STEP UP: Expat Anthony (right) is taking on the ‘bad boys of Brexit’

An EXPAT fundraiser has decided to take on the millionaire backers of Brexit with a 2,000 mile protest walk from Gibraltar to Westminster.

Madrid-based Brit Anthony Hogan has set out to raise €505,000, the same amount ‘bad boy of Brexit’ Arron Banks donated to Nigel Farage.

The colossal walk will take Anthony from Gibraltar to Westminster via Malaga, Barcelona, Paris and Brussels while the money raised has been promised to pro-remain parties.

“I wanted to show that anybody can do something to challenge the lies and Brexit agenda which threaten the stability of British citizens living in Europe and of course the security of Gibraltar.

“It’s clear that Brexit is about the wealthy financial backers of the referendum making lots of cash off the back of the result,” said Anthony.

For every mile he walks, the former Londoner will have to raise an average of €250 to meet his target amount at the end of the 22-week trek.

COSTAS: Route Anthony will take on the 2,000 mile walk

Despite the risk of heat exhaustion and injury, Anthony believes campaigning is the only way to stop ‘opportunist’ Brexiteers ‘stream-rolling British democracy.’

People looking to support Anthony can do so via the campaign’s Crowdfunder page:



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