AT RISK: Gibraltar’s monkeys are threatened by speeding drivers, prompting the Government to install speed bumps

GIBRALTAR is to install speed bumps on the Rock to protect its monkeys, the Government has announced.

A total of 17 speed bumps are planned for roads on the upper part of the Rock in order to ‘calm traffic’ and help ‘reduce danger’ to visitors and wildlife.

A Government spokesperson said the new measures protect the ‘most vulnerable’ species in the area, including baby macaque monkeys, partridge chicks and rabbits.

They added: “Despite this, drivers are urged to take care on the Upper Rock and drive slowly.”

The new traffic initiative is one of a series of wide-ranging ‘green’ improvements across Gibraltar.

Also included, is the clearing of dense scrub, to be replaced by open habitats, which promote a richer biodiversity of animal and plant species.

The Government has begun planting dozens of trees, including tamarisks near Little Bay and two eucalyptuses outside Gibraltar Parliament.

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