HORRORSHOW: Roger Ballantine said the smell was so awful it made him retch

FOUR dogs have been discovered chained in an abandoned house without food on the Costa Blanca.

British expat Roger Ballantine was out walking near Orba, where he lives with his wife, when he noticed a ‘pungent smell’ coming from a disused outhouse 50 metres away.

Inside the house were scenes worthy of a horror film as the dogs were held on short chains surrounded by trash and their own excrement.

ABANDONED: The dogs were left among toilet bowls, plates and plastic rubbish

“Despicable farmers have chained these four dogs on short leads amid stinking faeces and all other sorts of rubbish,” Ballantine said through a social media post.

“I am ready to take whoever can help to this location and try and get the owners prosecuted.”

NO ONE HOME: The outhouse near Orba

He confirmed to the Olive Press that a nearby casita was also abandoned as the dogs had been left without any visible food.

Guardia Civil were called after the post went viral, and police have since been out to rescue the dogs before denouncing the owner.

HELPLESS: Three of the four dogs found on short chains

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