EXPAT: John Ewin

A FORMER mechanical engineer is being forced to sleep in his car due to a mystery noise sending vibrations through his apartment.

John Ewin, 73, from Surrey, claims he has not slept at his €280,000 apartment in Riviera del Sol, Mijas, since a loud humming noise began some six weeks ago.

The pensioner,  who worked on Hong Kong’s Shanghai Bank,  once the most expensive buildings in the world, said he cannot pinpoint the exact source of the noise and that administrators are doing nothing to help.

“I believe it’s coming from the cistern  pump room, which has been turned on to run 24/7 instead of just during the day time, which is when the pool pumps come on,” Ewin, who also worked for the Hilton group, told the Olive Press this week.

“I am becoming very ill with often only an hour of sleep a night and some nights none at all.

SLEEP DEPRIVED: John cannot sleep due to the noise

“I’ve not played golf in months or been able to mountain bike from the exhaustion, the vibration from the noise comes through my pillows.”

Ewin, from near Croydon, bought his home in Golf Gardens, Miraflores, in Mijas, two years ago.

“I spent over a year locating the perfect place,” he added, “now it’s just a nightmare.”

Despite countless complaints and offering to advise on solving the problem Ewin, who is being treated for prostate cancer, claims his calls have fallen on deaf ears.

Various neighbours have now made a denuncia to the Guardia Civil.

The complaint includes the substantial piles of duck faeces around the swimming pool, making it inaccessible to residents and holidaymakers.

Pool pump does not have anti-acoustic equipment, claims Ewin

In a letter to maintenance company Cygamest, which looks after the area, one resident said she was ‘absolutely disgusted’.

She claimed that when she brought up the duck poo with administrators, she was told the pool was not to be used until June and that ducks are a ‘protected species’ so ‘cannot be shot’.

“It is no excuse to not deal with the problem as I am sure there are other means,” she wrote in a scathing letter.

“I think we pay more then enough community fees so part of it can be used to pay for the specialist company to deal with this problem!”

Cygamest, the company behind the maintenance of the urbanisation, which has received dozens of complaints from Ewin and others, told the Olive Press: “We can offer no comment at this time as the matter is in the hands of our lawyers.”

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