CAUGHT ON TAPE: Chris Bowden

POLICE have confirmed they are investigating a British expat who was filmed abusing his dog on the Costa del Sol.

The 30-second clip shows the owner, named locally as Chris Jack Bowden, pick up his pet and slam him against the wall in Sabinillas, Manilva.

He then repeatedly slaps and hits the animal before dragging him by his lead.

Guardia Civil told the Olive Press Bowden is known to local authorities and that they would be investigating the case given the ‘overwhelming evidence’ in the video.


The young woman who filmed the clip said she started recording after hearing shouting and what sounded like a commotion.

“I thought it was going to kick off, but he just picked his dog up by its neck and slammed it against the wall, it was awful to watch.

“I wanted to do something but as a young woman alone I thought the best I could do was record him for evidence to give to police.”

The poor dog can be seen trying to resist going with his owner but is yanked into submission.

The owner has lived in the Manilva town for over a decade.

An expat close to him told the Olive Press: “He used to be a lovely lad and was well liked around here, it’s a real shame.”

Bowden, who is now believed to be a squatter, lists himself as self-employed on Facebook.


He is also believed to be in danger after receiving several threats of violence on social media.

“Where does he live?” one wrote, “I will find him and put him in the ground.”



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