VALENCIA is the latest region to take action to ban tourist rentals in a bid to cope with rising numbers of holidaymakers.

It joins a growing list of Spanish cities which are introducing legislation, amid complaints from local residents who said they can no longer afford to rent in their neighbourhoods and face constant disruption from tourists.

Now Malaga politicians are also considering introducing bans.

Councillors from left-wing parties and Ciudadanos have come out in favour of adopting restrictions in Malaga.

It comes after a similar decision in Mallorca last month, which saw Palma become the first Spanish city to ban short-term tourist rentals.

On Tuesday the regional government of Valencia agreed on amendments to a new Tourism Law, which is expected to be voted in before summer.

The new regulation will see tourist apartments limited to ground-floor and first-floor units, while buildings that are used solely for holiday rentals will need to apply for a license similar to that of a hotel.

All will be required to add their rental property to a regional register.

The legislation in the Mallorca capital aims to combat mass tourism on the island which has led to overcrowding.

During 2015 and 2017, the number of unregistered short-let apartments on the island grew 50% to reach 20,000.


Malaga, meanwhile, is soaring in terms of tourism numbers and is becoming one of the most visited cities in Spain.

The ruling PP in Malaga have yet to comment either way but PSOE spokesman Daniel Perez said it’s time to put caps on the quantity of tourist flats ‘to avoid bigger problems’.

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