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REVEALED: Guardia Civil’s top tips you NEED TO KNOW to avoid dying or getting robbed in Spain this Christmas

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THE Guardia Civil has revealed its top tips for not dying or getting robbed over the holidays.

To coincide with its 175th anniversary, the law enforcement agency has published some advice on how to keep you and your family safe this Christmas.

The tips cover everything from accidents to pet safety, from hugger muggers to dodgy gas inspectors.

Released under the slogan ‘Christmas by your side’, the Guardia Civil tells you everything you need to know to see you into 2020:

‘Arriving is the best gift’

  • Always check your vehicle
  • Consider the weather
  • Never have alcohol at the wheel
  • Be careful with speed
  • No cell phones or devices
  • Take a break

Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men

  • Browse safely
  • Have an antivirus a day
  • Review the transactions made
  • Beware of surprisingly low prices
  • Stay alert while using ATMs
  • Do not leave your shopping bags unattended
  • Avoid using open and exposed bags
  • Always keep your wallet and personal items in the front pockets
  • If you see anything suspicious, report it to the police

Home Sweet Home?

  • Make sure doors and windows are tightly closed before leaving
  • Consider installing alarms
  • Do not leave the blinds completely closed
  • Do not completely disconnect electricity
  • Never leave the keys hidden in the postbox or under plant pots
  • Do not leave money, jewelry or valuables at home
  • Do not post your eventual location, routines, trips etc. on social media
  • Wait until the garage door has completely closed
  • In the case of theft, calm down and call us

Let’s enjoy the holidays in peace

  • Only buy pyrotechnic devices at authorized points of sale
  • Minors handling firecrackers should always be under the supervision of an adult
  • In the street firecrackers should be used far away from people and animals
  • Do not store pyrotechnic items in clothes or pockets
  • Do not modify them, or extract their contents

Yes I can

Bill Anderson New Puppy
  • If you buy or give pets as a present, they will need attention and care
  • Pets should be bought from authorised sellers
  • When buying a dog or a cat it must be at least three months old
  • Find out about the origin of the animal and request the sanitary passport
  • Know the health status of the pet, the vaccines you need or the ones you already have

Use your head

Mountain death
  • Before going the mountains plan your activity
  • Find out about the activity and itinerary you are going to do
  • Do not go to the mountain alone
  • Do not risk your life for a like. Beware of selfies
  • Take a mobile phone and check that the battery is fully charged
  • Take the appropriate equipment for the activity you are going to do
  • Use the GPS and mapping of the area
  • In case of any accident, call us

If we take care of the earth, the earth will take care of us

  • Do not litter or waste
  • Deposit litter in the correct bins
  • Practice outdoor activities with respect to nature
  • The practice of risk sports may be prohibited in some areas
  • If you use all-terrain motorcycles, quads, mountain bikes, etc., think that they may be prohibited in certain natural areas
  • Protect the fauna and flora. Moss, mistletoe and holly are protected species

A safe day sure is a great day

  • Do not leave money in cash registers
  • Avoid leaving lots of valuables in the same place
  • See if there are people watching or taking note of your establishment
  • Be wary of anyone who enters with a helmet or other head covering that makes identification difficult
  • Focus security cameras on access doors and the cash register
  • Use physical and electronic security measures to protect shop windows and walls against anti-lever blinds, etc.
  • In case of theft, calm down and call us

Don’t be taken for a ride

  • Gas inspector scammers pay a visit to your home posing as electricity or gas technicians and charge you an amount for that service. They usually carry data to charge by credit card if you do not have cash
  • Hugger muggers usually act in small towns and squares where the elderly meet. They earn your trust to steal jewellery, watches or wallets with money by hugging or kissing you
  • Stainers. The scam consists of theft due to carelessness in banks. The scammers stain your clothes and while one apologises, the other takes the opportunity to subtract the wallet where you have saved the money you just took out of the bank

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