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How to Start a Casino Business

CASINOS have proven to be very profitable businesses. If you are wondering how to start a casino business, this article comprehensively discusses this business’s profitability and points to consider including software to use for free spins.

Why is Casino Business Profitable?

Gambling, specifically casino, is a very lucrative business. In fact, according to the American Gaming Association, around 76 million casino players have been served in 2012 in the almost 500 commercial casinos in the United States alone. These estimated 76 million patrons have resulted in about 37 billion USD in gross value to these casino businesses.

When compared, the casino businesses generate more profits than the movie industry and music industry combined. Casino businesses are such good business concepts that even having negative impressions about it, more and more countries and states have been legalizing and regulating all forms of commercial casino businesses.

How to Start Casino Business

Stop wondering how it feels like to be sitting on the other side of the casino game table and starting thinking about how to start one instead. In this section, we discussed the phases you should consider on how to start a casino business, so this will give you a start.

  1. Secure legal papers and business plan.

Of course, the first and probably most important step is to ensure that your plan of starting a casino business is legal in the jurisdiction of your planned location. Remember that despite the widening acceptance of commercial casinos and gambling in many states, it is still equally important to research well on the legal aspects of your casino business plan.

In addition to making sure that casinos are legal in your planned location, check also on the governing rules and regulations with regards to opening and operating one. To fully understand the ins and outs of the casino business, it is encouraged that a formal business plan is drafted for these purposes. As with any kind of business, you might need investors to startup. Thus, make sure that emphasis on the casino business projected revenues, marketing, development and others are given much thought.

  1. Raise capital and register your business.

Next, once the business plan is executed, you need to raise the money to get everything started. As costs will start to pile up at this phase, it’s really a must that you also start registering the planned casino business prior to building the actual facilities.

  1. Get a casino gaming license.

In addition to registering the casino business to the proper jurisdiction, it is time to get a casino gaming license. You may have registered your casino business, but, without a proper gaming license, you won’t be able to operate. Once you get the casino gaming license, you may now proceed to build the actual facilities for your casino.

  1. Invest in casino gaming equipment and casino software.

Aside from building your actual casino building, the next biggest investments you have to make to start this casino business are the gaming equipment and casino software. We will discuss these 2 items separately but focus more on the casino software.

  • Gaming equipment

Among the usual casino gaming equipment that you must really invest on as a startup commercial casino are slot machines, baccarat tables, and roulette wheels.

Depending on the size of operations that your startup commercial casino is targeting to have, a proper evaluation of how many units of this casino gaming equipment should be bought and installed must be done. This is where your business plan will really help. Another thing to consider before buying any gaming equipment is your actual casino building space.

You must consider also that there are many patrons who choose casinos that have a cozy experience as well. That is why, you must really invest in fixtures that should bring comfort to your casino patrons.

Lastly, commercial casinos are expected to highly invest in high-end security camera systems. These surveillance systems will make sure to safeguard your assets inside the casino facility, and it will protect your casino patrons from any untoward incidents like theft, obstructive behavior, etc.

  • Casino software

Of course, any commercial casino business will not be able to fully thrive without the use of online capabilities. That is why, aside from the physical casino gaming equipment, you have to invest in casino software that will enable you to employ online gaming experiences for your patrons.

  1. Collaborate with the best online casinos


If you are planning to start an affiliate online casino business, then you should consider attracting the best of the best bookmakers as business partners. Here is a quick example how to evaluate an online casino, what key features to look at in order to make a very selection of the serious players on the market.

One online gaming platform that you can consider acquiring as a startup commercial casino is Mr Green Casino. Because of its excellent and friendly customer service, Mr Green Casino is quite popular in the online gaming industry, particularly the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe. In fact, Mr Green Casino is considered one of the best and most interactive online casino in the UK.

Among the key features that have to be considered in acquiring an online gaming service provider which Mr Green Casino has:

  1. Wide range of game selections
  2. Fast and convenient payout options
  3. Wide banking options
  4. Exclusive and exciting live game bonuses
  5. Free spin bonuses
  6. High-quality online casino slot games
  7. Progressive jackpots
  8. Very easy to use website with an attractive interface
  9. Usability of mobile app for both Android and Apple users

Mr Green Casino features a fancy range of game selections as it partners with other popular gaming software providers like Nextgen, Nyx, IGT, Evolution Gaming, Microgaming and many more. These online casino games include the usual live casino, roulette (American, European and German), live poker, baccarat, and blackjack.

Mr Green Casino offers many preferences for payment such as Paypal, Skrill, Neteller, Visa, and Mastercard. E-wallet options as well as debit and credit cards can be used.

Mr Green Casino also has a live 24/7 customer service support via chat. As such, online casino players can immediately send their feedback, concerns, and questions and get answers at the soonest possible time. This provides patrons with a very accommodating playing experience as the live chat support agents are friendly and knowledgeable.

If you would like to look more into Mr Green Casino and get an exclusive bonus deal when you sign-up, visit Mr Green review on free-spins.net.

  1. Train and employ the right people.

This is a no-brainer phase. Your startup commercial casino would not operate well without trained staff. As part of your business plan, it is well worth considering to invest in your employees’ training as well as key personnel management like finance & accounting, marketing, legal and compliance, food and beverage, casino operations, casino tellers, and even entertainers.

  1. Publicize your planned casino prior to opening to the public.

Before opening your new casino business to the public, remember to invest also in effective public relations. Publicize about it to allow a better presence and chance to potential casino patrons. If needed, hire an advertising agency to handle your promotional activities. It may really be costly at the start, but it is needed. It may also be worth considering to offer some bonuses and gifts to attract the gambling public.

Starting a commercial casino business is indeed a costly concept and challenging venture to explore. However, these challenges are worth experiencing in exchange for the very profitable earning opportunities it can offer.

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