NOT GUILTY: Despite being arrested in 2015, British expats Rob Herring (left) and Scott Cattell (right) were found to be innocent and released from a property fraud case

A BRITISH expat wrongfully arrested in a property scam has been taken to court by Spain for breaching a ban on leaving the country to visit his ‘suicidal’ girlfriend.

Rob Herring, 41, from Essex, left Spain for two weeks, while on a ban, in order to visit his long term partner who was having a ‘mental breakdown’.

If found guilty, the expat faces a €5,400 fine and up to 12 months in prison, but he told the Olive Press he thought the case brought on him by Marbella’s Court Number 2 was ‘laughable’.

“I have justification for leaving the country during that time, they are just doing it to wind me up.”

JUSTICE: Marbella’s Court Number 2 where Rob is now facing another case, despite already being absolved

Rob filed a letter with the court in which he alleges that his girlfriend’s stress was induced by his false arrest, as well as her son being sectioned under the mental health act.

He had been arrested back in July 2015, along with his friend Scott Cattell, 47, following a seemingly innocent odd job.

Scott and his girlfriend at the time had collected chairs from a Cancelada office, but later that afternoon him and Rob were cuffed by armed police on Scott’s driveway.

“The police put two and two together and got five,” Rob said to the Olive Press about his arrest.

FRAUD: An advert by Renty123, who stole money from people after posting on TripAdvisor’s FlipKey platform

It was later revealed that the office was connected to a scam via property firm Renty123.

The fraudulent company was dedicated to ripping off holidaymakers by posting fake rental properties on FlipKey, TripAdvisor’s rental platform.

Rob and Scott subsequently made patrimonial claims for a combined €630,000 after their mental health and finances took a huge hit through not being able to work because of the case.

Rob also told the Olive Press that he believes the court are pursuing the case against him in retaliation for the patrimonial claim and that it is due to ‘pressure’ from TripAdvisor.

The public prosecutor in Spain is now looking into Rob’s latest case and his lawyer will register it in the next couple of weeks.

TripAdvisor refused to comment on the original allegations to the Olive Press.

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