after she tripped and almost broke her arm while walking around Playa Marina in El Faro.

“The pavements are absolutely shocking there,” Brenda told the Olive Press, “She was shaking and there was blood everywhere, they need to get it sorted out.”

After receiving immediate attention at the Centro Medico, Paula had to be treated at Benalmadena hospital the next day.

“I still look like I’ve done ten rounds with Mohammad Ali,” she said. “My black eye is still really big, and I had actually got an infection in the skin of my arm but luckily it got treated at the hospital.”

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DAMAGED: Paulas arm

The pair, both from Stockport, praised the hospital for their speed and friendliness.

When Brenda went to La Cala Town Hall to complain about the pavement, she was told it was not their responsibility.

She is now raising the issue with Playa Marina authorities.

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