THE news that British expats will have to pay for their healthcare if no-deal Brexit happens is a betrayal of thousands of hardworking people. 

Many of these expats have paid their taxes for years and rightly expect quality care that they can afford as they age.

BETRAYAL: 360,000 Brits in Spain could be left without health coverage

Brexiters told us that leaving the EU would give us an extra £350 million per week for the NHS. Even if that figure was exaggerated, surely all of that money should now be used to cover expats’ healthcare costs.

People back in the UK already have guaranteed free healthcare.

So far the Department of Health has pledged £150 million to cover British nationals’ healthcare costs. 

That sum is a slap in the face to the 360,000 Brits living in Spain. They expect better and they deserve better. 

As Sue Wilson from Bremain in Spain has said, British nationals should be entitled to free healthcare whether they choose to retire in ‘Bradford, Bournemouth or Barcelona.’ 


  1. You know, this really confuses me. If you are an immigrant (ie, have moved permanently to Spain, to live / retire), and have taken Spanish residency, and pay your taxes in Spain on your world wide asserts, then you are a Spanish resident and as such are entitled to Spanish healthcare. No problem, Brexit or no Brexit. However, (and of course this applies to thousands of people) if you have moved to Spain to retire / live, but have NOT taken full residency, ie pay your taxes etc in the UK, then, BUT do not live in Spain for MORE THAN 183 DAYS PER YEAR, you are entitled to UK health care, when in the UK. If however, you have opted for method 2 (non residency) but are living for most or all of year in Spain, then you are NOT entitled to Spanish healthcare, why should you be. You are not contributing to the system,m in any way. You are a UK resident and therefore have to travel to the UK for healthcare needs, or pay privately in Spain.

    Location : UK

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