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Must Know Facts About the Effects of Online Games in Different Countries Worldwide


It’s surprising how big of an impact was achieved thanks to online gaming in our daily lives; so many different outcomes and changes have happened over the years from various games, which connected us with thousands of people worldwide. You can meet different people from different cultures, ages, ethnicities, and nationalities, and all of that created a ripple of effects that made headlines and caught the attention of more people who got intrigued. These people had the itch to try the online gaming sensation to understand it themselves. 

But what is it that makes gaming so interesting and influential? We’ve gathered below some important facts about the effects of these online games worldwide:


There are More Gamer Girls Than Boys

This is a fascinating fact, even though it is understandable since the female population in the world is higher than the male one. It’s estimated that 50% to 55% of online gamers are women, and the percentage might be more than that because most ladies tend to hide their identity for obvious protection reasons. Either way, this proves that the gaming world isn’t a boys-only club anymore. Gamer ladies are more than capable of holding their own and can challenge anyone that stands in their way.

Most Gamers are Chinese

Many people wonder which country has the highest number of gamers, and it was proven that the Chinese population has about 368 million people that play online games. Online gaming there represents one of the fastest and largest business sectors in the world, with so much funding and support by investors there; it’s no wonder why there is massive popularity in gaming there.

China Generates The Most Profits from Online Gaming

Another reason why gaming is dominating the Chinese market is that it generated about 27 billion dollars, give or take, in 2018. With most of the revenue being generated from MMO, MMORPG, F2P, and P2P types of games, it’s a very impressive feat, and other countries will have problems trying to compete.

It Paved the Way For Online Gambling 

The online gambling industry has found a way to incorporate it’s gambling aspects in different casino game platforms, and it generates millions of dollars monthly. Thanks to online gaming, many different gambling companies have tried to take a piece of the market since most people are online anyways. The creators of SCR888 have various platforms that have gambling games specifically developed to cater to everyone’s preferences and needs, and many gamers have found this extremely lucrative. So it’s a great way to make some money on the side if you’re an online gamer.

It Gives You Better Social Skills

When you’re playing games online, you get the chance to meet different people in so many countries. So you learn how to be more eloquent and gain more confidence with people whom you’ve just met; this is a great thing that people can take advantage of in the real world, and it can be very beneficial in so many social situations.


It Can Save Lives

This is a true story of how an online game literally saved the life of a young girl from getting attacked by a Moose in Norway. Back in 2007, a Norwegian 12-year-old boy called Hans Jorgen Olsen saved his little sister from a moose by using two special abilities from a game called World of Warcraft. He proceeded to “taunt” the wild animal by shouting really loud to get its attention, and when it came closer to him, it gave his sister a chance to flee. Then, he did another ability that he also learned from the game; he played dead by “Feigning Death.” So, the wild moose left, and both children were left unharmed. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

It Helps Your Critical Thinking Skills

People tend to believe that online gaming has nothing to benefit people, but that’s far from the truth. The aspects of these games have made people solve puzzles, plots, and mysteries that are fairly difficult and needs an attentive person with a lot of focus to achieve. This is perfect for many people because they can efficiently use their critical thinking skills in real life situations.

The VR World Continues to Flourish

Online games have changed over the years, and some developments were made to make players more immersed in the gaming world. Virtual reality has made headways and has caught the attention of many gamers and investors, and you get to experience things as you’ve never seen or felt before. You must have the VR headset and controllers, and a full-body haptic suit that can generate some feeling to what happens in the VR game. It’s a whole new thing that has many players reeling in to get themselves a piece of the action.

Celebrities Play Online Games

There are countless video game fanatics in the movie and music industries, and they love online games as much as the next person. It’s a known fact that Mila Kunis, Ronda Rousey, Vin Diesel, Henry Cavill, Lady Gaga, Snoop Dogg, and many more celebrities are addicted to games like World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, Halo, and much more.

Some Game Characters Are Voiced by Well-known Celebrities

It’s surprising how many celebs actually have lent their voices by doing voice-overs for some notable game characters. You have Samuel L. Jackson, who voiced over Tenpenny in GTA: San Andreas, Ellen Page who voiced Jodie Holmes in Beyond: Two Souls, Tony Amendola who voiced Khadgar in World of Warcraft, Seth Green who voiced Joker in Mass Effect, and many more actors and actresses have loaned their iconic voices to the online gaming industry.

It Develops Leadership Skills

Some online games require 10 to 40 people online at the same time to come together and face different challenges and difficult opponents that can’t be beaten alone. There must always be a leader to keep everyone in check, call out different spots, and bark out orders to the other players so they can achieve victory together. When you lead people and actually plan and strategize for them to play better, you can use these skills in different aspects of life other than online gaming.

It Helps With Stress and Anxiety

So many people live a hectic life with lots of responsibilities and long working hours, and sometimes that can stress them out. When you come home from work, or you finish your household chores, you get to sit back and relax with a nice, enjoyable gaming session. You can leave all your worries and responsibilities out of this, and you can enter a world of your own and enjoy some fun times. You’d get to recharge and make yourself ready for another day without losing your mind from all the stress.

It Gave Birth to Gaming Conventions

There are countless of gaming events where thousands of gamers come together and enjoy a great time watching different shows and performances, listening to game announcements and developer panels. And sometimes, if you’re lucky, you get to meet some of the developers and the voice actors in person and take pictures or get autographs. It’s truly an exciting event where you get to meet friends and make new ones too.

It Inspired Various Erotic Artists

Shockingly, the gaming world has awoken a perverse part of the gaming world, and so many different artists have created pornographic images and animations of almost every single game character in different online games. It has sparked controversy and attention in so many ways that people might view differently; some might find it entertaining, while others find it offensive. Even companies like Blizzard Entertainment tried to issue cease-and-desist orders for many of these content creators, but they couldn’t keep up with the tremendous amount being created. Unfortunately, it’s something inevitable in the online world, and they can’t be prosecuted because it’s fan-made and free to the public.

It Inspired Content Creators In Many Platforms    

Online gaming is so popular that millions of people love watching other players play a particular game online. Countless gamers utilized YouTube and Twitch to create, post, record, and stream many hours of gaming content that many people enjoy. Some of them are guides on how to play a certain game or beat a challenging part of it; others might offer insight and reviews on games and telling people what they think about it. And sometimes it can be just live sessions of the players gaming normally with each other and having a great time.

It Made Many People Rich

Gamers that play online can find different opportunities to make some money while they play, depending on how many followers they have, how many hours they posted or streamed, and how many people had donated to them. They can receive a decent amount of money from their hard work and game-play posting. People like Felix Kjellberg, also known as Pewdiepie, has revolutionized the YouTube content creation industry with his amazing and exciting videos. And Zack, also known as Asmongold, took the streaming world by storm with his enjoyable, hilarious, and thrilling content. These are just two examples of the many streamers and content creators in the world that can get a lot of money because of online gaming.

The Beauty of AR Was Introduced

Just like the VR industry, the Augmented Reality genre of gaming is starting to spread, and it shows a lot of promise. The difference is that AR doesn’t take you into a whole world where you can get yourself immersed in, but instead, the game comes to life to our world. Some games like Minecraft Earth are being developed so many gamers and enjoy their favorite games come to life. You can build and see game-related items, characters, and particles right in front of you, that’s so cool that many people can’t wait to experience the full potential of AR gaming. 


It Has Increased Awareness of Bullying

So many people get bullied online while playing different MMO games; this is quite unfortunate and difficult for many people to handle alone. Cyberbullying is a serious and major social concern, but many people in the different gaming communities have banded together and started to spread awareness on the matter. They’re all trying as much as they can to stop and prevent it from happening, and it’s something interesting to see many different gamers come together for a good cause.

It Gave Various Job Opportunities  

A lot of gamers have a background in design and animating, and they started to create various fan-made videos that were quite impressive and well-made. This caught the attention of some design companies and the actual gaming companies themselves, and it led them to contact those creators and giving them a job offer in their company. It’s amazing how something that was made for fun has turned into something you do for a living.

It Doesn’t Matter How Old You Are

Many people think that online gaming is only for people aging from 12 to 25 years old, but that’s not true at all. Online games have caught the attention of some of our senior citizens, and they found it to be gratifying and helpful. It’s estimated that 30% of online gamers are about 50 to 60 years old, and they have children and grandchildren whom they play these games with every day. It’s clear that the gaming industry does not discriminate and has room for people of all ages.   

The gaming world has taken people’s lives to new heights, and the positive effects it causes on our lives is something special. You get so many opportunities to learn and gain from online video games, and the amount of relationships and friendships you build along the way are numerous. Online games have also opened doors to other ventures, whether it’s unorthodox or shocking; it has caused an effect that stuck around for many years. The evolution of different platforms and the development of better ways to connect to the gaming world has also seen a tremendous amount of growth, and the facts of gaming will continue to grow with it every day.

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