A 44-year-old plastic yoghurt pot has been found washed up on a popular Costa Blanca beachfront.

The strawberry-flavoured Yoplait pot still bears its colourful marketing where the date reading 1976 is clearly visible with the naked eye.

It was discovered last week on Denia’s main beach.

“After 44 years lying down by the sea, the yoghurt is practically intact, with no sign of decomposition,” environmental activist Maite Mompo told the Olive Press.

“This yoghurt pot is almost my age, but will survive me for hundreds of years to come.”

Maite said that plastic breaks down into microplastics in the sea, which become eaten by fish and seabirds and wreak havoc in marine food chains.

She added that to safeguard the health of the oceans and ‘your families’ to ‘decrease the plastic that you bring into your homes’.

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