EXPAT SLEUTH: Higgins with his Ford Mondeo

A BRITISH expat is on a mission to discover why thieves took his car on a 14,500km journey around Europe.

Elliot Higgins, 24, is baffled after the Spanish couple car-jacked him during a test drive of his Ford Mondeo.

The expat from Chiclana de la Frontera, in Cadiz, had taken them for a drive, after they contacted him via an advert to sell the car online.

So he was amazed when the man and the woman sped off as he filled it up during a petrol stop half way through the test.

“I couldn’t believe they stole it from right under my nose, in broad daylight,” he told the Olive Press. “I did feel a little naive and baffled.”


SUSPECT: Unidentified woman who allegedly stole Higgins’ car

Some three weeks later Higgins, an amateur filmmaker from Crawley, in Kent, received a call from police to say his car had been dumped at a car dealership in Alafar, Valencia, some 780km away.

A GPS radio in the car revealed the stolen vehicle had been driven all the way to the Czech Republic and Poland.

According to witnesses, the thieves, one of them armed with a gun, immediately stole a Mercedes in Valencia.

When Elliot identified the suspects to Guardia Civil officers in Chiclana, the police revealed that the pair are known in the area for stealing motorbikes.

They confirmed the man is 32 and has 38 arrests for other crimes, including sexual assault.

He said: “I am glad it happened the way it did because they were planning on stealing my car regardless. They might have shot me.”

The carjackers are believed to be linked to drug dealing and people trafficking, as well as an alleged sexual assault.

Higgins is convinced the thieves are ‘small fish’ and part of something bigger.

The amateur filmmaker is now planning to turn his woes into a mini-crime drama.

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