UNDER FIRE: Katie’s mum Amy

KATIE Price’s mum has been blasted online for admitting to voting Leave in the EU referendum despite living in Spain.

Amy Price told Good Morning Britain she voted out in the 2016 vote ‘to take back control’ of the UK.

“I hate the fact that we are being told what to do by the EEC, the Europe thing,” she told presenters Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid.

The Brit, who lives on the Costa del Sol for health reasons, then bizarrely added: “I’ve been to Spain and the roads over there are absolutely immaculate. All paid for by us. And yet over here in our roads there are potholes everywhere.”

She added: “I’m going back (to Spain) hopefully on Friday. The dry air is so much better for me, and the warmth.

Katie Price e
Katie says she did not vote in the EU referendum

“I am coughing more here. Whereas over there it’s easier for me to walk more and do more.”

Amy was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis in 2017, a terminal lung condition.

Former glamour model Katie, who appeared on the show with her mum, added that she didn’t vote in the referendum.

““I don’t get involved in the politics,” she said. “Religion and politics I never comment on.”

Some viewers took to Twitter to express their confusion over Amy’s Brexit views.

One said: “So Katie Price’s mum voted leave in Brexit because Spain have nicer roads and UK had some potholes.”

A second said: “So Katie Price’s mum voted leave as the roads in Spain are immaculate.”

A third posted: “FFS. Turned on Good Morning Britain Katie Price’s mum on. Obvs brought in for her expert views. When asked on her views on Brexit ‘I don’t like the way the EEC, the Europe thing control us’. Turn off.”


  1. These brexitards are funny.
    Thet dont want immigrants in the UK, but they are immigrants in Spain…
    The worst part is they are a burden for the Spanish taxpayer.
    They have to be deported the sooner the better

    Location : Marbella
    • You don’t know if she is an immigrant in Spain or a visiter.
      You say “They are a burden for the Spanish tax payer”, please can you support this claim with some facts or at least explain your reasoning.
      Without the UK in the EU, Spain will have to pay more of the EU budget.
      Do you know how much income Spain derives from UK residents and holidaymakers?
      10% of Spain’s GDP comes from Tourism and the UK is the top visitor, 18.5 million last year.
      Kick out the residents and many brits would holiday elsewhere, good plan.

  2. Top business and Finance story today:-
    Good job pablo cedron (see above) has a plan to stop that.

    Location : Motril

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