CHIEF CON: Karim has gone by many names over the years

IT ’s not unusual for convicted fraudsters to flee to another country. The odd thing about Karim Abdul Ismaili (front page) is that he made himself a local celebrity in the town he fled to. 

Riding around Mijas on a horse and posing for pictures in a feathered Native American headdress, he was almost impossible to miss. 

And just in case local residents hadn’t seen him galloping through Mijas’s white walled street, he moved into a flash hill-top mansion with panoramic views of the surrounding area. 

He might have continued living there happily ever after. But a leopard doesn’t change its spots. And Mr Ismaili couldn’t resist meddling. 

He made enemies of the manager of the development his house backs onto. He started offering colourful investments to expats online. 

And as his longhaired wig started to slip, it revealed a history of scandals and dodgy dealings that he’d tried to escape from by putting the Atlantic ocean behind him.

Now the truth is out. 

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