HARASSED: Victoria (left) and Samuel (right)

WHEN Victoria Jenkins’ husband abandoned her and her four-year-old son on the Costa del Sol in 2012, she didn’t think things could get much worse. 

The Essex mum, from Chelmsford, had moved to Mijas to live the dream with hubby Lee some four years earlier.

But Lee went on a business trip to Indonesia and never came back, leaving her on her own in an apartment she didn’t own in Paraiso Riviera.

It took Victoria three years of lawyers and court appearances to win full custody of Samuel, while the court also ruled the now-single mum, 35, would be allowed to use the apartment until her son turns 18, in 2026. 

So when Victoria came home one day last year to find the locks had been changed, she was stunned to be told by administrators Cymagest that her home had been sold without her knowledge and that she was facing eviction. 

“You can’t imagine the anxiety, shock and worry,” Victoria told the Olive Press this week, “I immediately called my solicitor only to be told that mine and my son’s home had been sold at auction because of a €25,000 debt owed in ground tax in Lee’s name.  

SHOCKER: Mijas-based Cymagest told Victoria that her house had been sold

“Unbeknownst to me, they had put a force of sale on the property and it was sold in September 2015… I was so shocked, how could no one have informed me? There weren’t even viewings at the property.” 

Unfortunately for the new owner, they bought the property with the original ruling that Victoria can stay there until her son turns 18. 

“I’m sure he’s furious that he can’t rent it out and make money on the place for another seven years,” the mum said. 

That, Victoria believes, has led to a sustained campaign of abuse and harassment from the administrators. 

The mum had to call in police last year and filed a denuncia against the president after her water was repeatedly cut off. 

Her and her son have also allegedly been repeatedly harassed while trying to use the pool, with the most recent encounter seeing three guards escorting her and her son from the amenity. 

EXPAT: John Ewin was also forced to sleep in his car after a loud humming noise began keeping him awake all night

She added: “I only want to be left to bring my son up in peace. I really worry about the effect that this is having on him.

“First being abandoned by his father, then having to see men within the community acting aggressively towards his mother.” 

It comes just months after the Olive Press reported further allegations of harassment towards another British expat who lives under the same administrators. 

John Ewin, 73, from Surrey, claimed he was forced to sleep in his car after a loud humming noise began keeping him awake all night. 

He claimed his complaints were ignored and that he was intimidated and harassed by the president. 

The administrators did not respond to our requests for comment. 

Have you experienced harassment from Cymagest? Contact [email protected] 


  1. Struggling to see the campaign against her here, she and her partner owed taxes, which they didn’t pay, and a lien was put against their property, seems normal enough, and it also seems that the community fees aren’t being paid either, so her neighbours are rightly telling her pay up or you can’t use the communal facilities. You can’t expect others to pay for you all your life.

    Location : Torremolinos

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