CUTE: Doggo tucking into special ice cream in Malaga

AN ice cream parlour on the Costa del Sol has begun selling ice cream for dogs. 

Heladeria Rison, in the Nueva Malaga neighbourhood of the provincial capital, now has frozen goods for humans AND their four-legged pals.

The shop, on Calle Jose Iturbi, has relaunched the pooch product for the summer after a successful run last year.

The promotion is in collaboration with Cuenta Conmidog, an organisation which trains and provides therapeutic dogs.

Each scoop of doggy ice cream costs €1 and all proceeds will go to the charity.

The ice cream is specifically designed for pets, with main ingredients including banana, lactose-free and sugar-free yoghurt and honey.

It has no fat, according to the creator, who spent two months working on getting the consistency right.

Cuenta Conmidog offers so-called ‘doggy therapy’ to people suffering with Alzheimer’s and people with down syndrome, autism and special needs.


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