SEARCH: For Paula Neale

A SEASONED British fraudster has struck again.

Paula Neale – exposed in the Olive Press three times in two years – has brought her dirty tricks to the Costa del Sol.

The rentals conwoman has snared a series of unsuspecting foreigners through her well oiled ruse of sub-letting properties.

A number of victims have lost thousands in lost deposits, after she took over a two-bedroom apartment in Mijas.

Using the alias ‘Sharon Tate’ she rented the Riviera apartment for three months, before the owner, mother-of-three, Sara Belmont, rumbled the scam.

The 41-year-old owner, a firefighter from London, has now brought in police and contacted the authorities in Gibraltar, where she believes Paula keeps her money.

PAULA: As Charon Tate

She told the Olive Press how she was contacted by Neale through an online rental website.

Paying €1,700 from November to February, Paula said she was moving in with her child and black cat.

However, after reading our expose on Neale in early December, she quickly started to investigate and found her property being advertised to rent through a variety of Facebook groups.

One had been shared an incredible 4,000 times.

LEGIT: Will the real Paula Neale please stand up

Fortunately she was able to move fast and after coming over to change the locks she has prevented anyone else moving in.

However, in just the short amount of time she was over this month, two disappointed couples arrived to stay.

“One couple from Russia had paid a two month deposit of €1,400 for a year’s rental. They were gutted,” Belmont told the Olive Press.

“Then a few hours later an English couple turned up, also with a year’s lease and having paid a deposit.”

It is unknown how many people in total fell for the scam, but her property was in a terrible state with a stereo and a toolkit also stolen. It took three days to clean.

“It has got to stop,” added Belmont. “When is this going to end?”

So far she has been unable to track down Neale, but has put up reward notices in various vets around Calahonda.

The Olive Press revealed twice in 2017 about Neale’s antics.

But it has also emerged that we exposed her using the name ‘Sharon Tate’ in 2015 in inland Malaga. (see pullout)

A new UK number Paula had been using went straight to answerphone.

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