SWEET-toothed expats’ vintage tuck shop favourites have been revealed.

Sales of confectionary from yesteryear have risen by 40%, according to Waitrose.

In 2016, the British supermarket partnered with the British Corner Shop, a firm shipping sweets to Brits overseas who are in need of a sugar rush.

Jelly babies are the company’s most popular nostalgic treats, making up 25% of all orders.

Old Retro Sweets
VINTAGE: Sweets from yesteryear are making a comeback abroad

They are followed by mint humbugs, wine gums, rhubarb and custards, butter mintoes and liquorice allsorts.

It comes as orders of Dairy Toffees have surged by 281% on last year, while for Mint Humbugs the increase is 134%, according to the Telegraph.

Alex Kortland of the British Corner Shop, said: “When you live abroad, there’s nothing better than satisfying the cravings you have for your favourite treats – which is why it’s our mission to help connect British food lovers all over the world with the tastes from the UK they love. 

“There’s definitely been a surge in appetite for traditional confectionery this year and although you can find sweets in other countries, there’s nothing quite like a bag of sweets from home.”

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